Air Conditioner Installation VS Fan Installation: Which Is Best For Your Attic? | Newark, IL

Air Conditioner Installation VS Fan Installation: Which Is Best For Your Attic? | Newark, IL

Summertime in Newark, IL, can be intolerable if you don’t have the proper comfort system in your home. When temperatures hit 84 degrees, all you can think about is how to stay cool.

Most homeowners rely on their air conditioning (AC) during summer, but it gets expensive as it consumes a lot of electricity. Plus, relying too much on the AC means you will need regular maintenance and repairs to wear and tear. In some cases, the entire AC may ultimately break down due to overworking, and you may be forced to seek air conditioner installation services in the middle of the summer.

Everyone wants to lower their cooling bill in summer to extend the life of their unit while staying crisp. Fortunately, there are many ways to keep cool without over-relying on AC, and one of them is using an attic fan.

For novices, attic fans are energy efficient units that control the heat inside the attic by consuming and removing hot air. They reduce your AC bill by removing the heat at the top of your property and preventing humidity beneath your roof. If you wonder if an attic fan is worth installing in your home, continue reading to learn more about its benefits.

Keeps Your Attic Moisture-free

Excess moisture in your home can never be a good thing. And it can be highly damaging and dangerous to your attic.

Moisture in your attic could cause minor issues, and if you do not take the necessary steps to prevent them, it will result in more costly problems. The humid air offers a conducive environment for mildew and mold, which causes allergic reactions and severe respiratory problems if left untreated.

And since most people rarely spend time at their attics, these infestations could go undiscovered for months. Depending on its place of growth and where you find it, mold can be time-consuming and costly to clean up.

Additionally, excess moisture in your attic could lead to structural damage. Any slight damage to the structure of your home could be difficult and expensive to repair.

An air conditioner installation company in Newark, IL, can help you mount the attic fan to promote a moisture-free attic. These units pull the humid and hot air up and out of your attic, and when the warm air is out, intake vents pull the dry and cool air from your living space into the attic.

Extends the Life of Your Roof

The roof is a very important feature of your house. It is part of the house that takes hold of everything that mother nature chooses to throw at it. And it is for this reason that you should do whatever you can to safeguard your roof.

Heat and moisture accumulate in your attic and damage the structure of your roof. This may cause roof failure, leading to costly repairs and replacements.

An air conditioner installation professional can add an attic fan to extend the life of your roof. The roof’s health is essential for your home’s well-being.

Lower Room Temperatures

Although the attic seems to be a separate room from where you and your family live, it still absorbs hot temperatures that spread to your entire home.

The attic tends to trap the heat from the outside and the lower floors in your home. As the outdoor temperatures rise, the temperature in the attic could reach as high as 150 degrees.

If you have an attic fan, it decreases the temperature levels, which in turn cools off the rest of your home. The good thing about this is that you don’t need to run the attic fan continuously to reap its benefits.

You can run it during the hottest part of the afternoon. During air conditioner installation or replacement, you can ask the technician to install the unit in your house.

Reduce Your Power Costs

Running your AC continuously during summer increases energy bills. For instance, the lower floors of your home are less ventilated by your attic and could have excess heat.

Trying to compensate for this excess heat with your air conditioner could cause electricity wastage. You can request an air conditioner installation company to mount an attic fan in your home this summer to reduce the overall temperature.

Bettering the ventilation in your attic will let air flow more freely through your house. This will reduce the temperature allowing your air conditioner a much-needed break.

Eliminate Ice Damming

In cold climates, ice dams are formed, causing significant damage. This is caused by attics with poor ventilation in cold seasons. The attic’s warm air leads to the snow melting on the roof.

The water from the snow drips and flows on the roof edges, forming a block of ice. And that is what brings about blockage and accumulation around roof edges that cause mold formation as well as structural and water damage.

Since an AC is not necessary during these months, it is advisable to have an air conditioner installation expert fit an attic fan to prevent ice damming.

Does Your Home Require Better Attic Ventilation?

If you are interested in an attic fan, you should consult an air conditioner installation expert to see how viable it is in your house. Not all homes are suitable for an attic fan since these units can complicate the overall system and add points of entry to your roof. Consulting an air conditioner installation company will help you know if this unit is worth your house.

Summers in Newark, IL, is no joke. If you are tired of the crazy AC bills and ready to mount an attic fan, Just In Time will ensure your attic stays cool. At Just In Time, we have a team of air conditioner installation experts that will serve you in a professional and friendly manner. If you are ready for this life-changing step, contact us today.

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