Enhancing Your Indoor Air Quality: What Our Heating And AC Repair Team Can Do For You | Big Rock, IL

Enhancing Your Indoor Air Quality: What Our Heating And AC Repair Team Can Do For You | Big Rock, IL

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Keeping your family’s home comfortable is only part of our role as your heating and AC repair provider. We’re here to make sure your systems are running well and as efficient as possible in their energy use, but at Just in Time, serving Big Rock, IL, we also have your air quality in mind. There are many ways we can maintain your system to improve the air it circulates, and options you can have our heating and AC repair professionals add to your system that will make a big difference in the air you breathe as well. There are even a few options available that can make your home much more comfortable, even as your system provides the right temperature for you.

Air Filter Changes, an Essential Part of Maintenance

There are many benefits of regular maintenance by our heating and AC repair team, including longevity and efficiency of your systems and reliability in the season to come. For your air quality, though, the most essential is having your system’s air filters changed, allowing better airflow and capturing more dust and other material that would otherwise circulate through your system and your home’s air, as well as adding to any existing layers of dust in your air duct system. Changing your filters can take some of the burden off your blower motors, too, as it is easier to draw air through when the filters aren’t clogged.

How Are Your Ducts? Duct Cleaning Can Help a Lot

Speaking of ducts, how are yours doing? Periodic duct cleaning is highly recommended, but some people who have purchased new homes find that the ducts were never cleaned. Without regular attention, the ducts in those homes become thickly clogged with a felt-like layer of dust, dirt, and organic material. The material narrows the duct, restricting airflow, and releases unhealthy particles into the air, including both allergens and germs. Pictures of extreme ducts have shown ones with the layers so bad, there’s only half the capacity for air that there would be after a thorough cleaning. If you’re not sure about your ducts’ condition, it’s time to see how much a good duct cleaning by our heating and AC repair team could improve your system’s functioning and the quality of your air, especially if you have people with allergies, asthma, and lung conditions in your home.

High Performance HEPA Filters

If you do have people who are sensitive to airborne material, you probably have portable HEPA filters in some of your rooms, removing all but the tiniest particles from the air. Our heating and AC repair team can fit your system with a whole-house HEPA filter system, eliminating the need for so many filter replacements and providing your home with carefully filtered air that’s easy on your breathing.

UV Light

Another germ-oriented feature our team can add to your heating and AC system is UV light treatment, similar to the ones you’ll see in germ-sensitive areas of medical offices, restaurants, and hospitals. Instead of the bluish glow, you see from those units, this one attaches to your ventilation system and treats the air internally as it passes by. It’s one thing to catch germs in a microfine HEPA filter, and another to neutralize them no matter what size they are.

Humidification and Dehumidification

As seasonal temperatures vary, humidity does too, and both affect your comfort. Most heating and AC systems manage your home’s temperature, but we can add humidifying and dehumidifying gear that will adjust your home’s moisture level to keep you cool and dry in the summers, and warm without static or dry skin in the winter. These systems operate with special thermostats that include a hygrometer to measure the humidity as well as the standard temperature measurement. By the way, AC does reduce the humidity of your home in the summer, but it depends on the strength of the cooling unit how much it does so. A powerful cooling limit can actually overdo it, so it pays to have independent control of your humidity year-round.

Managing Your Comfort in Zones

For improved energy efficiency, longer life of your systems, and most of all significantly improved comfort, our heating and AC repair team can divide your duct system into zones, adding thermostats to each zone so the separate blowers can provide the heating and cooling you need in each area, without raising and lowering the temperature of the whole house just to suit the people in one room. This means you can keep your living room cool in the evening, while your bedroom starts to cool down only when you’re getting ready for bed. Your living room and basement will then be allowed to warm up since they’re not occupied, and the cycle continues the next day. Intelligent thermostats and smart home thermostats can further adjust your home’s zone temperatures and anticipate your needs, even taking into account other factors like the weather to keep your comfort level “in the zone” even better.

Intelligent Thermostats and Other Control Options

Our heating and AC repair technicians can install a variety of intelligent thermostats and provide connections for smart home control systems as well. With these options, your system can work smarter, not harder, as the saying goes, paying more attention not only to your home’s needs, especially in zones, but your habits and preferred comfort levels as the day passes, and the sunshine outside.

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