Summer will soon be moving into fall, and with that come dreaded fall allergies. Did you know you’re your HVAC system could be the cause of some of your congestion and itchiness? Pollen will circulate through your home via your HVAC system unless you take action. Check out these 5 ways to use your HVAC system to alleviate allergies in your home.

allergies-in-chinese1 Use high-quality filters

Your systems tend to recycle the same air to make sure the temperature remains comfortable. Your air filters are designed to remove contaminants so that you don’t keep breathing the same air. This means that if you use cheaper filters or don’t change your filter as often as you need to, contaminants such as pollen can keep being recirculated and irritate your allergies. Be sure to change your filters as recommended by your HVAC technician. Our techs can also replace yours when we come for your annual maintenance check-up!

2 Clean the indoor and outdoor units

Checking and cleaning your indoor and outdoor units. Your outdoor unit is going to pull in anything close to it and cycle it through your home. The same goes for your indoor unit. You should sweep and dust around your furnace often to keep out the dust and airborne particles.

3 Dust the vents

Your system may be pushing clean air, but it can quickly become dirty if it’s passing through dusty vents. Make sure to dust off your vents regularly to avoid putting contaminants back into the air.

4 Humidity levels are important

When your home environment is too humid, you can have issues with dust mite allergens and mold problems. If the humidity is too low, allergens can become more airborne and irritate nasal passages. We recommend keeping your humidity level at 40 – 50%.

5 Schedule a HVAC maintenance appointment

Did you know that you receive a FREE HVAC maintenance with our Club Membership program? Call or email us to find out more! We can give you peace of mind that your units are running efficiently.