Advantages And Disadvantages Of Water Pipe Insulation By A Plumbing Company | Newark, IL

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Water Pipe Insulation By A Plumbing Company | Newark, IL

Water pipes are the most crucial part of the domestic water distribution system, and the good news is that you can protect them from freezing and other hazards. The water pipe insulation materials are versatile, including mineral wools, flexible elastomeric foams, glass wool, polythene, rigid foam, and cellular glass. They have different thermal conductivity, surface emissivity, density, thickness, and water-vapor resistance.

An experienced plumber from a reliable plumbing company can easily install insulation materials by wrapping around high-risk areas in the piping system, including small-length pipes outdoors and in places with numerous bends. Read on to understand the multiple pros and cons of pipe insulation.

The Superiority of Water Lines Insulation

Prevents Pipes from Freezing

One of the most vital parts of the weatherization process is to prevent pipes from freezing during icy cold weather. Pipes installed outside your house by an expert from a reputable plumbing company can be vulnerable to freeze if they have water in them in winter. Frozen pipes are a plumbing issue that can lead to more plumbing issues.

Water in the water lines exposed to the harsh low temperatures outdoors can freeze and expand inside the piping system, causing cracks and eventually bursting pipes that can lead to water damage and promote mold growth.

Fortunately, pipe insulation might prevent such problems by reducing the risk of water standing in the pipes from freezing.

Pipelines to insulate should be clean, dry, and corrosive free and exposed to harsh weather to protect them from sunlight, moisture, and low temperatures. When a plumber from a trustworthy plumbing company properly insulates and seals the pipes, there are fewer chances that cold air can penetrate and freeze the water in the pipes.

Controls Condensation on Pipes

Water vapor on pipes can be a problem that leads to corrosion. When hot water passes through pipelines that are not corrosive-free such as copper, they create moisture on the surface, making them rust.

Corroded pipes are very costly to repair and can damage pipelines earlier before they get to the fulltime of their lifespan. They can form pinholes that lead to leaking pipes, water temperature fluctuations, and generate unusual noises in the piping system.

The hired plumbing company in Newark, IL, can assign a technician to inspect your pipes once you complain of discolored water coming from your kitchen and bathroom faucets, strange-tasting water, poor water pressure, or bad-smelling water.

Pipe insulation is one of the preventive methods against corrosion because it prevents condensation from forming on the surface of water lines, increasing rust.

As long as the insulated pipes are at dew point temperatures that need air for cooling and relative humidity, condensation formation cannot get a chance in the pipelines. When a plumber from a nearby licensed plumbing company insulates the piping system, it provides a barrier to prevent vapor from penetrating through to the pipe surface.

Energy Efficiency

Another advantage of insulating water lines is the thermal resistance it generates and the reduction of heat loss, and increased water temperatures to up to 4°F hotter than in uninsulated pipework. Hot water supply requires energy that heats the water, which can be costly. When hot water flows to your kitchen and bathroom, it loses heat.

Failure to retain the high water temperature increases your energy bills because of the need to heat water over and over. Insulating the water lines helps maintain or increase the heat in the flowing water. The thermal pipe insulation by a professional from the best plumbing company in Newark, IL, increases thermal resistance, making the hot water remain hot in the pipelines for usage.

Aspects that surge the energy-saving ability of water insulation is the thickness of the insulating materials. The thicker the insulation material, the greater chances of saving on utility bills. The performance of the insulation is also dependent on the location.

Noise Control

Have you ever heard the sound water generates when passing through the pipes from your kitchen or bathroom walls or underneath the slab? It indicates that the water lines are not insulated. Insulating water pipes can also minimize or reduce sounds from pipes as water flows from one place to another.

Pipelines can produce sounds as water flows from one part of the house to another. When a skilled plumber from a renowned plumbing company uses acoustic insulation materials to insulate the pipework, it dampens the noise through a decoupling process, regardless of the location of the pipes.

Downsides of Insulating Water Lines

Somehow Complex to Install

Even though installing the insulation in pipes in external areas of your home might be easy, it might not be as easy in places with bends and limited space as it requires additional skills and experience. Buying the insulators can be costly, depending on the type of material. In addition, if the hired quack from an unreliable plumbing company within your city was responsible for making the installation and ignored some pinholes that burst with time, repairs might be a hassle because the plumbing service provider must remove the insulation to get to the pipe.

Potentially Expensive

Apart from the cost associated with cumbersome installation and purchase of insulation material, the process can be time-consuming, especially if you have a large residential building.


It is indisputable that insulating water pipes are beneficial for your plumbing system. Most homeowners should embrace pipe insulation to protect their piping network from freezing, cracking, bursting, and harsh temperatures. Since the pros are more than the cons, it is a worthwhile investment that can lower your energy bills for the hot water supply and prevent corrosion.

To learn more about water line insulation and to order for installation of the insulators, you can call Just In Time. Our plumbing company in Newark, IL, specializes in offering plumbing services such as installation, repair, maintenance, and replacement. Our plumbers are at your service whenever you need their exceptional services to meet your plumbing needs.

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