Air Conditioner Repair | Earlville, IL

Air Conditioner Repair | Earlville, IL

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We at Just in Time know how hot and humid it can get in Earlville, IL. During the summer temperatures can often rise above one hundred degrees. Your air conditioner is vital in keeping you and your family safe from both the heat and the humidity. Should your unit break down, conditions inside your home will soon get unbearable.

You run a greater risk of heat exhaustion and dehydration without an air conditioner. You could open the windows but that will let more pollen and pollutants into your home and lower the air quality.

You need an air conditioning repair quickly, but who do you turn to? There are so many air conditioner repair companies, each claiming to be the best. A good place to start is to look online at a trusted review website. Look for a company that has many five-star reviews, provides exceptional customer service and professional workmanship at an affordable price to their customers. You will find Just in Time on many review websites. We operate a 24-hour emergency air conditioner repair service all year long.

How to Avoid an Expensive Air Conditioner Repair

Having an air conditioner repair is an expensive business, repairs can often run in the hundreds of dollars, so what is the best way to avoid this? The answer is simple, have your air conditioner regularly serviced! The service represents excellent value when compared against the cost of a repair.

A service from Just in Time will check your unit from top to bottom. Each component will be checked for wear and tear and afterward, your air conditioner will be running quietly, more efficiently, and saving you money on your energy bills. Knowing that your unit is less likely to break down is a good feeling. Peace of mind is priceless knowing that you and your family are safe.

Things That Could Go Wrong with an Air Conditioner

Let us be honest, even a regularly serviced unit can still break down. This is more likely when your unit has been running all day and night during an Earlville, IL heatwave. An air conditioner that is about to go malfunction will display certain signs of distress, and if your unit is showing these warning flags you should call Just in Time.

Signs of distress include:

  • Your unit is short-cycling
  • Your energy bills are higher
  • The evaporator coils have frost on them
  • The cooling effect is lower
  • Humidity levels are higher

A service will take care of most of these issues but ignoring them will increase the risk that you will need an air conditioner repair.

Your Unit Is Short-Cycling

What is short-cycling? Well, normally the compressor in your unit turns on for about ten minutes and then off for another ten. So, each cycle lasts about twenty minutes, and most air conditioners will have about three cycles an hour.

This way your home receives the full cooling effect from your unit. Several issues could cause the compressor to switch off early and reduce the cooling effect and dirty air filters, frozen evaporator coils, and low coolant levels are the main triggers of short-cycling. An expensive air conditioner repair bill awaits you if you ignore these red flags, but the causes are dealt with during the service.

Your Energy Bills Are Higher

You expect your energy bills to go up during the summer as you use your air conditioner more often. But if they go up by more than you have expected, this could be due to problems within your unit. A short-cycling unit is using more energy because the compressor has been turned on increasingly more often. When any component works harder, it will use more energy. The fact that the compressor is being switched on and off more often means that is also more likely to break down and need an air conditioner repair.

The Evaporator Coils Have Frost on Them

Another bad sign is the emergence of frost and ice on the evaporator coils. Frost forms on the coils for several reasons and one is a reduction in the amount of warm air blown over the coils. The warm air from your home is cooled when the heat is absorbed by the coolant in the coils. The airflow can be restricted by a faulty fan or dirty air filters. A second reason for frost and ice forming is a lack of coolant in the coils. A leak is usually the cause of this and if discovered during the service, the coolant levels will normally be topped up after the leak is repaired.

The buildup of frost and ice will also bring additional problems. An ice layer acts as a good insulator and further reduces the rate at which the heat is absorbed by the coolant. If you do nothing the evaporator coils will eventually freeze and your unit will shut down. It will be out of action for up to 24-hours as the coils thaw. Having your unit out of action for this length of time during a heatwave is not a good idea. If the coils keep freezing over too many times the unit will break down and you will need an air conditioner repair.

The Cooling Effect Is Lower

Any of the causes mentioned above will reduce the cooling effect of your air conditioner, but all will be dealt with during a regular service which is very affordable in the area.

A Trusted Air Conditioner Repair Company

Just In Time has been serving the people of Earlville, IL for many years. We realize how important it is to offer a speedy repair service during the scorching summer and that is why we have technicians available 24/7 waiting for your call.

We also have over twenty years of experience installing new air conditioners. If your unit is over ten years old and needs more repairs, it may be more cost-effective to replace it. Let us help you select a new model that best suits your means. Give us a call today!