Install A Grease Trap In Your Kitchen Drains With The Help Of A Plumbing Company | Newark, IL

Install A Grease Trap In Your Kitchen Drains With The Help Of A Plumbing Company | Newark, IL

A grease trap is a simple but essential device for trapping grease, oils, and fats and preventing them from finding their way into the drains. It also is called a grease interceptor, a grease recovery device, or a grease converter. Primarily, it is a plumbing device that collects or extracts most forms of greases and fats before they enter the drainage system.

When oils, fats, and grease enter the drainage system, they conge when they cool within the drain pipes. While doing so, they collect the debris and other foreign materials that enter the drainage system, such as hair and pet fur, resulting in a severe clog and slowing the drains. Hence, you must have a plumbing company send a technician to install a filter that can intercept any grease, oils, or fats before they enter the sewer system.

Why Is the Installation of a Grease Trap a Necessity?

It Prevents Backup and Clogging

Whenever the oils, grease, and fats congeal within the sewer system of the drains, they make the pipes clog within no time. This also results in a backup. If you have ever experienced a drainage backup, you understand how scary it can be. The cost of fixing the problems such as pipe bursts caused by a drain clog is also high. This is not to forget the restoration costs for the elements damaged by backing up water. Having a plumbing company send someone to install a grease trap will prevent the fats or grease from finding its way into the drainage systems or main sewer line, preventing backup or clogging.

Prevents Water Treatment Problems

This problem might enter the sewer system and create difficulty, especially for the water treatment facilities, since grease interferes with the chemicals used to purify the wastewater. They also might interfere with the septic ecosystem and kill the useful bacteria that break down the solid wastes. It results in higher costs and time wastage while cleaning the wastewater.

Increases the Efficiency of the Drainage System

Whenever you have a professional install a grease trap in the kitchen drains, they will immediately trap any grease and prevent it from entering the drains. This ensures that wastewater flows uninhibited to the municipal sewer system or the septic tank.

Benefits the Environment

A grease trap uses less power, meaning that it is environmentally friendly. Additionally, by preventing the clogs that could make the pipes from the burst. Hence, there won’t be a yard excavation to repair the burst pipes.

Where Are Grease Interceptors Used?

Grease traps can be commonly found in commercial kitchens and restaurants. They also can be installed in residential kitchens. Those organizations and businesses typically produce a lot of waste grease and oils that might find their way into the drainage and sewer systems. If the fat is missed, it could find its way into the drains, resulting in blockages and wastewater backups. Hence, it is essential to have a plumbing company install grease traps in these sections to avert the issues emanating from the grease entering the sewer system.

Maintaining the Grease Traps

Regular maintenance and cleaning of the grease traps are critical to ensure that the drains flow efficiently without resulting in costly disruption to the smooth flow of wastewater and backups. You might be forced to close your business for maintenance whenever there are sewer backups, resulting in losses. Hence, you should have a plumbing company send a technician to inspect, clean, and maintain the grease trap installed in your kitchen. Below are the measures that a plumber might take to maintain your grease trap:

Removing the Accumulated Grease Regularly

The first step a plumbing company in Newark, IL, might take in the maintenance of the grease trap is removing the fats, oils, or grease (FOG) that might have accumulated in the unit. However, how frequently you scoop oil from the trap will rely on how busy your business is and how often you use it. Regular grease removal from the grease trap will guarantee that it operates at peak efficiency and prevent blocked kitchen drains.

Routine Inspection

Ensure that you regularly schedule the plumbing company to send a plumber to inspect and service the grease trap. Additionally, you must check the component every three days and immediately clean it. These measures will ensure that the trap can effectively remove the FOG from the wastewater and avert further issues downstream.

Clean the Trap

If you aren’t using the grease trap, ensure that you thoroughly clean the trap if greywater cannot pass through. You can leave this activity to your reliable plumber because their professionals can also notice any other developing issues. Hence, have a plumber do it on your behalf.

Disinfect the Trap

After cleaning the grease trap, the plumbing company representative will apply a disinfectant, preventing and protecting you from exposure to germs. When they come to clean the unit, the plumbers will ensure that nobody is at your Newark, IL, home. This is because cleaning the grease trap is particularly filthy; to prevent the spread of germs, it’s better done when nobody is around. This also helps prevent contamination.

Dispose of Responsibly

The other maintenance activity that doesn’t mainly involve a plumber happens during the disposal. If the unit has seen better days and it’s finally time to replace it, you should tightly seal it and dispose of it and any other kitchen items responsibly. However, when you need a professional to replace it, you should enlist a licensed plumbing company.

Avert Drain Clogs By Installing a Grease Trap

Have you been experiencing frequent clogs in your drainage system? Although there are many causes, including tree root intrusion, grease is also among the leading causes. You can catch all the oils, fat, and grease by having a plumbing company install a grease trap in your commercial or residential kitchen. For a reliable installation of a grease trap in your Newark, IL home, contact us at Just In Time.

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