Do I Need Water Heater Repair If My Water Heater Has A Slight Leak? | Hinckley, IL

Do I Need Water Heater Repair If My Water Heater Has A Slight Leak? | Hinckley, IL

A water heater installation at your home adds great comfort to your Hinckley, IL home. This makes it an invaluable invention for all homeowners who are efficiently functioning. Have you ever gone through the hassle of repairing your water heater?  If you have, you understand how challenging, costly, and time-consuming water heater repair can be. A plumbing service that takes a lot of time to repair a fixture or charges exorbitantly can make you regret the moments when the water heater malfunctions. At such a time, you suddenly realize the importance of routine preventative water heater maintenance.

Regardless of the quality of your water heater or whether it is an international brand, poor appliance use might fail various internal mechanisms. You can avoid the collapse of the water heating system and safeguard your investment by using the unit effectively and efficiently. The professionals in water heater issues also recommend that you have a routine maintenance plan for the unit to ensure that it can serve you for an extensive period.

The experts in water heater repair have encountered many cases and water heater issues, meaning they have enough experience to attend to most water heater issues. However, water heater leaks are among the leading issues in your water heater. To ensure that you protect the unit, you must know the factors contributing to the leaks and how a plumber near you can help. The following are the main reasons why your water heater might spring a leakage;

Old Water Heater Tank           

One of the main reasons why your water heater might spring a leakage is because the tank is aged. Though a water heater is an appliance designed to last for decades, they aren’t immune to corrosion. Water heater tanks tend to corrode whenever they are approaching the end of the unit’s service life. They will also rust because of extensive sediment accumulation within the water heater tank. This happens especially if you get hard water from your water utility supplier.

When the calcium and magnesium minerals are deposited on the walls and at the bottom of the tank, they create favorable conditions for rusting. The water heater tank’s extreme corrosion and rust cause pinhole leaks that might worsen with time. Hence, the homeowners are advised to have their units flushed at least once every year by a water heater repair technician to ensure that there isn’t excessive sediment accumulation at the bottom of the tank. If the corrosion is extensive, you have no option other than replacing the water heater. Continuing to use the unit with weakened walls might result in explosions.

Drain Valve Issues

The next main issue why the water heater might spring a leakage is when there is an issue with the drain valves. For instance, if the drain valves are loose, water might start leaking or dripping out through its hinges. This is a problem that a water heater repair technician in Hinckley, IL, might have caught during a routine inspection visit. If the loose valves cause leakage, enlist a professional to tighten them using a wrench. This will resolve the problem.

The professional must understand that overtightening the drain valves might damage them. Although this issue might appear simple to fix, remember that a water heater tank holds hot water. Hence, you’ll be exposing yourself to the risk of burns. It is also an electrical appliance, meaning that unless you have electrical training, you should leave the repair to a professional.

Pressure Issues

The other reason why the water heater might spring a leakage is the pressure within its tank. Fortunately, the tank features some mechanisms to regulate the pressure. It features a temperature and pressure relief valve that releases excessive pressure, protecting itself. When the water is heated, it expands, which increases the pressure within the tank. The steam formed during heating is the other reason for the increased pressure within the water heater. The steam is released in the T&P relief valve.

Hence, if there is an issue such as a clog in the valve, the water pressure and temperatures within the water heater tank are less controlled. This excessive pressure will then look at ways of exiting the tank. Unfortunately, if the tank had a bit of corrosion, the excessive pressure might make it spring a leakage. This problem requires the immediate attention of a water heater repair professional. Remember, an excessive pressure buildup within the water heater tank might even make it explode.


There is also a high likelihood that what you think is a leakage is a false alarm. If water condenses on the exterior walls of the water heater, you might think it has sprung a leakage. However, this isn’t uncommon. If the water within the tank is cold, there may be condensation if the air outside is hot. This might trick you into believing you need a water heater repair service in Hinckley, IL. That is why DIY water heater repairs are a bad idea. You might start repairing the water heater, but there wasn’t any problem.

Leaking Water Supply Line

You might think water is dripping directly from the tank in many water heater leaks. However, you need to confirm the root cause of the leakage. On top of the water heater tank is plumbing piping that supplies water into the tank. If the connection between the pipes and supply lines isn’t strong enough, that might be the main reason there is water leakage.

The water dripping from these lines might drop on the insulator, making you think that the water heater is the source of the leakage. Water supply is also a reason why you might notice a water leak. Knowing the root cause of the issue, you will have an easier time calling a plumber.

Reputable Plumbing Services

Have you noticed that your water has sprung a leakage? You need to call a professional for a water heater repair for many reasons. Never try to patch the leakage yourself. Remember, DIY water heater fixes are a terrible idea that might result in injuries. Hence, leave the job to professionals. For a professional water heater repair call our professionals at Just In Time.

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