Get New Ideas For A Comfortable Home From Our AC Repair Company | Newark, IL

Get New Ideas For A Comfortable Home From Our AC Repair Company | Newark, IL

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Summers in the Newark, IL area can be challenging for your home comfort system. The combination of temperature and humidity, allergens in the air, and varying amounts of solar energy coming in through your windows makes the balancing act difficult. At Just in Time, your local AC repair company, we have a lot of ideas and options to help your air conditioning system make your home consistently comfortable no matter what the day is like outside. From making sure your system is working at its best to adding features like humidity control, zones, and intelligent thermostats, you’ll find that we’re a lot more than your AC repair company, we’re your home comfort and efficiency experts.

Humidity Add-Ons for Your System

The dry air of winter and the wet air of summer can change the way your system’s warm and cool air feels. Dehumidifier and humidifier units for your HVAC system pull moisture from the air when appropriate and add moisture in when the air gets too dry. This feature is part of the climate control system in most commercial buildings, making them more comfortable than staying at home when weather gets extreme. Why not add humidity control to your home system and relax?

Humidity and Comfort Control Upgrades

Once you have humidity control equipment as part of your home’s comfort system, our AC repair company can add corresponding controls to your thermostats to make sure that your home’s comfort is set to the level that works for you. If you have multiple zones, you can fine-tune humidity to suit your active or resting lifestyle in that area.

Filters That Keep Allergens at Bay

Allergens from outside get in and circulate, and there are plenty of allergens that originate in the home from the components of dust to the danger of pets. HEPA filters in particular provide such tight filtering that many microscopic particles get filtered out of the air instead of passing through the home, into the return ducts, and back around again and again. Allergens also accumulate along with dust particles and other material on the insides of the ducts, which is why we recommend periodic duct cleaning by our AC repair company.

Zapping the Pathogens

Another add-on for your cooling system is a UV light through which air passes to neutralize pathogens. This is similar to UV light use in food service areas and doctor’s offices. It can be especially helpful when people in the home need special consideration for their health.

Getting Your Home Zoned

Original AC systems often have a single duct system supplying the entire home with cool air, and a single thermostat controlling the overall temperature that people experience, from the basement to upstairs bedrooms. Incoming sunlight, insulation, activities such as cooking or external door use can cause the home’s temperature to vary significantly from area to area. Our AC repair company can rework the duct system and supply individual thermostats to provide cool air to multiple sections of the house. Theses can be adjusted for comfort and energy savings. The bedrooms, for example, can be cooled down for sleeping but left somewhat warmer when they are not in use. Likewise, the living room can be cooled for guests and parties but left at a more moderate temperature otherwise. The family room can be adjusted according to activities, making it a nice, chilled movie theater environment for watching movies and sports, otherwise warmer when it’s not in use.

Adding Ductless for Special Care

For your home office, nursery, in-law apartment, or other space that would benefit from a separate zone, we have another option. Have our AC repair company install a ductless, mini-split system that provides localized cooling. It’s like adding a window unit but much more convenient and permanent. Ductless AC can serve as a backup for people who have a critical need for a cool environment, or for equipment such as office equipment that should stay cooler than the house as a whole.

Smart Home Gear for HVAC Teamwork

If you enjoy the way that smart home equipment interacts to provide you with convenience, efficiency, and informed control, you’ll love having our AC repair company connect your system with smart controls. From there, programming for your home can operate your controls based on more than just the current temperature and time of day. Smart systems can anticipate your habits, the local weather for today and tomorrow, and the amount of solar energy that your cooling system will have to deal with. Many people incorporate smart shades of various types to mechanically or electronically limit strong sunlight during the day, providing significant savings on your AC bill. Smart systems also provide voice-controlled settings, control from your easy chair or convalescent bed, or even from a distance via your smartphone. These systems can also alert you to trouble, such as a lack of heating during cold spells in the winter while you’re away.

Maintenance and Upgrades

Our team performs serious maintenance for our customers who want the most out of their AC systems. By cleaning the unit including the delicate fins, making sure the refrigerant is sufficient, then checking, maintaining, and replacing motors as necessary, we can give the system a tune-up that you’ll feel. For older units, we also suggest running the numbers for a new, higher-efficiency upgrade that can save money, be more reliable, and provide more cooling for your home to help your family feel great when they come indoors on a hot day.

Our AC Repair Company and Comfort Idea Source Serving Newark, IL

Just in Time is your professional AC repair company for the Newark, IL area, providing expert repairs and upgrades for your cooling systems and related equipment. Let us remind you that maintenance is an important part of getting the most efficiency, performance, and longevity from your system. Call us to schedule your annual maintenance, needed repairs, or upgrades for increased comfort.