Duct cleaning is the process of clearing debris from air ducts and other parts of a forced air system. Dust, pet dander, pollen, and other contaminants can build up in your ducts, hindering air flow and negatively impacting your air quality.

We cannot stress enough how important it is to get your air ducts cleaned. Schedule a cleaning if you have recently renovated your home, own pets, or are sensitive to air quality. Springtime is the perfect time to schedule a duct cleaning to eliminate last year’s contaminants.

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But why is duct cleaning it important?

Air Quality. The main reason you need to have your ducts cleaned is the improvement it has on air quality. If you leave dust, pollen, and pet dander to recirculate through your home, it can have a negative impact on those who have asthma or allergies.

Efficiency. You can also hinder the airflow in your home by letting contaminants build up in your ducts. This causes your furnace and air conditioning unit to work harder than they need to. You will end up spending more money in the long run in repairs or replacements. You HVAC system will run much more efficiently by making duct cleaning part of your regular maintenance schedule.

How do we do it?

The only way to effectively clean your air system is with one of our high-powered Rotobrush systems. The Rotobrush can remove even the heaviest build-ups in your ducts. Call us today for a free in-home estimate or to schedule a duct cleaning today!