Common Air Conditioner Repair Issues And The Possible Causes | Earlville, IL

Common Air Conditioner Repair Issues And The Possible Causes | Earlville, IL

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The air conditioning system is an important component of any household. Built-in air-conditioning systems can increase the value of your home and make life more comfortable. Certain types of air conditioning systems will last long. Air conditioning systems will last longer with proper care and maintenance. If your air conditioning system is malfunctioning for any reason, contact a professional air conditioner repair service provider for immediate repair. If you live in or around the Earlville, IL, area, contact Just in time for all of your urgent and non-urgent repair needs.

Common Air Conditioning System Issues

An air conditioning system is a complex appliance. Air conditioning systems use a series of processes to cool hot air. If any of the essential air conditioning system components were to fail It would cause your entire air conditioning system operation to become ineffective. In order to cool air, air conditioning needs its compressor, fans, refrigerant, coils, vents, air ducts, and filters to be fully operational and well maintained. Proper care and maintenance of your air conditioning system should be completed by a professional air conditioner repair service provider. A professional repair service provider will be able to perform the necessary air conditioning maintenance duties, as well as identify any looming air conditioning system malfunctions that could be prevented with proactive maintenance tactics. If your air conditioning system exhibits any of the following common air conditioning system malfunctions, contact your local and professional air conditioner repair service right away.

Thermostat Inefficiency

The thermostat is an important feature of the air conditioning system. However, the thermostat could be the cause of at least a contributor to your air conditioning system functioning under its capacity of efficiency and cooling.

If you notice your thermostat is at a very cool temperature, yet your home is still hot or nowhere near the temperature being communicated via the thermostat, you may have a serious repair on your hands. This sometimes occurs when air conditioning systems are poorly maintained. A buildup of debris on the air vents and air ducts can skew the temperature reading in a room. A reoccurring air conditioner repair and maintenance professional can prevent this by periodically cleaning the air ducts and vents. Cleaning the air ducts and vents also helps keep the air clean.

Poor installation can also lead to poor thermostat readings. Installation should always be completed by a professional, otherwise, you risk losing money. With licensed and professional air conditioner repair and installation services, you can rest assured, knowing that your air conditioner will be properly installed and maintained afterward. Stationary air conditioning can be costly to install, so it’s important to do it right. If you notice discrepancies in the air conditioning thermostat, poor installation could be the culprit.

If the thermostat is mechanical, something known as the heat anticipator could be the cause of your thermostat malfunction. The heat anticipator is an electrical resistor apparatus that is used by the thermostat. This device helps forge a connection between the thermostat and HVAC system to turn on or off the heater. If the heat anticipator is stuck or malfunctioning, your HVAC and thermostat may note communicating properly. This device can usually be found in older HVAC system models. If this device is the issue, you may want to consider upgrading your thermostat altogether to prevent this issue from happening again. If you would like to upgrade your thermostat, contact a professional air conditioner repair and installation professional. If you live in Earlville, IL, area, and are in need of a new air conditioning thermostat, contact the air conditioner professionals at Just in Time.

Refrigerant Issues

The refrigerant in an air conditioning system may be one of the most important components of an air conditioning appliance. Without refrigerant air conditioning would be nearly impossible. Have you ever wondered why air conditioners are so much better than fans? It’s due to a chemical known as a refrigerant and sometimes referred to as a coolant. Refrigerant is a chemical that can easily absorb cool and hot energy. Refrigerant is used in car engines and refrigerators to help regulate temperature; it does the same for your HVAC system. All air conditioning systems use refrigerants and recycle them throughout the system.

Refrigerant issues usually occur when there is no refrigerant left, or if the refrigerant has been contaminated or diluted. While refrigerant contamination and dilution is rare, it does happen and can lead to serious issues with your air conditioning system in the near future.

Refrigerant leaks are more likely to take place in older air conditioning systems or faulty ones. If your refrigerant is leaking, it will soon cause your air conditioning system to become obsolete. An air conditioning system cannot generate cool air without it. If you notice, hot, humid air is the only thing spewing out of your air conditioning system, a refrigerant leak could be the culprit. Contact a professional air conditioner repair technician for immediate repair.

Compressor Problems

An air conditioning system has many moving parts and essential components. The compressor is one of them. The compressor is a device inside of all air conditioning systems that move the refrigerant to and from the inside and outside air conditioning system units. This is an important part of the process because the air refrigerant has to absorb the heat inside of the inside unit and be transferred to the outside unit to expel it and be cooled. This process is what conditions the air to be cool, clean, and dehumidified. The compressor is needed to move the refrigerant chemical back and forth. The compressor is responsible for the recycling of the refrigerant, and therefore plays a crucial role in the cooling of the air.

You will know your compressor is malfunctioning if the air returning to you remains hot and humid. A malfunctioning compressor will also make noises sometimes. The noise a malfunctioning decompressor makes may sound like a rattling sound. If you are currently experiencing this with your air conditioning system, contact a professional air conditioner repair provider right away. If you live in or around the Earlville, IL, area, contact Just in Time for urgent and professional air conditioner repair and maintenance services.