No one likes to wake up cold in the middle of the night during winter. A broken furnace can spell big trouble for your home and family, which is why our experts are available for 24/7 assistance to be sure that your family stays warm in the winter. However, with a little do-it-yourself experience, you could troubleshoot and potentially fix the issue without having a technician out. Here are 5 common furnace problems and how to troubleshoot them:

1. Check that your thermostat is ON and working properly.
We know it sounds silly, but make sure that the thermostat is set to ‘heat’ and that it is at least 5 degrees above room temperature. How is your thermostat powered? Some are wired to the house; others need to have the batteries changed every so often. Checking the batteries can save you a service call fee! You can also check the date and time on the thermostat – it may be on a timer and currently has your furnace off. One other place you can check is your breaker. If it is on, switch it off and take a look at the fuse for your furnace.

2. It’s Not Producing ENOUGH Heat – Is your filter clogged?
One of the most important parts of furnace maintenance is regularly checking and changing the filter. Changing the filter prevents it from getting clogged and allows air to flow freely.

– Locate the filter: Sometimes the filter is located in the intake. Other filters are in the furnace itself.
– Check the filter: It’s time to change the filter when you hold it up to the light and can’t see through it.
– Replacing the filter: one of our technicians can replace your filter during an annual maintenance check, but you can also do this yourself. Be sure that your furnace is OFF and check the direction that the filter points. An upside down filter makes it less efficient.

3. Is the safety switch engaged?
Your furnace door must be in place for the switch to be activated and for the furnace to operate. If the furnace door is open, the switch prevents the fan and burner from coming on. If you have checked everything else and you think the safety switch is the issue, you may need a new one. Give us a call and we can get one installed for you!

4. Is the area around it clean an unobstructed?
Always be sure to give your furnace all the room it needs to operate effectively. Keep flammable items away from it and vacuum the area once in a while. Excess dust and lint can clog your filters faster.

5. How do your burner flames look?
A way to see if your burner is clean is to look at the flames that it is producing. If they are blue and even, the burner is clean. If they are yellow, it is likely that your burners need to be cleaned. Give us a all and we can get your furnace cleaned and be sure it is working efficiently!

There are multiple other reasons that your furnace may not be working. After troubleshooting, your best bet at getting your furnace fixed and efficient is to have one of our HVAC professionals service your system. We can quickly determine the problem and give you the best solution. We are available 24/7 and you can call us at 815-570-2244!