How Does A Heating And AC Company Convert Your Existing HVAC To A Zone Control? | Hinckley, IL

How Does A Heating And AC Company Convert Your Existing HVAC To A Zone Control? | Hinckley, IL

Do you want to make your home or office more comfortable throughout the year? Then you should consider using a zone control. The three-pronged system allows homeowners to split their homes into different “zones” to independently control each zone’s temperatures. Put lightly; these systems allow you to control the temperatures of your home by area, level, or room. These systems are excellent for larger buildings or homes where only some areas are equally used. If this feels like you, call a heating and AC company to have your home zoned and these units installed.

Who Can Use Zoned Control?

People with multi-storied homes, large houses, or struggling with cold and hot spots (uneven cooling or heating) can benefit by installing a zone control system. Are some of your rooms empty and drain heating or cooling energy? Or do you have a finished attic or basement? You can benefit a lot by installing zone control.

What Are Zones in Zone Control?

A zone is an individual heating or cooling area at your home. It can be as large or small as you want it to be, provided a heating and AC company installs a thermostat strategically in that space. In your home, you can have two or more zones. It could be a single room, a side of your home, an entire floor, or even a group of rooms.

How Can You Decide Which Parts of Your Home to Zone?

Although a zone largely depends on what a homeowner wants, some might end up zoning their homes poorly, resulting in more energy use and uneven cooling or heating. If you need help zoning your home, your heating and AC company can help. They will assist you in determining how you can break your home into different zones. However, there are some rules of thumb to follow during zoning. For instance, if some parts of your home are generally much warmer or cooler than others, they can be designated as zones.

How Do Zone Control Systems Work?


Once you have subdivided your home into different zones, your heating and AC company will install a thermostat in every zone. Installing a thermostat in every zone allows you or your family members to adjust the temperatures of each room, level, or section individually. In the traditional system, only one thermostat adjusts the temperatures of the entire house.

Control Panel

The other element of a zone control system is a control panel. Control panels also connect to the electric dampers. In some zone control systems, you can control the temperatures of multiple zones through this hub. Others require that you adjust the temperatures or every zone individually via its thermostat. Thus, consult your reliable heating and AC company for help determining which unit will serve your home better.

Electronic Dampers

Dampers are installed in your home’s air ducts and are of many types. However, zone controls use electronic dampers because it is easy to automate them. The electronic dampers close or open when a person adjusts the temperatures in a particular zone. They can increase or reduce the airflow into a particular zone, effectively controlling the temperatures.

Advantages of Zone Control

Improves the Comfort of Everyone and Every Room of Your Home

One of the leading benefits of using a zone-control heating and cooling system is that all your family members will be comfortable. With these systems, cooling or heating can be personalized as you can control the HVAC to heat one while cooling the other. Have you been experiencing thermostat wars between your children? Hire a heating and AC company to pair zone controls with your HVAC. That will be an issue of the past.

Zone Controls Account for Temperature Changes Across Your Home

Zone control considers temperature variations across the house, which is an additional benefit. You no longer need to heat your entire home to the same temperatures to make one room at a freezing temperature comfortable. By having a heating and AC company install a zone control system, you can raise the temperature in that room while lowering the heat in the warmer rooms.

Can Reduce Energy Costs

Lastly, zone control can help you save money on energy costs, which is the most crucial benefit. Using zone control, you can save energy in areas of your house that do not get frequent use or those that maintain their temperature better. Doing this means you will use less energy overall. This is not only cost-effective but also environmentally friendly. So, have you been struggling with cooling or heating bills and a standard HVAC? Then you should have a heating and AC company introduce zoning features that will see you use less on heating or cooling.

What Is the Difference Between Mini-Splits and Zone Controls?

Doesn’t controlling each zone’s indoor temperatures sound much more like a mini-split that uses several through-wall units across your home? Well, the two are different. When professionals install a zone control system in your home, you can use a single-zone unitary HVAC unit but control every zone individually.

Can You Use Zone Control in Your Home?

In many homes, systems are already required for shifting to a zone control system. However, your reliable heating and AC company professionals might still have to change your air ducts or even the HVAC system. If you have several ducts and trunks, you only need to install the zone controls (control panel, electronic dampers, and thermostat). However, some homes may need more work to ensure they have a working zone control system. that could include retrofitting the air ducts by installing dampers and isolating the runouts. Depending on the number of trunk lines in your home, the professional might have replaced some air ducts with new ones.

Leverage Zone Control for More Comfort

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