Decrease Your Chances of Needing an Emergency Plumber: Residential Plumbing and the Effects of Tree Encroachment in Drainage Systems | Newark, IL

Decrease Your Chances of Needing an Emergency Plumber: Residential Plumbing and the Effects of Tree Encroachment in Drainage Systems | Newark, IL

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In Newark, IL, homeowners plant trees to increase the curb appeal to their landscape, enjoy relaxing outdoors and receive fresh air. However, some trees can cause severe plumbing issues that will need the services of an emergency plumber if not controlled.

The drainage pipes are prone to root intrusion if they have cracks or fractures because it might be difficult for roots to penetrate new and accurately installed drain pipes.

Homeowners with trees planted close to drainage pipes may encounter tree root encroachment issues with time. Below are some of the several plumbing issues that you and your family might experience due to the tree roots in the drainage system.

Burst Drainage System

First and foremost, tree root intrusion can apply pressure on the drain pipes, making them burst. The roots can penetrate old drainage pipes and eventually burst the pipes as they continue growing.

Most domestic drainage pipes are made of concrete or plastic PVC-U pipes, which are corrosive-free but can be damaged by fine tree roots when they find their way through deteriorated seals and leaking joints.

Old pipes and cracked pipes are also more vulnerable to allow tree interference in the drains. It is a problem that might make parts of your home a no-go zone because of the sewage and dirty water gushing out of the burst drain pipe.

With burst pipes, you have no option but to reach out to an emergency plumber for prompt repairs or replacement services.

Permeating Smell

Since the tree intrusion leads to cracks and burst pipes, the wastewater from the kitchen and bathroom drain and human waste coming from the toilet will leak or pour out, making your residence smell awfully.

At this point, you should call a reputable emergency plumber in Newark, IL, to promptly fix the drainage pipes before neighbors complain that your home is an environmental hazard in the neighborhood.

The permeating smell can lead to sewer gas poisoning, which is harmful to human health. It is an environmental odor that can make your family suffer from headaches, chest tightness, coughs, throat irritation, and nasal congestion.

Drain Clogs

The other effect of tree root intrusion in drainage pipes is blockages. The United States Department of Agriculture points out that 50 percent of sewer blockages are due to roots.

The clogged drainage pipes compromise the free flow of dirt and surplus water from your home, leading to more plumbing issues. You should call a plumber with advanced plumbing tools such as a camera to investigate the cause of the blockage.

Since tree roots intrude the pipes underground, diagnosis of the blocked part might take a while and cost even more. The hired plumber will skillfully and professionally use advanced resources to remove the roots causing the blockage and replace the broken pipes.

Drainage Backups

Homeowners might experience drainage backups due to root encroaching their drainage systems. The blockage in the drains hinders the free flow of wastewater from their homes to the septic tank or municipal sanitary sewers, causing backups in sinks, shower drains, and toilets.

It is an issue that requires the immediate attention of an emergency plumber to prevent more problems, such as sewer waste backing up in your kitchen sink.

Regular maintenance of the drainage lines will help identify the risk of tree encroachment in time. The plumber might help you save the tree you love and the drainage pipes you need by moving the drainage system further from the tree to prevent roots from making their way into the drainage system again.

Overflowing Sinks, Tubs, and Toilets

Additionally, households facing tree encroachment plumbing issues might encounter overflowing sinks, tubs, and toilets. The overflowing problem is likely to happen if you are not aware of the clog caused by the tree intrusion.

If you are not keen on shutting off your faucets, you might have indoor or outdoor floods that will destroy your valuables, wooden doors, furniture and create room for mold to grow in your home.

The overflowing tubs, sinks, and toilets can cause destructive water damage that will force you to contact the nearest emergency plumber to come to your home’s rescue.

Contamination of Clean Water

Since root encroachment in the drainage system can lead to plumbing problems such as backups, overflows, or leakages of dirty water, it can also contaminate clean water if the water lines have a crack or an opening. Therefore, having an emergency plumber fix the root intrusion issue fast can save your clean water and prevent diseases such as diarrhea.

Costly Repairs

The last effect of the tree encroachment in your drainage system is the high cost of repairs. Since the plumbing problems caused by the tree intrusion in the drainage pipes can be numerous and catastrophic, you should be ready to pay the emergency plumber well to fix the damages in the plumbing systems.

The plumbing service provider will need to use resources, tools, and advanced equipment to remove the tree roots, which implies more money. In case of water damage caused by indoor or outdoor floods due to backups and overflowing sinks, toilets, and tubs, it will be even more expensive to clear out the damage that includes mold removal services.

Therefore, to avert the possibility of having tree encroachment in your water or drainage pipes, the emergency plumber might recommend moving the drainage line a little bit further from the tree, and you may have to spend more digging and new installation of pipes.

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