Calling An AC Repair Company For An Air Conditioner That’s Never Needed Service Before | Newark, IL

Calling An AC Repair Company For An Air Conditioner That’s Never Needed Service Before | Newark, IL

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For some homeowners, their air conditioning unit works nicely year to year for a while — until it doesn’t. At that point, without an ongoing relationship with an AC repair company, there can be a bit of a hustle trying to find a good one before they need to go out and buy window units, fans, or whatever stopgap to get cool. Hopefully, you found us quickly, and that’s one reason we’re Just In Time, your AC repair company, and more, serving Newark, IL, and the surrounding area with professional air conditioner repairs and maintenance. If your AC unit hasn’t seen much maintenance, don’t be shy when we ask how often you change the filter, we’re there to educate you and help explain what your system responds well to. Air filter changes are the kind of attention it loves, by the way. When we maintain a unit, our AC repair company also does a lot of cleaning, especially of the coils. Air conditioners can keep running even as conditions get rough, but you’ll get a lot more energy efficiency and reliability when you put it on a maintenance schedule. Now, we’ll start with getting your unit running and see if we can help with a few maintenance items after that.

Easy Answers and Wise Decisions

Sometimes on a call for “no cooling,” the answer is simple, you’ve probably heard about someone who just needed a capacitor or a contractor or a fan motor to get cool again. Wisdom still says that the long-term picture gets much brighter when a few other services are provided.

Keeping Your AC Running Once Our AC Repair Company Gets It Going

Mechanical components are an important part of keeping your AC unit running. Our AC repair company can test motors, compressors, and related parts such as belts and hoses to ensure that the mechanical side of your system is going to serve you well from now into the future.

A Mini-Maintenance On the Spot

When our AC repair company team repairs parts like the compressor, it makes sense to address nearby issues such as condenser coil cleanliness and of course, any damage that could mean refrigerant has been leaking. Inside, ensuring that your airflow is properly maintained including air filter replacement and clean evaporator coils can also prevent icing of the evaporator which stops the production of cool air. In fact, in many “no cooling” situations, icing is a preventable and easily remedied cause, though it’s important to have our repair company take care of the ice and address the root cause to protect your delicate evaporator coil from damage.

Scheduling More Comprehensive Maintenance

We’ll only recommend what we think your system needs, but every AC system should have periodic comprehensive maintenance to handle replaceable items like filters, belts, and hoses, and to identify failing components and either replace them or plan to. Cleaning is also an important part of maintenance for AC systems.

Inspecting the Unit for Additional Concerns

Your outdoor AC unit is exposed to weather-related debris and damage, landscaping materials are blown into the unit including small rocks, and small animals or insects making a home inside. If the unit is untouched for several years, the disruption from creatures inside building nests and chewing on wires, belts, and hoses can be a major source of trouble.

The Question of Efficiency

Once we have your unit operating again, another area of service we’d like to suggest is energy efficiency. Your coil condition for both the condenser and evaporator, refrigerant status, compressor power consumption, and other factors all contribute to your level of energy efficiency, and your energy bill. Repairs can make a big difference in lowering that bill.

Ducts and Vents

The performance of your AC system is strongly affected by whether your ducts are clean and wide open, or layered with years of accumulated dust and other materials. Some ductwork has been known to be reduced in capacity by half by organic material that also provides a breeding ground for bacteria and a source of allergens. As part of restoring your system, clearing the way for the cool air is a great idea, and our AC repair company can help.

Thermostat Checks

Is your thermostat working correctly? It’s quite possible that your currently non-functioning AC unit simply hasn’t been commanded to provide the necessary cooling. While we will surely recommend other maintenance items, this could be the component that needs replacing. If you have an older, basic thermostat, now’s the time to gain a bit of energy efficiency with a timer-based or intelligent unit, or one that works with your smart home system.

Other Indoor Issues

A tip about increasing your AC system’s performance without any repairs or adjustments to the system: check the locations of the vents and whether they can freely blow cool air around the room. Sometimes furniture and other objects block the flow of cool air and prevent a well-functioning unit from doing its job.

Talking About Replacements and Upgrades

Once you get the unit operating again, you may decide to update components to keep it running for years into the future, or you may decide, especially if the unit is ten years old or older, that it’s time to consider a new AC unit. The further reduced energy usage of newer units with features such as two-speed compressors can be impressive, and off-season deals can make upgrading very attractive.

Just in Time, Your Newark, IL AC Repair Company for Intelligent Repair and Maintenance

The expert technicians on our AC repair company team are ready to service and maintain your Newark, IL AC system and bring it up to reliable, operational condition. With expertise that covers the entire HVAC system, they’re professionals you can count on for quality service and the advice you need as a homeowner to get the most from your comfort systems. Give us at Just In Time a call and get to know our AC experts.