Plumber Tips For Home Maintenance You Need To Know | Hinckley, IL

Plumber Tips For Home Maintenance You Need To Know | Hinckley, IL

Home plumbing systems are quite possibly the essential system in your home. These systems carry clean water to your sinks, showers, and toilets; they remove wastewater from your drains, and they ensure that you have hot water whenever you need it. Without proper maintenance of your home plumbing systems, these systems can break down and cause thousands of dollars in damage. The good news is that plumbing maintenance in Hinckley, IL, doesn’t have to be all that complicated, as long as you do some simple tasks every so often to ensure your pipes are in good shape.

Know When to Call

Knowing when to call a plumber generally means knowing what you can handle yourself and what is best left to a professional. The last thing you want to do is cause more damage by fixing something that isn’t in your wheelhouse, particularly if it leads to water damage or mold growth. While some plumbing problems for homeowners in Hinckley, IL, may seem minor, they often require immediate attention. Some plumbing problems can lead to water damage and mold, while others can cause the pipes in your home to freeze during the winter months. Calling a plumber when you have an issue can save you money since they will repair the problem quickly before it becomes more expensive.

Scheduled Preventative Maintenance Visits

Regular plumber inspections can identify more minor problems before they become more significant. Even though you might be tempted to fix the plumbing issues on your own, this can cause more problems than it solves. Before you decide to fix the problem yourself, consider getting professional help. This way, if there is an unexpected complication, a trained plumber will know how to fix it.

Not only can a plumbing professional help with minor issues, but they can also perform preventative maintenance visits. The plumber will look for any potential problems during these visits and alert you if they find something. This allows you to act before it becomes a more significant issue.

You likely have a few drain pipes in your home that you use every day. These include kitchen drains, bathroom sinks and showers, and even the washing machine.

Cleaning out your drain pipes regularly is a good way to prevent clogs and water damage. This will help prevent flooding in your home and any permanent damage to your structure. A clog in your drain pipes can cause a backflow of water. This means that the water will flow in a reverse direction. If you want to prevent this from happening, you must regularly clean out your drain pipes. Just In Time’s professionals provide plumbing services such as drain cleaning and repair to keep your plumbing systems functioning correctly all year long.

Avoid Overflow of Sinks, Tubs, and Showers

When you take a shower or bath, the last thing you want is to be soaked in water that spilled out of the tub. Unfortunately, this happens more often than it should. If your sink, tub, or shower tends to overflow when you use it, then it’s time to call your plumber.

There are many reasons why drains overflow. The trap under the drain may be clogged or not working correctly. It could also be because the vent is blocked and does not allow air into the drain pipe. This can cause water to back up into your sink, tub, or shower, which causes overflows.

If you suspect that there are issues with your drains causing them to overflow, then it’s time to contact a licensed plumber who will come out and inspect them for you. Just In Time can help identify problems and offer solutions so that you don’t have any more issues in the future.

Flush Toilets Regularly

The toilet is often the most overlooked part of a bathroom. But it’s also one of the most vital parts. If you’re not careful with your toilet, it can develop hard water spots and become clogged. One of the best ways to avoid both problems is to flush your toilet regularly. The more you flush, the less likely dirt and grime will build up inside the tank. This makes it easier for you to clean the tank when you have to do a major cleaning.

Fix All Drips and Leaks Immediately

There’s no good time to see water dripping from under a sink. It’s especially not good if you have a hot water tank underneath. All plumbing fixtures should be regularly inspected for signs of leaks. Faucets, showerheads, toilets, sinks, and tubs should be checked often to ensure they are in proper working order. In the kitchen, leaky faucets can waste hundreds of gallons of water each year.

Leaks, drips, and breaks can cause severe damage to your home. Don’t wait until it becomes a bigger problem if you notice a leak, drip, or break. Quickly fixing leaks and drips can save money on repairs and water bills.

Maintain Proper Water Pressure

Proper water pressure is essential for any sanitation system. Varying water pressure can create abnormal and excessive wear on the pump, pressure tank, and plumbing components. If the pressure is too high, it can cause damage to pipes and faucets. If the pressure is too low, you may be wasting water and money.

If you have a high-pressure well and home, you can install a pressure regulator to keep water pressure between 40 to 60 PSI. A low-pressure system can be corrected by installing a ” booster pump device.”

Fortunately, it’s not difficult to maintain proper water pressure. A leaky faucet or a dripping pipe can create enough of a reduction in water pressure that your sink and shower won’t operate at their full capacity. If you have low water pressure, call a plumber to take care of them so that you can get back to enjoying all that extra force behind your sinks and showers.

Call a Professional Today

Home plumbing maintenance is an integral part of keeping your Hinckley, IL home and family safe. When you make time for home plumbing maintenance, you minimize the risk of potentially catastrophic consequences due to a burst pipe or backed-up sewer system. Make sure you call Just In Time to have your plumbing regularly inspected by our certified plumbers. It will save you lots of headaches down the road.

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