Is It Time To Call A Water Heater Repair Service? | Earlville, IL

Is It Time To Call A Water Heater Repair Service? | Earlville, IL

Being an Earlville, IL homeowner requires you to understand whenever crucial home maintenance is required. The water heater system problems might cause costly damages if you do not address them on time. Noticing the signs pointing to potential underlying issues that indicate the pipes need attention is a good start for any new homeowner.

Addressing the issues on time helps you prevent other potential dangers or damages that might arise, like flooding or even fires. Therefore, being ahead of any of such problems is a welcome step. If you notice either of the signs below, contact your reliable local company to handle the problem.

High Energy Bills

Have you noticed that your energy, especially heating bills, are reaching an all-time high without a significant increase in hot water consumption? It may be time to enlist a water heater repair technician to inspect the unit. When the water heater malfunctions for whatever reason, it starts using more gas or electrical energy, attempting to finish its functions as it should. Enlisting a professional technician to undertake the water heater repair can save you lots of money in the long run.

Rusty Discoloration (Brown Color) In Water

Whenever you notice that the water has a metallic smell or its color has turned brownish or has a reddish hue, it could indicate corrosion within your plumbing. Does the colored water only come out of hot water faucets or showers? That might be a sign of corrosion in the water heater tank. The anode rod might be ultimately used up, leaving the interior of the water heater tank without a mechanism for protection against corrosion. Otherwise, if the reddish hue is only with the cold water, the issue might be anywhere within the water line.

A corroding water tank requires an entire replacement of the water heater. However, you shouldn’t do this yourself. Enlist the help of experienced and reliable plumbers at Just In Time Plumbing to replace the water heater. Our water heater maintenance and repair experts will flush your water heater tank, replace the anode rod, and inspect the water heater to ensure that everything is properly working. Remember, DIY water heater works are:

  • A danger to yourself.
  • It might exacerbate the problem
  • You will pay more for the problem
  • You could also void the warranty

Leaks and Corrosion

A water heater will show signs of age in the same way that individuals do. If you find any evidence of corrosion, it’s usually a sign that the water heater is past its service life. Leaks are also a sure sign that your tank needs to be replaced. Leaks don’t only happen as a result of normal wear and tear. They can sometimes occur because of excess pressure buildup inside the tank. If you don’t take care of leaks right away, you could be in for a lot more trouble. A leak left unattended can cause the water heater tank to explode. Hiring a local water heater maintenance and repair service will help you prevent this potentially costly incident.

Noises from the Water Heater

Your water heater shouldn’t produce any form of noise when operating. However, most homeowners in Earlville, IL, come to us with concerns that their water heaters are making uncharacteristic noises. These may be banging, screeching, cracking, or popping sounds. Although each sound has its cause, the most notable one is banging.

Banging sounds from within the water heater is a sign of a hardened sediment accumulation hitting the interior walls of your water heater. Therefore, you should call a professional water heater whenever you notice this. The hard sediment making the furling and knocking sounds might result in other issues like corrosion, making the water heater tank burst, or even leaks. Enlist the services of a water heater repair technician to be flushing the tank at least once annually to remove any lodged sediments and protect your water heater.

Your Water Heater’s Age

If you discover your hot water reserve depletes each passing day, you have a water heater issue. A decrease in the amount of hot water produced could indicate a significant problem with the water heater. These problems may result from a variety of factors. The age of the water heater system is one of the leading causes of hot water loss.

The average lifespan of a water heater varies depending on the model or type. For instance, tank-based water heaters have an average service life of ten years, while a tankless water heater is about two decades. However, a water heater repair expert must regularly maintain the unit to achieve its lifespan.

You should keep a record of when the water heater system was installed. Local water heater repair services, like Just In Time Plumbing, can perform various diagnostics to assess the lifespan of your water heater if you do not have access to this information.

Low Hot Water Pressure

Nothing is more frustrating than having a low water pressure in your home. It can be tough to rinse food remains from the dishes or shampoo off your hair if your water pressure isn’t high enough. If you have low cold and hot water pressure, you may have water line leaks that have to be repaired right away. The leaking water pipe may cause substantial structural damage behind your walls while encouraging mold growth.

If you only have a problem with the hot water pressure, you should arrange a water heater repair visit from a professional plumbing service. Sediment accumulation in your water heater tank might block your waterline, resulting in low hot water pressure. The hot water pressure will not improve unless you make a repair appointment.

Moisture Around Your Water Heater

Schedule a water heater repair visit with a professional plumber immediately if you notice any dampness or water accumulating around your water heater. A disconnected or broken hose could be the source of the issue. Though this is a pretty straightforward fix, it can cause significant damage if neglected. The seeping water can harm the area’s structure and encourage mold growth.

It’s possible that the issue is more serious, such as a water tank fracture. This is an emergency that needs the immediate assistance of a plumber who specializes in water heaters.

Reputable Water Heater Repair Services in Earlville, IL

Are you in the area, and do you need water heater repair help? Just In Time plumbing is your reliable companion. We deal with water heater installation, maintenance, and repair. Whether residential or commercial water heaters, we deal with all kinds of units. Contact us at Just In Time plumbing for water heater repair, everyday plumbing, and even remodeling.

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