Common Reported Furnace Repair Problems In Homes | Newark, IL

Common Reported Furnace Repair Problems In Homes | Newark, IL

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Most homes in Newark, IL, use furnaces that heat air and supply it to rooms through ducts. Natural gas, oil, and electric furnaces are essential heating systems that ensure you don’t feel the freezing temperatures during winter. The heaters keep your home comfortable and protect you and your family members from cold-related illnesses, such as frostbite, immersion foot, and hypothermia.

A malfunctioning furnace can be your worst nightmare that requires prompt repairs. Investing in routine maintenance can save you from cold-related discomfort and money paying for furnace repair services. So, what are the most reported furnace issues in homes?

Dirty Filters

Furnaces use air filters to improve the indoor air quality in a house. The air filters eliminate air contaminants such as dust, dirt, debris, grime, and small particles in the air that circulate in your space. Clean filters are crucial for the heating unit because they increase the efficiency of your furnace and reduce energy bills.

Failure to clean the filters or replace them every three months or fewer compromises the air quality of your home. Most people who don’t invest in the maintenance of their heaters call furnace repair professionals to clean or replace their filters after noticing unclean air circulating throughout the house. Without the regular cleaning of the air filters, they experience:

  • Furnace failure.
  • High utility bills
  • Reduced airflow

Lack of Heat

Another common furnace problem reported by homeowners is the inability to produce heat when it’s on. When the heating system fails to provide heat amid the winter season, most folks call for emergency furnace repair services. For that reason, HVAC companies in Newark, IL, offer emergency services for clients that encounter problems in the wee hours of the night. Some of the causes of a malfunctioning heating unit are:

  • Fan settings: the fan setting could be off, failing to warm the air in a home.


  • Pilot lights: Most furnaces function optimally when the pilot light is smoothly operating. When the lights start to flicker or are off, it becomes impossible for the furnace to produce heat. A professional furnace expert might link the faulty pilot lights to excessive carbon monoxide in the heating system.


  • Wrong thermostat mode: the thermostat could also be in the incorrect heat mode. The thermostat might also malfunction, making the furnace unable to heat the air in your house. The furnace services by an expert can promptly fix your thermostat, ensuring it runs efficiently.

Since identifying and diagnosing the root cause of why the heater is not producing heat is complex, it needs the skills and experience of furnace professionals.

Frequent Cycling

People also deal with constant turning on and off of the furnace. It is an irritating problem because the heating system operates for some minutes then turns off, a continuous cycle that interrupts your comfort. The heating system might be short cycling due to:

  • Inability to maintain set temperatures
  • Poor airflow in the furnace is preventable by using clean air filters
  • Running the heater too high or low

The short cycling is a sign of severe problems with the heating system that will need skilled furnace repair services. An HVAC technician will identify the reason behind the constant cycles and fix it to restore heat-related comfort in a home. Failure to address the frequent turning on and off of your heater drastically increases your energy bills and wear and tear.

Tripped Circuit Breakers

Most homeowners deal with circuit breaker problems with their heating system, which helps provide electrical safety. The breaker trips whenever it senses electricity issues such as circuit overload, short circuits, arc faults, and dangerous circuit loads that can lead to a fire. If your circuit breaker is tripping continuously because of your furnace, it is a severe electrical problem in the heating system. It is wise not to turn the heater on until a furnace repair expert evaluates it and makes urgent repairs.

Irregular Sounds

Strange noises from an operating furnace scare most homeowners until they call for emergency furnace services. The heating unit producing rattling, popping, or pinging noises is a sign of several issues that need urgent repairs. The rattling sounds from the furnace are evidence of loose panels that require tightening, and pinging sounds are a sign of mishaps in the ductwork.

Diagnosing parts behind the scenes of a heating unit can be challenging and needs the help of furnace repair service experts. The professionals skillfully differentiate the sounds to identify the issue in the heating unit. They know the noises a smoothly running furnace should produce and the ones it should not.

Incorrect Size of the Furnace

When shopping for heating equipment for a home, it should be the correct size to heat your home efficiently without straining. Oversized furnaces use more fan power, increasing energy bills and operating duct pressures that cause duct leakages that will require immediate furnace repair services. They also make your house unbearably hot, increasing discomfort instead of comfort.

Undersized heaters cannot meet the heating needs of your home. You will experience constant cycling that increases utility bills and the risk of the heating unit malfunctioning. A qualified HVAC technician knows the importance of calculating the heating loads of the entire house and efficiency measures for peak performance. The expert can replace the undersized or oversized heaters in your residence.

Furnace Failure

Many HVAC companies address issues of malfunctioning heating systems. When you fail to report mild heater issues such as dirty filters for cleaning, short cycling, and frequent tripping of the circuit breaker for prompt furnace repair services, your system will suddenly break down. The continuous strain on the heating unit can lead to system failure.

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