Averting Airflow Issues With Service By A Heating And AC Repair Company | Big Rock, IL

Averting Airflow Issues With Service By A Heating And AC Repair Company | Big Rock, IL

Your HVAC unit plays a silent but essential role in ensuring that your home is properly cooled. However, you must ensure that your unit is properly maintained to cool your home effectively. Failing to maintain the HVAC unit properly means it might suddenly break down, use more energy, or even prematurely stop working. But if you suspect there are HVAC airflow problems, you might be experiencing signs such as pressure imbalance, cold and hot spots, no air at all, or your system blowing warm air.

Whenever you notice such signs, you should immediately call a heating and AC repair company to have your HVAC system further inspected. Ignoring the problem for too long will make the unit start straining, resulting in compressor failure. Remember that a compressor is like the heart of your HVAC system. If it malfunctions, there won’t be any cooling of your home. It is also expensive to replace a compressor, and you might have to call an AC repair technician to replace the entire HVAC system. Below are the common causes of airflow problems in your HVAC unit.

Disconnected or Restrictive Ducts

If you’re experiencing an airflow problem with your HVAC system, it’s important to diagnose the issue and get it resolved by a heating and AC repair company as soon as possible. The first step in diagnosing and fixing a problem is identifying the cause of airflow interference or restriction. This can be done by checking for obvious signs of ductwork damage or other obstructions within your home that may prevent airflow through your entire system.

If you have already determined an obstruction (or if you suspect one), look for signs of damage to the air ducts. Please ensure there are no tears or holes in any ductwork near where air enters or exits from rooms where people spend most of their time. Disconnected ducts mean the air will escape from the air ducts instead of reaching your indoor space. Whether restrictive or disconnected air ducts, have a heating and AC repair company in Big Rock, IL, inspect the ductwork.

Obstructed Condenser Unit

The other reason you might experience weak airflow problems is that the condenser unit is blocked by dirt, debris, and grime. The condenser units are usually located outdoors or within a mechanical room. The outdoor unit can particularly become obstructed by storage items and other equipment. The tree leaves, bird nests, and twigs reduce the rotation speed of the condenser fan or even make it overheat.

This reduces its efficiency, meaning it will use more energy or completely shut down. Heating and AC repair company technicians know how to install the condenser best. They will recommend that you clear the area surrounding the condenser to protect it from the grime and litter. Additionally, the condenser should be installed at a slightly elevated position.

Clogged Filters

Clogged air filters are undoubtedly a reason for the weak airflow into your home. Can you recall the last time you had your air filters replaced? Have you ever replaced them? The air filters are prone to becoming clogged by the very nature of their work. They trap the air, pet dander, dust, mold, and other contaminants or particles to ensure that the air entering your home is clean and high-quality. Unfortunately, this makes your air filter prone to clogging, preventing the air from flowing properly into your indoor space.

Therefore, it is recommended that you regularly replace your air filters, at least once every three months. If you have pets at your home, you should install high-efficiency filters or those with high MERV ratings. Additionally, you must ensure that the air filters are replaced every month. You could also have a heating and AC repair company conduct inspection and maintenance, including air filter replacement and duct cleaning.

Blocked Registers and Vents

The air vents should allow airflow into your Big Rock, IL, home without restriction. Any professional from a reputed heating and AC repair company will advise you to ensure that the furniture or any other obstruction doesn’t block the vent opening and registers. This ensures that there is enough airflow in your living space. The problem of blocked registers and air vents is common in office settings. Therefore, ensure that any objects don’t block the vents. However, the vents might also be blocked by other materials that a professional AC repair technician should remove. Routine maintenance is essential in this case.

Dirty–or Damaged–Coils, Fans, and Motors

Dirty HVAC coils, fans, or motors are the most common causes of airflow problems, and that’s why you probably should have routine maintenance. If your HVAC system is dirty, it won’t work properly. The coils can become clogged with debris and dust; this blocks airflow and makes them inefficient at heating or cooling your home. Fans also get dirty over time if they aren’t cleaned regularly by professionals who know how to do it correctly (your heating and AC repair company may do this).

It’s best not to attempt this yourself because there are health risks involved with using compressed air, which could cause serious injury if done incorrectly! The net effect is that your air conditioning system will not be able to supply enough air into your home, affecting your comfort. However, you can easily deal with the entire problem by having a routine maintenance service done by a heating and AC repair company.

Averting Airflow Issues with Routine Maintenance

Have you noticed that your HVAC unit has airflow issues? Has the cooling of your home taken a toll? That might be caused by either of the issues above. Airflow problems in your home will result in decreased comfort and higher energy utility bills. But with routine maintenance by a reputable heating and AC repair company in Big Rock, IL, you can avoid airflow issues and ensure the comfort of your home. Contact us at Just In Time for a reliable air conditioning service.

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