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Effects of high humidityThe Truth about Humidity and Dehumidifiers

 We’ve all been there.  It’s a hot, humid day with no relief.  You feel sticky and uncomfortable.  But, humidity is not just an outdoor thing.  Your home can be an uncomfortably humid environment too.  Worse yet, high indoor humidity is also a breeding ground for all sorts of bacteria – mildew, mold spores, dust mites – that can harm your health.  It is reported that people who live in homes struck in high humidity get sick more often and their health is poorer. 

Beyond the personal discomfort and potential health issues, high humidity and poor ventilation also take a toll on your home.  Not just the stuffy, moldy smell but serious issues like mold and mildew spreading inside walls, floorboards creaking and bending, peeling paint, and warped woodwork.   In addition, condensation on windows and walls start to cause structural damage.  Older homes are particularly prone to holding excess moisture in that they may not be well insulated and ventilated.     Even newer construction in the Midwest risk damage from frequent freezing and thawing. 

You can’t put a price on your family’s health but repairs to your home can be significant.  Humidity ruins your health, your home, and your budget!

The Dehumidifier Solution.

You can immediately lower high humidity in your home by getting a dehumidifier.  Dehumidifiers reduce moisture in the air by . . . using a fan to suck HOT air into the compact unit . . . cooling the air as it crosses refrigerated coils . . .  and expelling the excess water into a drain. 

Portable and Full-Home Alternatives.

There are both portable and comprehensive dehumidifiers available for your home.  You can find portable dehumidifier units in most big-box retail stores.  These units can usually be wheeled into a room, controls for the desired performance level, and the humid air in that area is successfully treated.   But these portable units do nothing for the rest of your home.

The most effective and comprehensive solution to reduce humidity throughout your home is a system that attaches to your home’s central heating and cooling system.    Performance level is usually set at the thermostat that controls your central heating and cooling.  Since air is a whole house matters, many experts believe that the ‘best’ solution is a dehumidifier that is attached to your furnace – it improves air quality throughout your entire home.  

Just In Time can help you determine the ‘right’ state-of-the-art dehumidifier that best fits your home’s needs.

We Help Homeowners

Whether you’re replacing your furnace or central air conditioning, adding a dehumidifier or clean air system, or cleaning and servicing your heating and air conditioning system, we are knowledgeable and expert in delivering the service you need.    Look to us for your annual inspection.  Duct cleaning.   Diagnose malfunctions.  Improving ventilation.  Replacing Filters.   Installing advanced, state-of-the-art high-efficiency Armstrong Air furnaces and Air Conditioners.    Superior quality equipment and Trained Certified Technicians – we’re the Team that truly delivers for you.

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We’ve been serving homes in our neighborhood for years with prompt, dependable, and reliable service that meets the highest standards.    Experience counts!  Your neighbors rely on and trust us to treat them ‘right’.   

They rely on Just In Time for advanced products and expert service.  We even help you take advantage of rebates from manufacturers and energy companies.    We make the HVAC updating and maintenance process as stress-free as possible.  We’re just a phone call away.