Heating And AC Repair Company: Drain Problems | Big Rock, IL

Heating And AC Repair Company: Drain Problems | Big Rock, IL

Homeowners install heating and air conditioning systems in their residential spaces to live comfortably during the alternate summer and winter seasons. The HVAC is a complex and intricate system that efficiently works when all components are optimally functioning.

One faulty part of your air conditioner is enough to cause the entire unit to fail. Hence, you should hire a heating and AC repair company in Big Rock, IL, for routine inspections and maintenance services on your HVAC system. This way, the professionals can detect issues with the unit and fix them early before they result in a complete shutdown of your unit.

Imagine the furnace not working in the winter or the air conditioner in a hot summer. This would make your home highly uncomfortable in those seasons of extreme temperatures. As mentioned above, the failure of one component might result in the HVAC unit not working. In this article, you’ll learn about the condensate drain problems. This HVAC system component can also affect its peak efficiency and effectiveness.

What Is the Function Of Condensate Drains?

After the air conditioner sucks in warm or hot air from your home, it is then passed over the evaporator coils, where it is cooled. The air is then released and circulated into your home. The warm air condenses to become a liquid. This condensate drips on the unit’s drain lines and into the drains. The function of the condensate drains is to move the condensate from the HVAC system into a plumbing area.

The pan and drain lines should be constantly cleaned and maintained to ensure that the air conditioner runs smoothly without any problems that might cost you a fortune. You will be forced to hire a heating, and AC repair company to inspect and fix the condensate drains whenever they run into an issue. Failing to clean the condensate drains, line, and pan issues will most likely result in an issue that will affect the efficiency and performance of the air conditioner.

HVAC System’s Condensate Drain Issues

Many problems could arise in the condensate drains. Unfortunately, these issues can result in a total shutdown of the air conditioner, prompting you to dial the heating and AC repair company for assistance. These issues are:

Mold Growth

Leaky condensate drains and drains pans may destroy your property and reduce indoor air quality by creating the ideal conditions for mold growth. The mold spores might spread to various dump areas of your home or even into the air ducts prompting you to seek the help of a HVAC repair company to clean the air ducts. Molds cause various respiratory complications such as wheezing, coughing, sneezing, or even breathing complications. It also causes allergic inflammation.

Unfortunately, the heating and AC repair company in Big Rock, IL, might recommend that you replace the air conditioner depending on the extent to which mold has spread. To avert all this, ensure that you schedule a routine HVAC unit inspection, servicing, cleaning, and maintenance by a licensed heating and AC repair service provider. This will ensure that the condensate drains are always clean and free of obstructions.

Clogged Drains

Whenever the condensate drains of your HVAC system have an obstruction, the free flow of the condensate via the drains for disposal is inhibited. Condensate drains feature a trap that bars unwanted air from getting into the AC unit. Accumulated algae that might grow on the lines might make the condensate drains develop a clog.

The algae thrive in the condensate drains because of the moist air and warmth. The other contaminants include debris, dirt, and other tiny particles that can cause a blockage. Undetected algae growth within the condensate drains might result in an issue that needs expensive HVAC repair service to fix and restore the unit to optimal and efficient functioning.

When the air conditioner condensate drains are clogged, the water or moisture backs up into the evaporator coils. This compels the unit’s evaporator to work hard to suck all the warm air from your living space, resulting in more condensation in the AC system. Scheduling for routine inspection, cleaning, and maintenance of the condensate drains is the surest way of avoiding the above problems.

A heating and AC repair company can help because DIY AC fixes are discouraged. If left unattended, the issue might make the evaporator coils or even damage the air handling unit. The technicians might also fix a safety float after the HVAC repair service. This component shuts off your AC immediately. It senses blockage in the condensate drains.


Clogged condensate drains could result in more severe problems that may need the urgent attention of a heating and AC repair company. Without the immediate AC repair service to remove the blockage and clean the condensate drains, water will backflow into the evaporator coils, resulting in more condensation dripping into the drain pans.

The leaks could increase and overflow, resulting in indoor flooding that might worsen and cause considerable water damage to your property or walls. Enlisting the help of a heating and AC repair company in Big Rock, IL, promptly is required to prevent the leakage that might start to overflow. The licensed HVAC repair company technicians have the experience, skills, and knowledge to identify looming problems and repair them on time before they worsen.

A leaking Drain Pan

The other commonly occurring condensate drain issue is leaks. The lines begin leaking because of a blockage in the drains, making the condensate drip onto the emergency condensate pans rather than flow into the plumbing. As the condensate drains stay clogged for a long period, the leakages worsen. The already straining evaporator coils absorb moisture because the water flows back from the unit’s condensate line.

If you do not call a heating and AC repair company immediately, the clogged drain line will eventually be damaged, resulting in a leak on the wall or attic where your air handler is. Increased leaks could result in significant water pooling, which might cause damage to your property over time. Hence, whenever you notice water drips from your air handling unit, you should swiftly call a heating and AC repair company to have the drain lines repaired or cleaned before the issue aggravates.

Dependable HVAC Repair Company

Any homeowner wants a comfortable home all year. Most of them install HVAC systems to ensure good air quality, whether in summer or during winter. However, if one component of the system, like the condensate drains, is faulty, that might affect the efficiency of the entire unit. Hence, always ensure that you schedule with a heating and AC repair company to clean, inspect, and maintain your HVAC system. Do not hesitate to reach out to us at Just In Time for any HVAC unit installation, maintenance, or repair service.

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