Once cooler weather hits this fall, we are all going to want the inside of our homes to be toasty warm. That means we will have to give in and turn on our furnaces. However, before you turn yours on for the season, give us a call to schedule an annual clean and check. A clean and check now can save you costly repairs and replacements during the winter months. Here are 5 reasons you need to call today!

1. It prevents unexpected breakdowns.
Annual clean and checks catch worn-down parts before they break and cause costly repairs. Having a seasoned expert inspect and clean your system annually can save you money in emergency costs.

2. It saves on monthly energy bills.
The replacement or cleaning of your furnace’s filters every year makes your furnace work more efficiently – which saves you energy! A dirty filter becomes blocked by contaminants, which causes the furnace to work harder than necessary.17776_233248

3. It keeps your family safe.
You are risking an unsafe furnace in your family’s home if you do not get it checked every year by a professional. Sometimes something as dangerous as a cracked heat exchanger can occur, which can leak carbon monoxide. A professional can address safety issues prior to them becoming unsafe.

4. It can extend your furnace’s life.
Your furnace has a pretty long lifespan of about 15 to 20 years. However, when you neglect your annual clean and check, the contaminants accumulated inside can build up and cause issues. Your system then has to work harder and wear down its parts sooner. By scheduling your clean and check yearly, you are able to make sure your furnace lasts as long as it is supposed to.

5. It keeps your warranty valid!
Most furnaces come with a manufacturer’s warranty. Many specify that you must have the furnace regularly maintained in order to keep the warranty valid. By not scheduling your annual clean and check, you are risking a void warranty and costly repairs and replacements as a result.

Did you know that Just In Time’s Club Membership comes with a FREE annual clean and check for your HVAC systems? We want to save you even more money on clean and checks and repairs. Call us today to schedule an estimate or to learn more about our Club Memberships.