9 Ways A Heating And AC Company Can Determine The Efficiency Of An HVAC System | Hinckley, IL

9 Ways A Heating And AC Company Can Determine The Efficiency Of An HVAC System | Hinckley, IL

Are you planning to have a heating and AC company install a new furnace or heating system at your home? Then it is critical to purchase a suitable model. Some heating systems use more energy to warm indoor air than others. Hence, it is critical that you know the amount of energy your furnace will use before you buy one. Knowing how much money you will save after purchasing an energy-efficient system is critical. To find and estimate the energy your furnace or heating system will use, you must first determine the amount of heating load. The size of the heating system, type of space, levels of insulation, and other factors will be the key determinants for this. Below are several ways to determine your heating system’s heating efficiency:

AFUE Rating

The AFUE rating of a heating system indicates the amount of energy the system will use compared to a standard system. A heating system with higher AFUE ratings will have a higher efficiency, and the reverse is also true. To measure the AFUE rating of your furnace, the heating and AC company must determine the amount of heat your indoor space requires. A heating system’s AFUE rating should always be between seventy-five and a hundred percent for normal spaces. However, the ideal number depends on the size of the space that is being heated. If you use the space for short periods, you can install a lower AFUE Rating system. However, if the space is used for most of the day, you will need a unit with a higher AFUE rating.

Energy Efficiency Rating

EEER or energy efficiency rating of a value that indicates how much energy your heating system uses per hour. To determine your furnace’s EER, you’ll need to consider the size of the space and the time you will be running your system. If you have a larger space, you will need a unit with a higher EER to ensure that everyone is comfortable. If you use the space only for a short period, the EER of your unit also needs to be higher. Hence, consult your heating and AC company before purchasing a unit.

Age of Heater

Determining the age of your heating system is also critical. If you use an older model, the unit could use more energy than necessary to heat your space. You will be able to calculate the energy your heating system uses by finding the product of EER with an AFUE rating. Doing this gives you a rough estimate of your unit’s energy efficiency. If the value exceeds 115%, have a technician install a new system to improve the cooling efficiency.

The Type of Heater

Find the correct heater for your unique heating requirements because certain heating systems use more power than others. You’ll need to buy a heater with a greater BTU rating if you have a large household to keep everybody warm. Your heating system’s type and efficiency both affect its performance. For instance, consider getting a furnace if you now use an electric heater. A wall-mounted heater will use less energy than one on the floor. Consult a technician on which system is best for your Hinckley, IL home.

Use Programmable Thermostat

Make sure you are using your programmable thermostat correctly if you have one. To keep your residence more energy-efficient, have a heating and AC company install a programmable thermostat in combination with your heater if you don’t have one installed. Reduce the heating setting on your heater if it won’t be used for a while to save electricity. To save money on unnecessary heating bills, you must leave the settings alone when you go out.

Comparing the Heating Energy Bill with Other Utility Costs

You should also consider the energy bill in relation to other costs, such as refrigeration, lighting, and other expenses. The amount of energy allotted for each of these costs can be determined using your monthly statements. Try to get an energy-efficient heater using the advice above if you think your heating costs are too high. However, you can cut back on some of these costs if you believe your heater is operating as effectively as it can. It’s always preferable to have a heating and AC company install an energy-efficient system that lowers your energy costs. This is true regardless of the situation.

Current System’s Efficiency

You also can determine the efficiency of your current system by having a heating and AC company come over and inspect your current system. The experienced professional will comprehensively review your present heating system to determine its efficiency. They can also advise you on the steps you can take to enhance the efficiency of the system and the amount of money you can save by making these changes.

Location of Heater

Is your heating system located in a place that gets a lot of hot air? That could be affecting its efficiency. You should try to move the heater to an area that doesn’t receive direct heating or sunlight based on the type of space you’re heating. The heating system’s efficiency can also be affected by factors outside your Hinckley, IL home. For instance, if the outside is too cold, that could be why the heater isn’t heating your home as efficiently as possible. Heating and AC company technicians recommend insulating your home in such an instance.

Conducting an Airtight Test

Are you unsure that your heating system’s sealed enough? A heating and AC company can conduct an airtight test to determine this. The technician might use traditional or advanced tools to perform this test. If they determine there are air leaks, the professionals will recommend the most appropriate step to take.

Many things affect the efficiency of your furnace. Fortunately, you can enhance this through routine maintenance. Contact us at Just In Time, your trusted heating and AC company for any AC services in Hinckley, IL.

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