As Energy Costs Rise, Our Heating And AC Repair Team Gets More Tune-Up Calls | Big Rock, IL

As Energy Costs Rise, Our Heating And AC Repair Team Gets More Tune-Up Calls | Big Rock, IL

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At Just in Time, we provide expert heating and AC repair for our customers in Big Rock, IL, and other services to help keep you warm in the winter, cool in the summer, and comfortable in every season. When energy costs are rising, though, people call us and ask how they can save money by reducing their energy use while still staying comfortable. We know you’d rather find a creative solution than simply give up a bit of your comfort, and many times we can offer suggestions and solutions that our heating and AC repair team can implement to help you feel good indoors while also feeling good about your energy bill. One of the most effective solutions is periodic maintenance services and especially a skilled tune-up of your heating and AC systems so they use energy as efficiently as possible. Beyond that, there are many other ways that we can help you get through challenging times using our knowledge and expertise to save on your energy use. Here is some information on what tune-ups can involve, and what other work we can do to make your system more effective and your home more comfortable and breathable.

AC Tune-Ups

From coil cleaning to refrigerant checks, ensuring that your cooling system is as efficient as possible is a great way to have our heating and AC repair team reduce your system’s demand on your summer energy bill. We can also provide intelligent thermostats and other ways to manage your system usage so you don’t cool as much when you’re not there.

Heating Tune-Ups

While modern heating systems have amazingly high levels of efficiency that can make them attractive long before your current system is failing, a heating tune-up can also improve the return on your energy costs. From burner efficiency and heat exchanger inspections that cover both efficiency and safety from carbon monoxide to air circulation issues like filter replacement, fan motor servicing, duct cleaning, and checks for vent and intake blockages, we can help reduce the cost of producing heat and the effectiveness of your system in bringing it where it serves you best.

Duct Insulation and Cleaning

The circulation of healthy air is essential to your comfort and the efficiency of your system, and our heating and AC repair team can pinpoint remedies that make a big difference. One of the most important is duct cleaning, which removes layers of dust and airborne debris that gather, constrict air passageways, and return to the air to reduce your air quality over and over. Ducts that pass through attics and unprotected spaces can lose significant amounts of heat in the winter and cool in the summer to the surrounding area, without improving comfort.

Vent Adjustment and Air Circulation Checks

Is a bookcase or chair placed over your vent or air intake? Our heating and AC repair team can check your system’s airflow and make sure there’s enough air flowing freely into the system and out into your rooms to spread comfort to all corners of your home. If your energy is being used, but the air circulation isn’t bringing the results to you where you need them, your efficiency is effectively blocked where it counts!

Comfort Features and Indoor Air Quality Control

Sometimes people adjust their thermostats for reasons other than temperature. For example, when the humidity is higher than you like in your home, you won’t feel as comfortable even when the AC is running nicely. If the air isn’t as breathable, because of dust, pollen, or other contaminants, you may adjust the temperature to try to improve it or forgo comfort because you’re concerned that the circulating air is causing your discomfort. You may be right, but we do have solutions: humidity control that provides active humidification and dehumidification as needed for the perfect level during both summer and winter, HEPA filters for extra air filtration, and air purifier and germicidal UV lamps that remove other concerns such as pathogens and other airborne biological elements.

Zoned Duct Systems

Individual control of several areas of your home such as living areas and bedrooms can take the load off your AC system simply by dividing up your duct system into several zones with individual timer-based thermostats. You’ll get the temperatures you need when you need them, and with less demand on your system, less heating and AC repair as well.

Ductless Mini-Split Systems

An alternative to turning your home’s single air circulation system into a multi-zone duct system, especially if your AC system is getting older and you want to reduce heating and AC repair costs, is to use a ductless mini-split system to supply targeted air conditioning and even heating where you need it. These systems work like heat pump systems, using AC compressor technology to cool rooms or pull heat in, and they run direct connections to each room or other space served with a distribution unit discreetly located on the wall, floor-mounted, or in a drop ceiling. Each room has individual control of the temperature, although a central unit located outside can usually serve up to four rooms. Installing one can save substantial amounts of energy, especially if your main system then receives only light use, and if you have a home office, sunroom, or another area that could use extra cooling, just direct a ductless mini-split system to that area and you’re covered.

Your Expert Heating and AC Repair Team Serving Big Rock, IL

In Big Rock, IL, it can take a lot of energy to heat our homes during cold winters, and cool them when the summer heat comes. Fortunately, at Just in Time we not only provide repairs to keep you comfortable, but we also have many ways that we can help you save on your energy bills and still put your comfort systems to work. Give us at Just In Time a call for heating and AC repair, and energy efficiency care as well!