Air Conditioner Repair: AC Components That Are Vulnerable To Damage | Earlville, IL

Air Conditioner Repair: AC Components That Are Vulnerable To Damage | Earlville, IL

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Nearly 90 percent of all American households have air conditioning units. Besides keeping your Earlville, IL, home cool during summer, air conditioning helps improve indoor air quality and reduces the risk of infectious diseases. To fully realize the comfort your home can offer during summer, it’s necessary to invest in quality air conditioning systems.

However, the air conditioner also experiences gradual wear and tear in the course of performing its job. You don’t want to experience the sweltering heat in the summer; that’s why it is vital to know the components of the air conditioner that are most vulnerable to damage.

Seeking the help of air conditioner repair technicians is crucial for accurate diagnosis for the various AC components that work together to cool your home. Having an efficient AC is advantageous because it helps save some fraction of the six percent of the energy consumed by AC units in the United States.


The compressor performs a very crucial role in cooling your Earlville, IL, home by removing the hot air from the room to the outside environment, allowing cool air to circulate inside the room. It achieves this by turning the gaseous refrigerant, also known as Freon, that circles within the inner component of the air conditioner into liquid. Air conditioner repair technicians have identified clogged air filters as the main cause of failed compressors.

Additionally, low refrigerant levels in the AC could cause the compressor to break down. The compressor may also fail after running for a long time as it generates a substantial amount of heat while in operation.

The compressor is the most expensive component of the air conditioner. That is why it is necessary to look for qualified air conditioner technicians to handle the part when it fails. Otherwise, you would invalidate your warranty or insurance based on a job done poorly if you attempt to repair it by yourself. The repair experts will clean the clogged air filters and also refill the Freon to the recommended level.

Evaporator Coils

The evaporator allows the cooling cycle to begin once again by reconverting the liquid refrigerant from the compressor back into gas. The evaporator coils are not directly exposed to dirt and dust even though, over time, the dust particles accumulate on their surfaces, compromising the efficiency of the whole system.

When the air conditioner is performing at a sub-par level, it consumes more electricity as it strives to cool your home, taking a toll on your energy utility bill. Air conditioner repair technicians are the right individuals to reach out to when you have damaged evaporator coils. They will use specialty aluminum brushes to clean dirty evaporator coils carefully, ensuring they don’t bend the delicate fins.

Afterward, you should request them to help you create regular AC repair and maintenance plans to help reduce the chances of evaporator coil failure by detecting and fixing any defects.

The Condenser

The condenser is another crucial component of the air conditioner that extracts heat from the interior of the unit and helps to transfer it outside. It’s made of hollow coils through which the refrigerant, in a gaseous state, enters the coil through the condenser, as part of the cooling process. The condenser is prone to damage from the moisture in the system which could react with the condenser coils and form a corrosive rusty substance. It could also damage other components exposed to the moisture within the air conditioner.

You should only trust the services of a qualified air conditioner repair professional to handle a faulty condenser. They have the necessary equipment and chemicals to clean the corrosive substance from the machine and restore your home to its cool nature. When the damage is extensive and beyond repair, the technicians may advise you to replace the condenser or invest in a new air conditioner.


The thermostat is a combination of sensors that lets you set the desired temperature for your home. The air conditioner continues to cool the air in the room until the desired temperature is achieved when the thermostat notifies the air conditioner to shut off for a while until the room starts getting hot again.

The thermostat faces damage when the calibrations in the sensors are wrong. They may fail to detect when the desired temperature is achieved. This can lead to fluctuation of the temperatures to unbearable levels, making your home extremely cold. It’s also a technical component of your AC and therefore leaving the job of repairs or its recalibration to quacks is not a wise option.

Once you notice the temperature in your home keeps falling beyond the desired temperature, do not hesitate to contact a reputable air conditioner repair company for effective solutions.


A muffler is a part of the air conditioner whose essence is underrated. It’s supposed to regulate the sound the air conditioner produces while in operation. Without the muffler, the AC would be noisy and annoying. It keeps down AC operation noises as you enjoy the comfort of a cool home.

The moment you notice the loud noise from the system, contact a certified air conditioner repair technician immediately as this noise suggests a problem with the muffler. Ignoring or postponing will not only leave you uncomfortable in the loud noise but also leave the air conditioner at risk of complete breakdown.

Drain Pipes

The main threat to the drain pipes is dust which accumulates inside them over a long time, clogging them. Whenever you notice excess moisture around the air conditioner or discover that the AC unit is leaking, it is time to call an air conditioner repair expert.

The technician will clean the pipes thoroughly using eco-friendly chemicals to eliminate any clogged material. They can also squeeze a solid copper wire through the channels and flush them with water to remove the debris blocking the pipes.

It is also important to schedule regular maintenance appointments with air conditioner repair and maintenance professionals for early detection to ensure you’re not caught off-guard by sudden breakdowns.

Get A Reliable Air Conditioner Repair Specialist 

While you may have gotten a glimpse of the air conditioner components most vulnerable to damage, you will still need the help of professional and certified AC technicians. If you live in Earlville, IL, you can reach out to Just In Time for quality services surrounding AC repair, installation, and maintenance. We have operated since 2010, and we are ready to handle any emergency.