How Important Is It For Your Plumbing Company To Perform Your Water Heater Maintenance? | Newark, IL

How Important Is It For Your Plumbing Company To Perform Your Water Heater Maintenance? | Newark, IL

The water heater is an invention that changed life as most people knew it. It is a critically important plumbing appliance that ensures convenience and comfort at your Newark, IL home. Have you ever had to bathe in lukewarm or cold showers on a chilly winter morning? Then you have a firsthand experience of the frustrations this brings. That is why homeowners are recommended to have routine water heater maintenance done by a reliable plumbing company.

Water heaters use about 18% of the total energy in various modern homes. This underscores the importance of a water heater in any home. Being among your home’s most expensive and energy-consuming appliances, any fault will mean you’ll pay more in energy utility bills. To ensure that the unit continues to function efficiently and optimally, it is critical to have water heater maintenance. This is the only way to ensure that the water heater doesn’t cost you more.

However, tankless and conventional water heaters remain the most dominant in various homes. You are also likely to see several solar-powered water heaters. However, all kinds of water heaters can benefit from water heater maintenance by a reliable and professional plumbing company. Below are some of the maintenance activities a plumber can offer to ensure that your water heater can serve you for an extended period and operate at peak performance.

Water Heater Inspection

Water heaters are usually installed in closets and basements. These are areas that you most likely rarely visit. Hence, you can easily forget the unit when other electrical and plumbing systems are serviced. However, out-of-sight-out-of-mind isn’t a helpful mantra for your plumbing appliances and fixtures. Conventional water heaters require a regular inspection to check the anode rods, the TPR valve, sediment accumulation, and the drain valve. However, this doesn’t mean that tankless water heaters don’t need a routine inspection.

Have a plumbing company in Newark, IL, offer an inspection service when they come for water heater maintenance. This way, the professionals can catch minor plumbing issues before they worsen to a plumbing emergency. Since a water heater involves a lot of pressure, heat, water, and electricity, you need to ensure that everything is intact. If the TPR valve is blocked, the pressure might over accumulate within the unit to the extent of making it explode. The professionals understand the various noises that might come from your water heater and what they mean.

Flushing the Water Heater

There is one thing that some homeowners overlook despite being a critical part of water heater maintenance. That is flushing the water heater. However, it is recommended that you have a plumbing company flush the water heater at least once per year to remove any accumulated mineral sediments. When hard water enters your water heater, mineral sediments are deposited at the bottom of the water heater and around its walls. This impacts the water heater’s efficiency by interfering with the heat transfer process between the heating element and the water. It means that you will pay more in energy utility bills. Additionally, this makes the water heater tank overheat.

Further, the calcium and magnesium minerals are known to catalyze corrosion. Flushing or cleaning the water heater is an essential maintenance service ensuring this important plumbing appliance works efficiently and lasts longer. The damage can be irreparable when the sediments accumulate in your water heater for long. Sediment accumulation will eventually reduce the service life of your water heating unit, albeit costing you more in repairs.

Replacing the Air Filter

It seems like air filters are everywhere, huh? But yes, water heaters also have air filters beside the HVAC systems. Do you have a tankless water heater installed at your Newark, IL home? Then it should have good airflow for efficient functioning. Most tankless water heaters nowadays feature air filters that should be regularly replaced to ensure that the appliance operates optimally.

Air filters are essential, and you need a free, unblocked airflow. This helps ensure that the water heater heats the water effectively and you have hot water whenever you need it. Whenever the water heater air filter has an obstruction, it could damage the unit or make it malfunction. Hence, you need a plumbing company to clean or replace the air filter whenever they come for routine maintenance.

Inspecting the Anode Rod

Conventional water heaters feature an anode rod that uses sacrificial action to protect the water heater tank from corrosion. By protecting the water heater tank from corrosion, the anode rode ensures that the unit can last longer or at least achieve its rated service life. However, the anode is prone to depletion by the very nature of its work. Hence, the plumbing company replaces it whenever they notice that the corrosion uses it to protect the unit. The anode rod also prevents the formation of anaerobic bacteria. Thus, whenever you notice a rotten egg smell from the hot water, that is a sign that the anode rod is depleted and needs a replacement.

Tightening the Valves and Joints

Another thing a plumbing company can do during water heater maintenance is to tighten the valves and joints. A homeowner’s last need is hot water leaking from the water heater. Besides energy wastage, this also might damage the flooring and cost you a fortune in energy utility bills. This also can speed up the process of corrosion. Whenever the water sits on your appliance for long, it might make it begin rusting. However, the rust could cause various water heater components to break, prompting a replacement or repair.

Leaks need not be present for you to have a maintenance service from a plumbing company. You should have routine maintenance and inspection to ensure that the leaks never happen. This includes checking the valves and joints and patching or sealing any openings. If any joints are loose, the plumber will use a wrench to tighten them.

Water heater maintenance is critical to ensure that this appliance can serve your home to the maximum rated lifespan or even more. It also ensures that the operational costs are relatively low. Hence, enlist the help of a plumbing company for regular maintenance and inspection of the water heater. Don’t hesitate to call out water heater repair technicians at Just In Time today for reliable and professional service.

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