Easy Ways To Extend The Life Of Your Water Heater And Avoid Water Heater Repair | Hinckley, IL

Easy Ways To Extend The Life Of Your Water Heater And Avoid Water Heater Repair | Hinckley, IL

Water heaters became a mandatory appliance in homes and businesses in Hinckley, IL. They’ve become more efficient, practical, and essential than ever before. That’s why it’s vital to make sure yours is up to date and functioning correctly. If you are a homeowner you know that a reliable hot water supply is one of the most important things to have. To have this, you’ll want to make sure your water heater is operating at its best. While water heaters usually only need routine maintenance every few years, there are several ways you can significantly extend their life.

Change Filters Regularly

Like the filter on a furnace or an air conditioning system, the water filter on your heater should be changed about every six months. If it’s particularly dirty, it’s time for a new one. Why does this matter? One of the most common reasons for water heaters to break down is sediment that builds up at the bottom of the tank. Filters that are in good shape will catch some of this sediment before it reaches the tank, and regularly changing them will ensure that debris doesn’t build up over time and cause problems down the road. Have a water heater repair professional check your filters regularly and replace them when they get full.

Check the Temperature

A common cause of early failure is when homeowners in Hinckley, IL, set their water heater temperature too high. This increases wear and tear on the heating element and other components. If your water is too hot, it can damage pipes and appliances. Check your water bill or contact your local water heater repair company to determine if your temperature is set correctly. Most utilities recommend that you keep temperatures between 120 and 130 degrees Fahrenheit (49-54 degrees Celsius). If you have an older tankless or electric model, you may need to call a water heater repair service to adjust it.

Install an Insulation Jacket

A water heater jacket is a great way to keep your water heater warm in the winter and cool in the summer. It helps prevent freezing and bursting pipes. It also saves energy costs by controlling the temperature at a consistent level. A jacket can be purchased for any water heater, including tankless and electric models. You will need to call a water heater repair technician to install it correctly.

Replace Your Anode Rods

Anode rods are designed to keep corrosion at bay by drawing off excess electricity from your unit and preventing it from damaging internal parts like valves and seals over time. When these rods fail, it’s time to call a water heater repair professional for replacement. They should be replaced every three years or so to ensure optimal performance.

Have It Inspected

One of the most important things you can do is have your water heater inspected by a water heater professional once a year. Water heaters are often ignored until they fail, at which point it’s almost always too late to repair them. An annual inspection can catch problems early when they’re most likely to be easily fixed. A professional will also be able to inspect your tank for rust or corrosion and advise you on whether it’s time to replace it.

Insulate the Heater

If your home is older than 15 years, heat loss through the walls or floor could be affecting your water heater. Insulation is one of the most effective ways to keep heat inside your house and out of the atmosphere. If you have an older home, talk with a water heater repair contractor about installing an insulation kit around your water heater. This will help prevent heat loss and ensure you don’t need a new water heater sooner than expected. By replacing or repairing your insulation regularly, you’ll keep moisture out and save money on energy bills at the same time.

Keep It Well-Maintained

Like any other appliance, your water heater could use a regular tune-up. If you’ve had your water heater for more than five years, it’s time to schedule an inspection with a licensed water heater repair technician. They’ll check the pressure relief valve and temperature/pressure gauge and tell you if they’re in good working order. If there’s a problem, they’ll also be able to recommend a solution if necessary.

Replace Corroded Pipes

Water heaters have pipes that run from the water heater to the fixtures in your home. These pipes are typically made of copper, but over time they can rust due to exposure to chemicals found in household plumbing products. If this happens, it can cause leaks and even lead to flooding. To prevent this from happening, check your pipes regularly for signs of corrosion like discoloration or rust. If you notice any problems, have them replaced as soon as possible.

Repair Leaking Water Heater Connections

A leaking connection is one of the most common causes of premature failure of many water heaters in Hinckley, IL. This can happen with any connection, from pipes to valves to drain valves. Most leaks occur in the connections between the water heater and plumbing pipes. Over time, hot water can corrode these connections and cause them to leak. This can waste a lot of energy and damage your flooring and walls around the water heater. If you notice any leaks from these connections, it’s crucial to have a water heater expert fix them.

Flush Sediments From Your Tank

Over time, sediment can build up in the bottom of your tank. If this sediment is not drained, it can clog your heating elements and other water heater parts. At best, this will cause your water heater to work harder than necessary; at worst, it could trip a pressure relief valve and cause damage to your home or flooding. You should ensure a water heater repair professional drains the sediment from your tank every year or two.

Hire Pros in Hinckley For Water Heater Maintenance

Aging water heaters need special attention and care to keep them operating at their best. Whether it’s the holidays and you’re hosting a party or a house full of family, or you want to take a nice long hot shower, if the water is not scalding hot or you wish to wait for the water heater to reheat, then you’ll need to extend your water heater’s life. Proper maintenance of your water heater can increase its lifespan and efficiency. Call Just In Time for water heater repair and maintenance.

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