Our Heating And AC Repair Team Handles Indoor Air Quality Features As Well | Big Rock, IL

Our Heating And AC Repair Team Handles Indoor Air Quality Features As Well | Big Rock, IL

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The secret to effective heating and cooling is managing indoor air quality, including humidity. The moisture in your home’s air varies significantly in Big Rock, IL, from muggy summers to dry winter air, while your heating and air conditioning adjusts the temperature. It’s true that AC removes moisture from the air, and heating makes the air feel dryer with lower relative humidity, but neither is a precision adjustment to your home’s air. Our heating and AC repair team knows that humidity control can make a difference in how our customers experience their system’s operation. HEPA filters and other air purification systems can help make the air more breathable by removing particulate matter and allergens. Our heating and AC repair team can provide these features for your existing system, and if you already have humidity control, HEPA filters, air purification, or germicidal UV lights, at Just in Time we can perform maintenance and repairs on them as well.

Indoor Air Quality Features Are Straightforward Upgrades

Most indoor air quality add-ons install into your duct system where they supply benefits such as humidity management, pathogen neutralization, and super-fine filtration to your whole house. Each add-on may require electrical, water, or drain connections to perform its specific function. Some devices, such as humidifiers and dehumidifiers, also connect to your home’s thermostat or smart home system, requiring a device that measures humidity as well as temperature to set the proper levels. Our heating and AC repair team can service these devices, ensuring that they are operating properly and changing air filters, humidification wick filters, and HEPA cartridges as needed.

Humidity Management Systems Provide Numerous Benefits

Humidity is a factor in your comfort, along with the temperature setting. If your home is well cooled, but the humidity is still high, you won’t enjoy your air conditioning as much as if the humidity is set right, usually between 30-50 percent. When the outdoor humidity rises in Big Rock, especially in summer, it can reach 84 percent, and dehumidification can make a big difference in your indoor air as well. In winter, heating can make your air feel dry, and a humidifier will add some moisture back into the circulating air. Your plants, books, wooden furniture, and of course your skin will all do better with controlled humidity levels.

HEPA Air Filtration Keeps Your Air Super Clean

You may already have a few of those small, portable HEPA air filters for rooms where you sleep or where people with respiratory sensitivities spend their time. If you’re like many people, the hunt for the right filter for each one has led to operation beyond the recommended time frame before filter replacement. Whole-house HEPA air filtration keeps even sub-micron particles including mold and airborne bacteria from the air, resulting in much more breathable air.

Air Purifiers and Filters Provide Effective Air Care Beyond Standard Filters

Air filtration is always a balance between the size of the material captured from the air and the time between filter cleaning or replacement. Your standard air filter that our heating and AC repair team checks during maintenance visits, or when your heat isn’t flowing well or your AC evaporator coils are freezing up, catches mostly larger airborne material. Electrostatic air purifiers and other air filter systems may not capture as much as HEPA filtration, but they provide a substantial reduction in smaller material in your air, reducing dust levels, breathing issues, and duct deposits of material that need to be cleaned from time to time.

Germicidal UV Light Treatment Is a Common Solution Where Pathogens Are an Issue

Filtering pathogens from your air helps significantly, and using a germicidal UV light to treat air passing through your HVAC system can make a big difference by preventing reproduction and the spread of bacteria, viruses, and mold spores. It’s a common feature of foodservice workplaces and restaurants, medical offices, and laboratories which you may have noticed by the indirect bluish-purple glow they emit. For your home, that glow, which shouldn’t be viewed directly, is safely located within your heating and air conditioning system.

Don’t Forget Periodic Duct Cleaning Services to Keep Circulation Strong and Low-Dust

Every few years, your home should be treated to a whole-house duct cleaning service that removes accumulated material that clings to your ducts much as clogs develop in your plumbing. The particles in this felt-like duct lining can be released back into the air, lowering your air quality in the areas where the ducts are distributing air. Because an intact duct system provides the best air circulation and distribution, and damper doors inside the ducts can fail and block airflow, the duct inspection part of duct cleaning services by our heating and AC repair team has particular value.

Zoned Duct Systems to Focus Your Great Indoor Air

Having our heating and AC repair team divide your home’s ducts into zones that serve areas like your bedrooms, living room, and family room, each with its own thermostat control, lets your systems take a break when you don’t need all areas heated or cooled, for a longer service life and energy savings. Smart home systems that manage your comfort and energy use benefit from zones.

Servicing Your Indoor Air Quality Equipment

Our heating and AC repair team can service your existing indoor air quality equipment with replacement filters and repairs, and install new equipment to further improve your air quality. When it’s time to replace your air conditioner or furnace, these duct system add-ons usually remain and continue to provide important indoor air quality benefits.

Your Full-Service Heating and AC Repair Team in Big Rock, IL

Just in Time’s heating and AC repair team can provide existing system upgrades with indoor air quality features, save energy and add comfort with duct zones, and make the most of your HVAC system in Big Rock, IL. Give us a call today to get more comfortable and breathe easier!