Air Conditioning Service: Problems Of AlumaFlex Ductwork Systems | Hinckley, IL

Air Conditioning Service: Problems Of AlumaFlex Ductwork Systems | Hinckley, IL

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The ductwork system works with other HVAC units to ensure temperature-related comfort and indoor air quality for your family in Hinckley, IL. The ducts help the heating and cooling units to circulate the conditioned air throughout your home, maintaining consistent temperatures.

There are different types of ductwork systems found in homes, including AlumaFlex. It is an aluminum product that can serve you for a long. However, its ductwork system is susceptible to problems that will require air conditioning service experts. Beware of the following problem in your AlumaFlex ductwork system.


One of the issues experienced in air ducts is leaks. Similar to other vents, the AlumaFlex ductwork system can also leak conditioned air that travels through it. Most air conditioning service providers check for leakages in the ducts if they notice apparent signs such as fluctuating temperatures and stuffiness in rooms, increased dust and contaminants, and visible cracks in the system.

Surging energy bills also indicate that the ducts are leaking heated air to unheated spaces, adding dollars to your annual utility expenses. The leaking air makes it impossible for ducts to supply sufficient heat and cool air in rooms, hence the fluctuating temperatures in your home.

One of the reasons behind the leaks might be the age of the system, which makes the ductwork loosen and break the seals that allow conditioned air to escape. The leaks in the ductwork might also be due to a lack of mechanical fastening that will leak or crack open, letting out a lot of conditioned air that will skyrocket the energy bills.

If the ductwork segment comes apart, it is a problem that will require the emergency services of an air conditioning expert. The duct leaks might also develop because of rodents and small animals, including mice, rats, squirrels that might break the seals, releasing warm or cool air. It is worth noting that the rodents cannot chew the AlumaFlex ducts because of the material but can cause the seals to break after playing around them for a while. When you notice any leaks in your AlumaFlex ductwork system, you can call a reputable heating and air conditioning service provider to seal and insulate the ducts to stop the leakage.

Also, subscribing to a semi-annual maintenance program to have reliable tune-up services from an air conditioning professional will help minimize the risk of your ductwork developing leaks.

Dirty Air Ducts

Another common problem that you could experience with your AlumaFlex ductwork system is dirt. Households in Hinckley, IL, using smokers or having fluffy pets that shed dander and hair are susceptible to have dirty air ducts.

Remodeling your home can also lead to dust accumulating in the ductwork system. The dirty ducts can lead to various health complications, including asthma and allergies that can be expensive to treat. It is wise to have an air conditioning service provider carry out regular maintenance cleaning on your AC and the ductwork unit.

Improper Installation

Apart from leaks and dirt, the AlumaFlex ductwork system can also become problematic if installed in the wrong place or position by an amateur air conditioning service technician. The ducts perform at peak if the installation is perfect, preventing issues such as sagging and kinking.

Poor installation of the AlumaFlex ducts affects the overall performance of the air conditioning and heating units, leading to an inadequate supply of conditioned air to rooms. Sagging or kinked ducts are prone to cause more resistance in the duct system, limiting the amount of air flowing to your house, thus increasing discomfort during the hot and cold seasons.

Therefore, it is appropriate to hire an air conditioning expert to install the AlumaFlex ductwork system in dropped ceilings or house corners and sealed and insulated places in your house. A professional technician will follow the standards set for all installers. The regulations recommend mounting the suitable duct diameter that improves airflow and decreases the pressure drop.

Sealing Issues

Households can also encounter problems with the sealing of the AlumaFlex ductwork. The supply and return registers need proper sealing by an air conditioner service expert to prevent any escape of conditioned air, improve energy efficiency, and promote indoor air quality. Sealing the duct registers of the AlumaFlex ductwork system is also essential in solving any uneven circulation of conditioned warm and cool air in homes.

But, when the seals are broken or damaged, you will experience back-drafting from the ductwork system, which occurs when gases from gas heaters and conditioners are directed back to your space instead of being expelled outside.

Another issue that might arise due to poor sealing is corrosion or breakdown of your entire air conditioning unit. The broken seal of the AlumaFlex ductwork system can allow contaminants, dirt, and sizable particles to enter into your AC, resulting in damages that will require an air conditioning service professional to handle.

The technician will inspect the registers of the ductwork system to identify the places that are broken and replace the seals. The hired air conditioning service contractor will also tighten loose seals for optimal performance of the ductwork, heating, and cooling units.

Poor Insulation

Homeowners in Illinois complain about insulation issues that are common in their AlumaFlex ductwork system. Improperly insulated ducts will allow conditioned air to escape, which will affect the overall ventilating, heating, and cooling capacity of your HVAC units.

Hiring an air conditioning service technician to insulate the ducts is vital in preventing heat loss and gain as the cold and hot seasons alternate. During the cold season, the technician can use an electric heating tape wrap to insulate the ductwork system, averting the possibility of losing conditioned air.

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