Benefits Of Installing A VAV System In Your Commercial Building With A Reputable Heating And AC Repair Company | Big Rock, IL

Benefits Of Installing A VAV System In Your Commercial Building With A Reputable Heating And AC Repair Company | Big Rock, IL

Creating a comfortable working and living environment begins with good air quality. For some homeowners, a ventilation system comes last on their home/building requirements list. However, working in poorly ventilated, humid spaces has been proven to reduce productivity. It creates an environment most people want to avoid being in for long. Thus, choosing the right residential or commercial ventilation and air conditioning system and having it serviced by a reliable heating and AC repair company is critical to comfort and business success. One of the types of HVAC systems that you should consider is the variable air volume (VAV) system. But what is a VAV system? Below is all about these systems.

What’s a Variable Air Volume System?

HVAC systems are of different types. One of them is the variable air volume, abbreviated as VAV, which regulates the airflow to create a comfortable temperature inside a building. Variable air volume systems create a stable temperature environment by varying the airflow to achieve it. Unlike their counterparts, the constant air volume systems (CAV) that variate the temperature with constant airflow. Differentiating between the two is critical as the heating and AC repair company installs and maintains them differently.

Why Are Variable Air Volume Systems Such a Huge Deal?

Since VAV systems conserve energy, control humidity, and ensure comfort by heating or cooling the indoor air, they have become essential to any commercial building today. However, that hasn’t always been the case. HVAC units were introduced first in the 1930s to keep humidity low and extract excessive moisture from space. For the AC units to work effectively, they require a lot of energy and large installation spaces. These systems also were prone to failure, necessitating a call to your reliable heating and AC repair company. After the energy crisis of 1970 resulted in the development of the VAV systems, revolutionizing the HVAC industry. These systems needed less energy for optimal operation and were smaller. Hence, they didn’t require large installation spaces. Today, variable air volumes are among the most common ventilation systems in commercial buildings.

What Are the Advantages of Variable Air Volume Systems?

Energy Efficiency

Since variable air volume systems use less air to ensure a building is at a particular temperature, the VAV systems are more energy efficient. They do this by allowing all the components, chillers, boilers, and air handling units to operate at a lower load. Inside a VAV box is a damper that allows the fan in your air handling unit to run slower when closed. However, the damper requires periodic cleaning and lubrication by a heating and AC repair company. This slower speed, combined with the reduced cooling and heating mediums flowing through the coils, reduce the amount of energy required for controlling the indoor temperatures,

Individual Temperature Control

Variable air Volume systems allow various spaces in your building to have individualized temperatures. Better yet, they allow this without installing another system for managing airflow within each space. But what makes this possible? The variable air volume box is usually directly connected to a thermostat. However, you must ensure that the thermostat placement is right and that a heating and AC repair company checks and calibrates it when they come for a maintenance visit. Spaces with similar load patterns are usually linked to the same variable air volume boxes. However, they can still be separately controlled. This linkup ensures independence within a single air handler.


Although no heating and air conditioning system is perfect, a variable air volume comes relatively close, thanks to its flexibility. A heating and AC repair company can refurbish many variable air volume systems to meet your cooling or heating needs. Hence, improvements can be made to the basic system to ensure that it performs at the efficiency level your space needs, provided that it is in a reasonable condition. The professional can upgrade the chillers, pumps, and boiler controls for increased efficiency. They also can upgrade the pressure-dependent variable air volume units and convert them into independent variable air volume systems, improving the feedback controls.

Improved IAQ

Variable air volume systems also are great at ensuring greater indoor air quality. By controlling the amount of outdoor air entering your building, the variable air volume systems can help remove allergens, pollutants, and other contaminants from the air. They also can regulate indoor humidity, preventing mold growth. However, this doesn’t mean that routine maintenance by a heating and AC repair company that includes cleaning the ducts and changing out the filters isn’t needed, it is. Improved IAQ is especially crucial in the commercial buildings where many people work. This is because they can generate considerable amounts of contaminants and pollutants.

Noise Reduction

The other advantage of installing VAV systems is that they operate silently. Because the variable air volume systems run at a lower fan speed when delivering air to each zone, they are usually quieter than other HVAC systems. Do you have a school or an office where you plan to install an air conditioning system? You should liaise with a heating and AC repair company and install a VAV system. They will eliminate any distractions and disruptions, enhancing productivity.

Zoning Capabilities

The other advantage of installing a VAV system is its zoning capabilities. A heating and AC repair company can easily zone the VAV system, ensuring that different sections of your building can be independently cooled or heated. This allows the business owners a more targeted or precise control of the temperatures in every section of your building. This can help improve occupant productivity and comfort. Zoning capabilities also allow for greater flexibility in building design, as different zones can be heated or cooled according to their specific needs.

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