How Your Emergency Plumber Handles Plumbing Emergencies | Newark, IL

How Your Emergency Plumber Handles Plumbing Emergencies | Newark, IL

Plumbing emergencies are an expensive and stressful issue. Failing to address the immediate and result in even more plumbing issues. Some damage your valuable possessions, while others can be fatal, like water heater fires and explosions. However, plumbing emergencies don’t just happen. They result from an underlying issue like water line corrosion left unattended for an extended period. Fortunately, you don’t have to experience the problem alone. Emergency plumbers know what to do whenever you call them for help.

This post will address the common plumbing emergencies your Newark, IL home might experience. The article also discusses how to deal with these emergencies and what you can do to avert them.

Clogged Drains

The first sign that your plumbing system has a major clog is when you notice that you have slow drains. Unfortunately, many homeowners do not do anything until it becomes too late. They mostly wait until their drains have developed a major clog for them to seek the services of a plumber. However, this approach isn’t the right one. Whenever you suspect your plumbing system might have developed a blockage in the drains, immediately call a plumbing service for help.

A clogged drainage system is a plumbing emergency because it can result in water damage, burst pipes, or even pest and vermin infestation. Additionally, if you have a blockage in your drainage system, your kitchen might start developing a characteristic unpleasant smell. However, the most severe sign and effect of a clogged drain backflow into your kitchen, bathroom drains, or in your toilet.

The only real solution to this issue is calling a professional emergency plumber immediately when you experience this problem for drain cleaning services. They are equipped with advanced equipment like inspection cameras and hydro-jetters. Such modern gear enables the professionals to address your plumbing emergency promptly to avoid further damages.

Overflowing Toilet

An overflowing toilet is the last thing any homeowner wants to deal with. This is because they are both disastrous and unsanitary. Take a moment and think that you have to clean the waste on your floor. Imagine the overflow is protracted to the extent that it reaches some other parts of your home. It can be frustrating and stressful. Toilet overflows are plumbing emergencies that might result from a major clog down the drains. Whenever this happens, you should immediately seek an emergency plumber‘s assistance at your Newark, IL home. They will use their experience, tools, and expertise to deal with the problem effectively.

You can avoid the issue of overflowing toilets by observing good toilet care. Ensure that everybody at your home is well versed with the proper toilet care. Do not flush any non-flushable items into your toilet. Objects like sanitary towels, hard tissue papers, napkins, soap particles, and hair might congeal down the toilet drains and result in a clog. If your home has some minors, remind them not to throw small objects and their toys into the toilet because the small objects might also result in a blockage down the drains.

Although your DIY instructor might have used an auger or a plunger to remove a clog, it might not always work. Therefore, you are advised to seek the services of a plumber. A reliable emergency plumber regularly deals with such issues. Hence, they are better qualified to handle plumbing issues.

Gas Leaks

If you rank plumbing emergencies, gas leaks rank on top there. They are a serious major plumbing emergency that needs the specialized attention of an emergency plumber. Therefore, whenever you smell gas leak at your home, close the gas supply at the mains and call a nearby plumbing service to help resolve the gas leaks. Do not try to resolve the issue of gas leaks yourself, as they may result in a catastrophe. The high flammability of gasses might develop a fire that may damage your home. Leave the gas leak repair works to professionals who are properly and better equipped and trained to handle such delicate matters.

Burst Pipes

The other serious plumbing emergency that might damage your home’s foundation is water damage. Additionally, the piping in your plumbing system can burst because of the high water pressure putting a lot of strain on them, in the case of frozen pipes, and due to mineral build-up. If you realize that your pipes have burst, turn off the water supply at the mains and contact an emergency plumber for help.

Regulating water pressure at your home can help in avoiding burst pipes. Enlist the help of your trusted plumber for the purchase and installation of a water pressure regulator to control the water pressure. Additionally, consider installing a water softener to help you deal with hard water issues that affect your plumbing. Seek the assistance of an emergency plumber to replace your pipes as a solution to this problem. The professional can also offer advice on what you should do with your plumbing to shield them from this issue.

If the temperature drops and the pipes are not protected, they might also burst. This happens especially in winters when the water in the pipes freeze and exerts pressure on the interior walls of your plumbing. This might result in a serious plumbing emergency that might cost you a lot in restorations, replacements, and repairs. Fortunately, there are several ways of avoiding plumbing emergencies to ensure that you are in the clear. Be sure to speak to a plumber if you need any help.

Sewage Smells

Have you noticed a strange smell whenever you go past your sink lately? Then you should seek the help of an emergency plumber at the earliest. That is a sign that something is amiss with your plumbing drains. There may be a blockage causing the wastes not to flow to the septic or an issue with the septic system. A professional plumber can determine the root cause and resolve it to remove the foul stench from your home.

Reliable Emergency Plumbers in Newark, IL

Plumbing emergencies arise unannounced. However, if you pay close attention and retain a professional plumber for routine plumbing maintenance, you can avert the issue. If you need experienced and reliable emergency plumbers, contact us at Just In Time today. We will help you keep your plumbing system running smoothly.

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