Have You Thought About How Our Plumbing Company Can Make Your Life Better? | Big Rock, IL

Have You Thought About How Our Plumbing Company Can Make Your Life Better? | Big Rock, IL

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Many Big Rock, IL homeowners just call us at the Just in Time plumbing company when they have an emergency. They’re missing out on an awful lot, starting with preventive care that could help avoid emergencies. It doesn’t take much to get a quote on practical upgrades and repairs, and we love to talk about making your dream upgrades and remodeling a reality, too. With concrete numbers and a plan, you could have that beautiful master bathroom, remodeled kitchen, or even a water softener system so you don’t have to deal with annoying showers, weird tasting water, and poor sudsing from hard water. We don’t hard sell, so asking for information is a low-stress thing with us, and one that could lead to great things for you and your home.

Water Softener Benefits

Water softening is about a lot more than the taste of your water, though it and water filtration units can make a big difference there too. After all, delicious water without a pile of plastic bottles can be a positive change. Other water softening advantages come from how soaps and shampoos interact with hard water, sudsing less and providing much less satisfying cleaning, especially in the shower. The minerals in the water can also affect other water uses, and they affect appliances and pipes as well. Hard water leads to greater corrosion, especially in old cast iron pipes. The lifespan of your hot water heater will also be affected by hard water, and any other equipment that uses water to perform its work such as washing clothes or dishes. It’s definitely worth consideration for the whole package of advantages that water softener units bring to your home.

Keeping Your Pipes in Good Shape

As cast iron pipes corrode, accelerated by hard water, they become more prone to clogs from the rough interior and the loose rust and other materials. They also become more fragile, starting to spring pinhole leaks and larger leaks, and eventually requiring replacing. Other pipe materials need replacing at some point also, some in a shorter time than others. Your plumbing company can inspect your pipes, externally and even from the inside by video, and tell you how they’re doing. For your water supply, this will help avoid problems under pressure, and in your drain lines, you’ll avoid messy wastewater leaks. In fact, inspection is a very helpful tool for checking your sewer line’s condition and planning for any repairs ahead of emergency needs. In some cases, sewer lines can now be repaired rather than replaced.

Drain Cleaning

Speaking of sewers, inspection, cleaning, and clog removal is an annual thing for many of our customers who schedule our drain cleaning service. Our plumbing company has many tools available to dig through, scrub, and blast your drain pipes as appropriate, removing everything from lost objects to large grease, hair, and sanitary product clogs. Our cleaning service covers not only the local area by each fixture but pipes that pass through the walls between floors, where clogs also occur. If you’ve ever had a major backup in a toilet and sink and the usual techniques didn’t solve it, quite likely the problem the plumbing company finally addressed was deep in the walls. With regular drain cleaning, all you have to worry about is usually accidental cell phone and plastic dinosaur clogs. By the way, shower hair traps and drain strainers can help catch some of those, too.

Water Heaters

Do you have the hot water you need, when you need it? Is your hot water heater regularly maintained? Is the unit less than ten years old? If you answered yes to all three of those, you have the good fortune of being able to think about other plumbing projects besides hot water heater replacement in most cases. If there’s uncertainty about your unit’s condition or performance, let us step in and check it out, and if it’s time to replace it, let’s make a plan rather than waiting for a potentially messy failure.

Adding Joy and Fun to Your Family’s Life with New Plumbing Features

If you’ve read this far you have some ideas about how to keep ahead of your plumbing and avoid hassles, but there are so many ways that we can add fun and comfort, and convenience to your home with plumbing company updates. If your hot water is flowing wonderfully and your pipes are doing well, it’s time to think about one of those new shower fixtures that soaks you efficiently for a great start to the morning or a convenient automatic sink faucet that’s tall enough for you to fill containers and easy for anyone to use, with touch-free control or big-paddle levers. For sink faucets, we can even add a beautiful arching model that has the spray built in so you can pull it from the spout and let it snap back, simple and straightforward. How about a bar sink that keeps thirsty folks away from your meal prep? We have lots of ideas for convenience and a bit of fun.

Maintenance and Updates to Avoid Damage To Your Home

Back to the mundane but surprisingly useful. Let us make sure that your main water shutoff is fully functional so any plumbing crises don’t get worse fast. If any of your sinks, toilets, and appliances don’t have convenient local shutoffs that work, let’s tend to those too. That way, if something goes wrong with your equipment, you can relax, reach down, and call a timeout while you call our plumbing company to fix the broken faucet or overflowing toilet. Also, let’s freeze-proof your home’s outdoor plumbing.

Your Full-Service Plumbing Company for Upkeep and Upgrades

We’re Just in Time, a plumbing company serving Big Rock, IL and the surrounding area with expert service and creative ideas for improving your life. Call us for emergencies, maintenance, upgrades, and life-enhancing changes from your local plumbing company.