Averting HVAC System Environmental Pollution With Maintenance From A Heating And AC Repair Company | Big Rock, IL

Averting HVAC System Environmental Pollution With Maintenance From A Heating And AC Repair Company | Big Rock, IL

Nowadays, global warming is a hot topic. If you are an environmentally conscious homeowner, you might want to know whether your air conditioner is contributing to an increase in global warming, which is good. You should take stock of the appliances that emit greenhouse gases and pollute the environment and take the appropriate measures to reduce the emissions. So, what does your heating and AC repair company in Big Rock, IL have to say about your HVAC system and environmental pollution?

The Appliance

A new HVAC system from the manufacturer will not cause air pollution. Most of the components of your air conditioner are made of metallic. Hence, they are recyclable when the time for replacing the air conditioner comes. However, some components of the unit are made from plastic and might end up in landfills. They will not break down for several hundred years. Are you planning to replace your HVAC system? Talk to your reliable heating and AC repair company representatives about installing one with more metallic components.

Electricity Usage

The electricity powering the air conditioner is the main way it contributes to air pollution. Hence, even while you may not be directly affecting the air in the area near your home, you’re still causing air pollution on a bigger scale. If your local utility company generates power using fossil fuels, running the HVAC system for a long time means more carbon is released. This pollution can accumulate throughout the summer since air conditioners use more electrical power than any other appliance in your home. So, talk with your heating and AC repair company about using green energy like solar.

Heat Pollution

Heat pollution is another kind of air pollution your air conditioner may produce. The removal of heat from your indoor space and its outdoor expulsion is one of the tasks of the heating and air conditioning system. This focused heat emission produces a small heat island effect, which may harm nearby wildlife. This impact is particularly noticeable when the outside air is cooler at night. You can help reduce the impacts of heat pollution by running the air conditioner less at night to ensure that nocturnal animals aren’t negatively affected. This also might see your HVAC system run longer, meaning that you won’t have to call a heating and AC repair company in Big Rock, IL for a premature replacement. If this is your first time installing an air conditioner, use smaller ductless units to distribute the heat over a broader area.

Leaking Refrigerant

The third type of environmental pollution caused by your HVAC system is pollution from refrigerant leaks. Although there are new refrigerants with far more GWP, there are still associated risks. To avoid this issue as much as possible, have a heating and AC repair company maintain your system. A technician would normally check the pressure in the refrigerant line during a maintenance visit to ensure that there aren’t any leaks.

Schedule annual maintenance will ensure that developing risks are identified and fixed before the refrigerant pollutes the indoor air. The risk of pollution caused by the coolant highlights the essence of hiring a reputable heating and AC repair company for maintenance and refrigerant recharge into your HVAC system.

Mold Growth

Whenever some people think of the pollution that air conditioners cause, they mostly only think of outdoor pollution. Unfortunately, the air conditioner may also contaminate the indoor air at your home if you don’t accord it proper maintenance. This mainly happened because of mold growth in the different components of your HVAC system, such as the air ducts. Having duct and HVAC cleaned by a heating and AC repair company ensures that mold doesn’t grow in your HVAC system. This eliminates any dust and moisture that could create favorable mold growth conditions. Mold growth will likely happen in the drain pan, over the evaporator coils, air ducts, filters, and condensate drain lines. Because these areas may retain dust and moisture, you should have them cleaned regularly.

Upgrading Your System

During the HVAC system upgrade, you have a great opportunity to reduce the system’s environmental impacts. Opting for a more efficient system means that you can maintain a comfortable environment at your home while using much less electrical power. Do you want only to cool certain parts of your home? You should opt for a ductless air conditioning system that can be integrated into a zoning system by a heating and AC repair company. This works particularly well when you have added a new room to your Big Rock, IL home and want to cool that space separately. A ductless unit’s reduced size ensures you use less electricity while maintaining comfort. Choose a ground-source heating system if you want an effective system. These systems use cooler ground temperatures for cooling your home after dissipating the heat from your house. As a result, your system uses significantly less energy and produces less air pollution.

Ensuring Efficient Operation

If your HVAC system is not at the end of its lifespan, the most economical and environmentally sound decision is to leave it in place. There’s no need to hire a heating and AC repair company to replace the system. Similarly, you must take care of your system to ensure that it doesn’t contribute to additional air pollution than necessary. One of the simplest ways of doing this is replacing the air filters whenever you notice they are dirty. You also should consider opting for less dense air to ensure your system can easily draw air. Additionally, annual maintenance ensures that the HVAC system runs efficiently.

Environmental pollution is a hot topic today. Homeowners are taking stock of the appliances that could contribute to global warming and taking the required measures to prevent this. Are you an environmentally conscious homeowner? Contact us at Just In Time for routine air conditioner maintenance that ensures it doesn’t pollute the environment.

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