Air-Conditioner-MaintenanceIf you noticed a spike in your electric bill since summer started, your air conditioner might be using too much power. There are many factors that affect how efficient your AC is and how much power it uses, including age and condition of the unit, the layout of your home, the design of your air ducts, how air tight the space is, and most obviously the weather.
If you think your AC is using too much power, here are some ways to reduce your AC electricity cost.

1. Turn your thermostat up 1 degree.
Can you tell the difference between a room that is 70 degrees and a room that is 71 degrees? We sure can’t! Setting your AC even just one degree higher can make it run less frequently.

2. Use a smart thermostat to program and schedule.
Make sure your AC is only running when needed and that the temperature is set appropriately at all times. Luckily with today’s technology you don’t have to keep track of that yourself. You can easily reduce electricity use by installing a smart thermostat, such as the EcoBee that we offer. Smart thermostats even come with an app that makes it even easier to change the temperature.

3. Get your ducts cleaned regularly.
Clean ducts make for less obstacles for your air to travel through. Regularly cleaning your ducts and vents will make your AC run more efficiently. Make sure furniture is also not blocking any vents.

4. Schedule maintenance visits.
Cleaning components, fixing electrical connections, and replacing worn parts regularly make your system run way more efficiently than a neglected unit. Studies show that maintenance helps your unit to maintain 95% of original efficiency.

5. Change your air filters.
A clogged filter is like a clogged sink – stuff just isn’t getting through. Your AC technician will change your filters as needed during maintenance, but you may need to change them more frequently than that to keep your AC running smoothly.

6. Better insulate the spaces you want to keep cold air in.
Your AC won’t need to work as hard if you are diligent about insulating weak parts of your home that are letting air escape. HVAC components such as pipes, ducts, and outlets can be some of the best places to put extra insulation.

7. Upgrade to an energy efficient air conditioner.
Talk to us about upgrading to a more energy efficient AC unit!

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