Need A Hero For Your AC? Our Air Conditioner Repair Company Team Can Help | Hinckley, IL

Need A Hero For Your AC? Our Air Conditioner Repair Company Team Can Help | Hinckley, IL

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It’s amazing how often air conditioning systems have trouble when you have a party or family visiting. It’s not a surprise, of course, when they struggle and give up because of extra-hot weather, but how do they sense an inconvenient time in other cases? At Just in Time in Hinckley, IL, our air conditioner company may talk about superstitions, but we’re strictly professional when we arrive as your air conditioning heroes, a truck full of parts for routine repairs and an expert technician ready to diagnose and perform repairs efficiently and effectively so you and your family, or your honored guests, can get cool again. Of course, our air conditioner repair company also offers maintenance services to get your system in top shape before the hot days arrive. We also offer replacement air conditioner installation when your current system finishes its service or isn’t providing the performance and efficiency that you need.

The On-Call Air Conditioner Repair Company Your Neighbors Know and Trust

Our family-owned, local Sandwich business is a favorite in the community, to the point where people will say “time to call TJ,” or “looks like a job for John” as well as calling our company by its name. People know us, and they know and trust our dedicated professionals who show up, time after time, and get the job done right. We’re the air conditioner company you can turn to, telling us what seems to be the trouble, and watching us get to work. It’s no wonder we have so many great reviews!

Straight to the Point Air Conditioner Repair Company Repairs

There’s nothing like watching a professional go through the diagnostic process, gathering clues from the customer and using their extensive experience, often with that exact model of AC system, to focus on the root cause, but then making sure they don’t overlook related problems that could cause another failure not far down the road. The best repair is one where the customer is satisfied with our work and we know we’ve done it right, and that’s that, no callback later on. That’s what our air conditioner repair company strives to provide, and we hit the mark!

Maintenance Adds Life to Your AC System and Catches Repairs Early

Proper care of your air conditioning system by our air conditioner repair company provides cleanup from the ravages of the seasons on the outdoor unit, where winds blow in dirt, dust, lawn clippings, and more to clog the condenser at the heart of the unit’s cooling effectiveness. We also wind up clearing out creatures and their nests from some units and checking the hoses, wires, and belts to make sure no one’s been gnawing on them. With our test equipment, we can check motors and the compressor to make sure they’re not showing signs of impending failure, and if they are we can take care of it then, not sometime during the summer while your home heats up. What about those hoses leading to and from the rest of the system inside? We’ll check them, make sure they’re insulated as needed to conserve cooling, and make sure the refrigerant level is ok. If not, time to double-check the coils for leaks before we refill.

The Indoor Part of Your AC System Needs Care, Too

Inside, there’s plenty of maintenance to perform on your system as well. Our air conditioner repair company may find that the condensate drain is blocked and you have water on the floor, or green growth in the system from warm, standing water. We’ll clean it out and make sure it’s flowing, and check your evaporator coils to make sure they’re clean and in good shape. Have they been icing up during operation? That’s a good reason to call us, because thawing coil ice needs to be done carefully, with a knowledge of the system, to avoid refrigerant leaks from coil damage. It’ll also give us a chance to remind you of the number one reason for coil icing inside, a clogged air filter. It should be replaced monthly in most cases, or more if it’s getting clogged faster. Without warm air flowing freely through your system through the filter, the AC system freezes the moisture it’s drawing from the air and gets iced up, instead of just having the moisture drain as water through the condensate drain.

Maintenance and Your Airflow

What about airflow? We check motors and belts to make sure they’re in good shape to move the cool air throughout your home and verify that the ducts are intact. If it’s been a while since the ducts were cleaned, that can help with your air quality and also provide a thorough inspection to find any gaps or duct damage that could be affecting your efficiency. In some cases, we may find that mechanisms such as regulating doors located in hidden spots like the attic have been malfunctioning and cutting off your airflow.

Talking About Replacements and Upgrades

After maintenance, our air conditioner repair company team knows your system pretty well and can talk about any weaknesses they found, efficiency problems as well, and issues that could limit performance and reliability. We can talk about whether a new system might be advisable, and the temptations such as dual-level AC units that adjust to your needs more efficiently with maintenance cooling and catch-up power when needed. Trust our air conditioner repair company to provide the clear, honest information you need.

Expert Air Conditioner Repair Company Service in Hinckley, IL

Just in Time is your team of heroes and your experts when you need help fast to get your home cool again, serving the Hinckley, IL area since 2010. Call us for all your HVAC needs, from system repairs and maintenance to diagnosing challenging problems and making comfort and efficiency changes like zoned ducting and intelligent thermostats. We’re here for you, and there’s someone by our phones 24/7. Give us a call!