bigstock-Food-Waste-Disposer-Machine-120553028-683x1024Your garbage disposal is not a garbage can! While your disposal is useful for disposing of food waste that ends up in your sink, it can’t get rid of everything. There are some items that you just should not drop down the drain.

Here is a list of household items that you don’t want to put down your garbage disposal if you want it to last.

Coffee Grounds
When you drop coffee grounds down the drain, the grounds get wet and stick together and to your disposal.

Instead of grinding up pasta, the disposal can get caught in it and clog it.

Your garbage disposal contains blades, but not blades that are strong enough to grind up bone.

Ground up nuts become peanut butter! Your disposal will never be clean again if you dump nuts down it.

Actual garbage
Garbage disposals are not garbage cans. The biggest cause of clogs is people putting paper towels, bags, peels, and other trash in their disposal. Throw it away in the actual garbage can, not in the sink!

Fibrous veggies
These veggies include celery and rhubarb – which can break down into strings and tangle up in the blades of the disposal.

Fruit pits
Similar to bones, the blades of the disposal are not strong enough to cut through fruit pits.

Cleaning chemicals
It can be tempting to pour drain cleaners into the disposal when you have a clog. However, these cleaners can eventually wear away at your pipes and cause them to leak or burst. Stick to conventional drain cleanings and your pipes will thank you.

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