Buying a house this summer? As you move into your new place, it’s important to take note of minor repairs and small issues that could become big problems. Always create a list that you need to hire an expert for and what you can complete on your own.18fe7514357e41445cc00b33024cb13fw-c0xd-w685_h860_q80

We understand how important your new home is for you and your family, and we want to help you get to know your home’s maintenance needs. Check out our maintenance checklist for your new home!

Deep Clean – Easy when the house is empty!

Check Keys and Shutoff Valves – Have copies made to give to trusted friends and family.

Inspect HVAC system – We can help!

Clean Air Ducts – Start fresh with clean ducts and get rid of the last owner’s dust, pet dander, and other air irritants. Give us a call to schedule!

Inspect Windows – Windows that let air escape can drive up costs to heat/cool your home.

Inspect Plumbing – Check for issues before you start using it!

Check your Electrical System – This should be part of your professional home inspection – but if there are any minor fixes you should be aware of them.

Inspect Appliances – Ask yourself if you want to keep the appliances that came with the home or replace them.

Inspect the Roof – Look for missing shingles and potential leaks.

Check out the Siding – Does it need to be replaced?

We offer HVAC, Plumbing, and Carpentry services for new homeowners! Call us today to schedule a quote with us on HVAC clean and checks, plumbing repairs, and carpentry needs!