10 Common HVAC Repairs A Heating And AC Repair Company Can Handle | Big Rock, IL

10 Common HVAC Repairs A Heating And AC Repair Company Can Handle | Big Rock, IL

Your HVAC system plays a vital role in the comfort of your Big Rock, IL, home throughout the year. An issue with the system can stop you in your tracks, especially in the cold months when the temperatures can drop below zero degrees. It can also be detrimental to your health. The good news is that you can prevent risks of malfunctioning like heat exhaustion, respiratory issues, and carbon monoxide poisoning. Performing maintenance checks and scheduling regular tune-ups with a heating company can prevent HVAC issues while keeping your home comfortable and safe.

This post reviews 10 common HVAC problems you can avoid with regular maintenance.

Weak Airflow

Nothing is more frustrating than weak airflow from the HVAC, especially during the frigid winters of Illinois. In most cases, dirty air vents or clogged air filters result in reduced airflow. The buildup of dust and debris in the vents restricts airflow. Changing the air filter regularly and cleaning the vents should solve the issue. If you still have weak airflow after changing the air filter, call a heating and AC repair company to take a look.

Refrigerant Leak

The air conditioner needs refrigerant to cool the air in your home. The refrigerant runs from an outdoor compressor unit to an indoor evaporator coil via copper pipes. It cools when the fan blows air over the evaporator coil. The copper pipes can develop pinholes with time, causing the refrigerant to leak. This is yet another reason why you should have a heating and air conditioning repair company perform bi-annual tune-ups. A technician can inspect the refrigerant line and repair any issues they find.

Loud Noises

Unusual grinding, rasping, or squealing noises may indicate that parts like belts and bearings are wearing out. While this may be a sign of normal wear and tear, unusual noises can also result from dirty burners or air circulation issues. Without proper repairs, you may face lasting damage and have to replace your HVAC system. Having a qualified heating and AC repair company maintain your HVAC regularly can keep the noises at bay and optimize longevity.

Heater Blowing Cold Air

A problem with your heat pump’s compressor can cause your system to blow cold air in the winter. The compressor carries out heat exchange by pushing refrigerant through the coils and evaporating heat into your home. A malfunction with this component makes it impossible for the HVAC to heat indoor air. This is an issue that a professional heating and AC repair company in Big Rock, IL should address because it involves delicate internal components.

System Blows Continuously

A blower may blow continuously because you accidentally switched your thermostat to “On” instead of “Auto.” But if that isn’t the case, there may be a problem with the fan relay mechanism. The device is responsible for turning the blower off when the thermostat calls for heat. Again, this problem involves delicate internal components of your HVAC. Call your local heating and AC repair company to take a look and resolve it.

Clogged Drain Pipes and Water Leaks

The HVAC produces water as a byproduct of heating and cooling the air in your home. The water exits your home through the condensate line. However, clogs in the drain line can lead to leaks and musty odors in the house. Water leaks in your HVAC system can also be traced to a dirty air filter and overworking the AC. Enlisting the help of your local heating and AC repair company to clean your HVAC regularly can prevent the accumulation of debris and water leaks.

Malfunctioning Thermostat

Sometimes a heating or cooling problem lies with your thermostat. A malfunctioning thermostat cannot send the right signals to the HVAC unit. Recalibrating the thermostat often solves the problem; if not, an upgrade will do. When replacing your thermostat, always go with a programmable or smart thermostat. These devices are specially designed to improve the heating and cooling efficacy of your HVAC and indoor comfort. A technician can help you choose a thermostat that maximizes energy efficiency and calibrate it to your needs.

Uneven Temperature Distribution

Have you noticed that some parts of your home are warmer or colder than others? The culprit may be an imbalanced air system. Many factors come into play when determining which parts of the house receive priority from the HVAC – room size, outside temperature, air vents, and windows. Sources of air infiltration, insulation levels, and what the ductwork looks like also affect how much air flows into different areas of the house. Utilizing a heating and AC repair company can help build a solution that balances airflow in your home.

Air Conditioner Not Working At All

When your air conditioner goes down, it’ll do so without giving you notice. There are many reasons why your AC may stop working –old batteries in the thermostat, a problem with the compressor or condenser, air filter issues, or maybe the unit is out of time, especially if it’s over 10 years old. A local heating and AC repair company can inspect the unit to pinpoint the issue and determine if you need a repair or replacement.

Gas Leak

Gas leaks can occur in the gas supply line to your furnace, but a cracked heat exchanger is also a common culprit. Normally, gas combusts inside a chamber in the heat exchanger, and air picks up the heat on its way to the ductwork. A cracked heat exchanger doesn’t heat all the gas and, as such, releases harmful fumes into your home. The leading cause of a cracked heat exchanger is overheating when there isn’t sufficient airflow in the furnace to dissipate heat safely. The restricted airflow may result from various things, including duct blockages, incorrectly sized ductwork, and an oversized furnace or air handler. Whatever the issue, an inspection by the local heating and AC repair company should provide answers as to the way forward.

Keep Your HVAC System in Tip-Top Shape

Regular HVAC inspections in your home can go a long way towards keeping you and your family safe and comfortable year-round. Just In Time is a leading heating and AC repair company in Big Rock, IL, that takes pride in diagnosing and fixing HVAC issues before they become a major problem. Contact us today for any HVAC concerns, including setting up a maintenance schedule that keeps your system in top condition.

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