Cleanup And Fixup: Air Conditioner Repair Is A Messy Business Sometimes, But Cold Air Is So Good | Earlville, IL

Cleanup And Fixup: Air Conditioner Repair Is A Messy Business Sometimes, But Cold Air Is So Good | Earlville, IL

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Just In Time is ready to take on the challenges of our Earlville, IL area customers, whether they’re scheduling their regular annual maintenance or haven’t had a service in a while and need a thorough cleanup and maybe a few repairs. The operation of air conditioner units involves a lot of moisture around the condenser and evaporator and lots of other areas where regular cleanup is an important part of keeping them working well and preventing the growth of organisms that might affect your air quality. When our air conditioner repair team gets to work, we make sure that your system gets the cleaning it needs, along with hose and belt inspection and replacement, blower, and compressor motor testing and replacement, and many other essential checkup tasks. We know how great cool air is on a hot, humid Illinois summer, and we have a lot we can do to make it happen.

Cleaning Your Outdoor AC Unit

In a perfect world, condensation and other moisture flow out freely from your unit’s systems and everything stays nice and clean, needing just a touchup from time to time. In reality, though, drains and other parts of your system get plugged up, moisture lurks, and warmth encourage the growth of everything from algae to bacteria. Our air conditioner repair team is ready to clean everything out for better efficiency and safety. They also clean and straighten coils and fins, get any landscaping material or creatures’ nests out of there, and make sure your AC unit’s moving parts aren’t encumbered by debris. They’ll make sure the AC cover fits well so there’s less chance of material and animals getting inside, and look for any hose or belt damage from little intruders.

Outdoor Unit Maintenance and Reliability

In addition to cleaning and belt and hose inspection, our air conditioner repair team will also check your refrigerant, compressor function, and motor condition so you are less likely to have surprise failures during the summer when the unit is working hard. In many cases, we can anticipate problems by measuring the operation of these moving parts and determining if they are working harder than normal, a sign that they’re likely to be weakening. If our air conditioner repair tech suspects refrigerant leakage, especially after pressure measurements, we’ll take appropriate action. We’ll also check the connections into the house, making sure that your cooling energy costs are being efficiently applied to your indoor AC unit equipment.

Your Indoor Equipment Often Gets Neglected

While the outdoor unit gets a lot of attention and maintenance, there’s just as much to do inside to make sure your system is draining properly and not filled with stagnant puddles growing unknown organisms. Belts, hoses, and blower motors also need attention, as well as the connections to your outdoor unit. We’re looking for anything that degrades efficiency or reliability and trying to catch failing components either by evidence or by typical replacement schedules so you don’t have to call for air conditioner repair in the heat of the summer.

Indoor Maintenance to Ensure Reliable Seasonal Operation

When your system works hard, your indoor system has to keep the whole house ventilated with nice, cool air and that means blower motors and belts, and related parts need special care and inspection. If you have a multi-zone system, that’s great because it divides the work among several blowers and reduces the burden on the outside unit since the compressor isn’t working to cool the whole house unless you want it to. We also take a look at the vents and ducts, to make sure they’re working as intended, without big gaps in the ducts or problems with the vents, which of course could include furniture that’s obstructing the airflow, which we might note for you.

Duct Cleaning Is Key

With the cool air blowing, your home should be nice and comfortable, but some homes have ducts so full of dust and other materials that airflow is significantly reduced. This can actually work the blower motors much harder, too, so it’s a great idea to get a periodic duct cleaning to reduce the buildup. The felt-like material that lines uncleaned ducts contains plenty of organic material and germs, too, so it’s unhealthy for most and really tough on those with allergies and other respiratory conditions. Our air conditioner repair team can schedule a full duct cleaning for you to get the situation corrected, and then plan on another one every few years.

How’s Your Humidity?

Our air conditioner repair team can add humidification and dehumidification equipment to your home’s comfort system, providing good climate control beyond what your air conditioning and heating systems naturally do for your air. You’ll be surprised at how much difference the right level of moisture in the air can make on your comfort, with the airless dry in the winter, and not too much moisture in the summer, nor too little which sometimes happens with powerful AC systems.

Adding HEPA Filtration and UV Protection

Additional help with your air quality can be added with a whole-house HEPA filtration system and UV germ treatments, both common in medical buildings and great for people with respiratory concerns. Our team installs these units on your ventilation system so that people anywhere in your home can breathe easier. Don’t forget to keep your ducts clean, too.

Your Expert Air Conditioner Repair Provider for Earlville, IL

We’re Just in Time, providing air conditioner repair and maintenance in the Earlville, IL area so our customers can stay comfortable. We encourage you to get regular maintenance to prolong your system’s service life and increase its energy efficiency, as well as keeping it reliable when you need it most. Call us to schedule an appointment for maintenance or repairs, and keep our number handy year-round for all your comfort system needs.