Air Conditioner Repair Company: Cause Of Condenser Unit Problems | Hinckley, IL

Air Conditioner Repair Company: Cause Of Condenser Unit Problems | Hinckley, IL

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Air conditioning units are present in almost three-quarters of homes in the US. They are vital appliances because of the cool conditioned air they provide. An AC system has several components, including a condenser unit installed outside your home in Hinckley, IL.

The condenser, which has a blowing fan and coil, is responsible for sucking all the heat from the refrigerant and disposing of it out of your home. It works alongside the compressor, thermostats, evaporator, and air handling units to ensure cool air circulates in homes, guaranteeing sufficient temperature-related comfort. Problems are inevitable in the condenser unit, especially with poor maintenance practices.

A faulty condenser affects the smooth running of the entire air conditioning system. It needs an expert from a reputable air conditioner repair company to inspect and fix the identified problems. If left unfixed, the malfunctioning condenser can damage the compressor leading to complete failure of the AC system. Problems experienced in the condensers can be caused by:

Dirty and Blocked Coils

The condenser unit, placed outside of your home in Hinckley, IL, is susceptible to attract and accumulate dirt and debris compared to the indoor units of the AC. Debris and dirt such as leaves, grass, dust, small pieces of stones, and gravel can be blown by strong wind or flow with stormwater into the condenser, compromising its normal functioning.

Calling a licensed and insured air conditioner repair company to remove the dirt and clean the condenser should be done during maintenance or whenever you notice built-up debris in the equipment. Without immediate attention, the outside foreign objects can clog the condenser blades and coils, which in turn blocks the airflow and damages the whole cooling unit.

The blocked airflow will make it hard for the condenser to function smoothly. The damage can force you to spend more to pay a bonded AC repair company to repair the equipment. If the coil is damaged beyond repairs, the technician will have to replace it.

Refrigerant Leaks

The refrigerant is a fluid in the AC that sucks heat from the house and flows to the condenser to dispose of it outside, keeping the house cool. IThe liquid travels through the condenser coils, compressor, and evaporator to initiate effective heat exchange.

Any refrigerant leak can cause significant problems in the condensing unit and the operation of the entire AC equipment because its cooling power will drop. Therefore, you should contact a trusted AC repair company to get a skilled contractor to seal any leaks on the refrigerator tank.

Bent Fins

Condenser fins are metallic salts that prevent warm air from entering a running AC unit. They should be clean, especially during the hot sweltering days that need the air conditioning system to run continuously for cool air. If the condenser unit is dirty, it can also cause the fins to bend, blocking airflow to the AC. Bent fins will affect the performance of the condenser. They will also compromise the provision of cool air in your home when you need it the most.

Therefore, when you peep into your unit and notice the condenser fins are bent, you should visit a nearby air conditioner repair company to get a reliable technician to fix them. The expert will ensure the fins are straightened, making the condenser perform at its peak. If the damaged condenser fins are beyond repair, you will be required to buy a new condensing unit.

You should know that when your fans break, you may not be able to replace them. An expert from an AC repair company will install the new condenser for you according to industry-recognized installation practices.

Motor Fan Issues

Condenser motor fans are found in the condensing unit of an air conditioning system. They are responsible for turning the fan blades and blowing air to the condenser coils, which cools the refrigerant. A malfunctioning fan can cause problems to the condenser. The fans can fail to function smoothly if the motors are damaged.

Lack of proper maintenance can lead to fan issues because they need regular lubrication and cleaning to prevent them from overheating and enable a smooth rotation. Another problem with the motor fans can be related to their size. If a quack technician from a negligent air conditioner repair company installs an oversized or small-sized motor fan into your condenser, it might lead to functionality problems.

For that reason, make sure the technician you hire for installation and repair services is certified and from a trustworthy air conditioner repair company to do things right.

Incorrect Size of Fan Blades

Condenser fan blades can also create functional issues in the condensing unit. Damaged, cracked, bent, or malfunctioning fan blades produce a lot of noise as they rotate.

Incorrectly sized blades can also be problematic to the condenser affecting the way it cools the refrigerant. Once you notice the noise in the condenser, you should get an expert from a reliable air conditioner repair company to fix or replace the defective fan blades.

Faulty Electrical Components

The condenser equipment in your home can also have problems caused by failed electrical connections. Motors inside the condenser unit and the compressor use electricity to operate at optimal efficiency. When you realize the motor, fan, and compressor are not working after switching the AC unit on, don’t try to be creative in solving the issue, contact a technician for immediate help.

There might be a problem with the wiring, which can be detected by a professional from a reputable air conditioner repair company. The electrical wires might be damaged or frayed. Also, the capacitor and the electrical relay in the condensing unit might have malfunctioned.

The technician from the reliable air conditioner repair company will inspect all the electrical connections, diagnose the issue, and fix it skillfully. Problems with electrical wires should be addressed urgently by a professional to prevent safety issues that might be catastrophic.

Call for Professional AC Services!

It is indisputable that an air conditioning system cannot function properly when some of its components have malfunctioned. Condenser problems are some of the AC issues that need immediate repairs for the smooth functioning of the equipment.

So, if your condensing unit is having issues, call Just in Time to get professional services. It’s a trusted air conditioner repair company in Hinckley, IL, with experienced and skilled technicians to tackle all heating and cooling problems.