Air Conditioning Service: Factors Homeowners Consider When Purchasing Ductless Mini-Split Air Conditioners | Hinckley, IL

Air Conditioning Service: Factors Homeowners Consider When Purchasing Ductless Mini-Split Air Conditioners | Hinckley, IL

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Ductless mini split-system air-conditioning units are best for multifamily housing and small apartments. The mini-splits are a good choice for room additions, where extending ductwork for central air-conditioners is not feasible.

An air conditioning service provider can use the units as retrofits add-ons to houses with ductless heating systems, such as hydronic, radiant panels, and space heaters. Mini-split air conditioners have three main components, an outdoor condensing unit or compressor responsible for pumping cold air inside your home and an indoor air-handling unit that releases cold air.

It also has refrigerant lines that link the outdoor and indoor units. Proper installation of the condenser and air handlers by an air conditioning service expert in Hinckley, IL, is vital for the peak performance of the ductless mini-split system.

Other parts of the mini-split include a conduit for housing the power cable, refrigerant and suction tubing, and a condensate drain. The following are some of the factors to consider when purchasing the ductless mini-split ACs.

Energy Efficiency

One of the factors to consider when buying the ductless mini-split AC is energy efficiency because they help homeowners reduce their utility bills. Hiring an air conditioning contractor will help you select the best ductless AC with the correct Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) and Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE). The ratings should be higher to ensure less energy wastage.


Most people consider the price of the air conditioner before other factors to determine if it is within their budget. They research the price of the ductless air conditioning unit through online or window shopping and also factor in the installation costs for paying the hired air conditioning technician.

Other aspects to reflect on include the operating costs, if it will consume more energy or less energy when cooling your home or not. Apart from the upfront costs, installation costs, and operation costs, homeowners should inquire of any federal tax credits or rebates on the ENERGY STAR mini-split systems, which affects their utility bills annually. With the help of a qualified air conditioning service professional, you will know if the investment is worth it or not.


Before purchasing the mini-split air conditioner, people should think of the zoning capabilities of the unit. They should consider the best room and position of the AC based on aspects such as the most used room(s) in the house. Folks should also choose between the single and multi-zone ductless AC units according to their preference and cooling needs. The standout feature of ductless air conditioners is their easy zoning capabilities responsible for the adequate supply of cool air to different rooms.

An experienced air conditioning service contractor installs the indoor air handlers in rooms of your home that allow you to control the indoor temperatures using a thermostat. The ductless air conditioners are flexible because they use zone cooling, allowing homeowners to cool only specific parts of their house, saving energy.

Therefore, if you have people in your home that respond differently to the cooling effects, get an expert air conditioning service provider to help you select the best multi-zone mini-split AC and accurately install it.

Air Quality

Families in Hinckley, IL, value quality, healthy and fresh air that prevents heath conditions. Some illnesses that result from poorly maintained ducts include colds and allergies due to pollen, dust, pet fur, paint, and molds. They should upgrade from the central air conditioners to ductless systems to improve the overall air quality.

The dirty or clogged ducts might lead to several issues, including poor airflow, hot and warm spots in the house, and undesirable odors that compromise indoor air quality.

Since ductwork is highly susceptible to accumulating dirt and dust over time, you should consider getting the ductless mini-split for installation by an air conditioning service expert to reduce health issues. The ductless AC will help you get cleaner, fresher and healthier air and bid goodbye to allergies or mold building up in the ducts.

Power or Energy

Homeowners should also consider the power consumption of the ductless mini-split system based on the space or room that requires cooling. The power of the ductless AC is measured using BTU (British thermal unit). It is an energy unit essential for comparing different energy sources such as natural gas, oil, or electricity.

The BTU for the same room might differ for gas and electric mini-splits air conditioners. Larger rooms require AC units to use more energy, hence the high BTU for even cooling effect.

A certified air conditioning service provider will come in handy in calculating the area of the room to determine the BTUs per hour. For example, if your master bedroom is 300 to 400 square feet, the best mini-split should have 9000 BTUs per hour. The air conditioning service expert should take measurements of one room for a single-zone mini-split and multiple rooms for multi-zone ACs.

Size of AC and Age of House

Calculating the BTU is vital in choosing the right size ductless air conditioner to achieve efficiency because oversized air handlers can result in short-cycling and air drafts.

Another aspect to consider is the age of the home. New modern houses have better insulation than older ones because of the revised building codes. Old homes need more energy to cool homes, while newer ones require less. A licensed air condition service professional can help you select an energy-efficient mini-split if your home is old.

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