Air Conditioning Service Signs That Your HVAC Is Less Energy Efficient | Hinckley, IL

Air Conditioning Service Signs That Your HVAC Is Less Energy Efficient | Hinckley, IL

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Most homeowners tend to ignore their air HVAC systems once installed. However, it is inadvisable to assume that your HVAC is running at peak performance constantly. The more air conditioners age, the less energy-efficient they become. Unfortunately, this leads to increased energy usage and utility bills.

Have you noticed an increase in your energy bills? Contact an experienced air conditioning service expert in Hinckley, IL, to help you determine the underlying issue. Below are some common signs that your unit is less energy-efficient.

1. High Indoor Humidity with a Running Air Conditioner

Feeling clammy inside your home even with a functional air conditioner is a clear sign of increased humidity. Fortunately, regulating indoor humidity by controlling the temperature is one of the core functions of an air conditioner.

As air passes over the AC’s evaporating coil, moisture condenses, eliminating moisture from the atmosphere. If the evaporator coil is not cold enough, it won’t eliminate as much moisture as required. Possible explanations include maintenance issues or the loss of refrigerant.

Consequently, you will be tempted to lower your thermostat to increase comfort. This forces the AC to work harder, increasing energy usage. To prevent or rectify this situation and keep the system running at optimum efficiency, our air conditioning service experts ensure the coils are clean and the refrigerant charge is precise. Consult your local HVAC expert in case you feel increased dampness.

2. The AC Is Constantly Running

An undersized AC typically struggles to keep your home comfortable at all times. Unfortunately, the constant struggle to maintain indoor temperature translates to significant energy usage.

It could also be that you added a new extension or room to your existing property without updating your AC to match the air conditioning needs. Perhaps your AC isn’t supplying enough power for your area’s climate.

Either way, if your HVAC is constantly running to maintain the desired comfort levels, it is time to consult an air conditioning service expert about the prospects of bumping up your HVAC’s energy efficiency. You can do this by installing a new, properly sized, and more energy-efficient air conditioner.

3. You Are Heating or Cooling the Whole House

Typically, traditional AC units come with a single system having one temperature setting conditioning the whole house. Unfortunately, this translates to the unit satisfying one part of the house while others experience discomfort from overcooling or heating.

Even worse, this approach requires a larger amount of energy to condition every room’s air at once. It also doesn’t guarantee the comfort of everyone in the house. A better approach is to hire an air conditioning contractor to install a new HVAC that conditions the room you are using only when using it.

4. Increased Utility Bills

Unless you have recently purchased an energy-intensive device, recurring utility bills should remain constant throughout the year. It should also remain constant unless your utility company has recently increased your electric or gas rates. Generally, older HVAC experience a slight increase in energy costs, especially since these units tend to lose their efficiency, typically with tear and wear.

However, a significant increase or spike in your energy bills is unlikely and a sign that you should contact an air conditioning service expert. If charges in your billing history have spiked, that is an obvious sign that your AC unit is wasting energy.

This is typical if the system has to work harder to satisfy your comfort demands. HVAC systems compensate for aging components by operating longer cycles, increasing energy usage.

5. You Are Calling the Air Conditioning Service Guys Frequently

Are you having too many AC breakdowns and repair requests? As with any huge appliance, air conditioners benefit from regular tune-ups and occasional repairs. However, if you are excessively calling the HVAC repair professionals to service your AC, boiler, furnace, or other HVAC components, that could signify that your HVAC is wearing out.

As a result, the more an HVAC unit wears out, the more energy it requires to offer the required thermal comfort. Immediately, you start calling repair experts more often, consult with an air conditioning service expert about replacing your AC.

6. Your Current Air Conditioning Is Past Its Lifespan

The average lifespan of an air conditioner is 10-15 years. It is essential to know how old your home’s air conditioning unit is. This is because unit efficiency is lost with time with the introduction and availability of newer, more energy-efficient units.

However, even with new and improved units, the ENERGY STAR® program recommends the replacement of heat pumps and AC units after a decade and boilers and furnaces after 15 years. The current SEER requirements imply that replacing a decade-old AC with a better energy-efficient unit saves operational costs.

SEER ratings typically range from 13-26, with the higher ratings belonging to newer units. The higher the SEER rating, the more energy-efficient the unit. Therefore, if your air conditioner is approaching or is past its lifespan, the high chances are that the unit is becoming less energy-efficient and requires immediate replacement.

Why You Should Replace Your Air Conditioning Unit

One of the main reasons air conditioning service experts recommend replacing your air conditioning units is inefficiency. The less energy-efficient your AC is, the more you will spend on utility costs. Less energy-efficient systems also leave carbon footprints that are harmful to the environment.

Replacing your air conditioning unit also helps avoid increasing repair costs that come with older units. In addition, if you are reselling your home, replacing your current AC with a more energy-efficient fixture increases your property value and offers an attractive Return On Investments.

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