Plumbing Company: Signs Your Bathroom Needs The Attention Of A Plumber | Big Rock, IL

Plumbing Company: Signs Your Bathroom Needs The Attention Of A Plumber | Big Rock, IL

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Apart from your kitchen, the bathroom is the other most used place in your home. The bathroom’s plumbing fixtures face a lot of wear and tear resulting from daily use. Water continuously flows into and out of this popular room of your Big Rock, IL home.

Though regular maintenance can help extend the lifespan of your bathroom plumbing fixtures, a time comes when you have to replace or repair them. Some plumbing fixtures can be easily fixed, while others may force you to seek help from a reputable plumbing company in your locality.

Sometimes, you might not know whether it is right to contact a plumber. However, leaking faucets, slow drains, and offensive odors signify you need a plumber to inspect and resolve the problem with these plumbing fixtures.

Fixing a minor plumbing problem at your home might save you a lot in the future. How can you that your bathroom needs professional rescue from a plumber? Below are indicators that your bathroom fixtures may need a plumber’s attention.

Lukewarm or Cold Water

Is the water coming through the showerhead cold to lukewarm? If you have experienced such, you need the services of a plumbing company immediately. When the water becomes cold for no unexplainable reason or is lukewarm after the thermostat is set correctly, you might be staring at a problem with the water heater.

There are various reasons your water heater may not heat the water correctly. It could be that it is small compared to your family size, has a leak, or has defective heating elements. Regardless of the reason, lacking hot water can cause inconvenience at your home. This is because many households use hot water for all water-related activities at home. To avoid these inconveniences, call a professional from your nearby plumbing to resolve it.

Constant Dripping

Have you ever been forced to wake up at night by a persistent drip! Drip? That can be one of the most annoying experiences, and those drips mean you will have to foot a higher water bill at the end of the month. “Cash is going down the drains”.

A dripping bathroom faucet wastes a lot of water annually. If you close the faucet and still hear the water drops, then something could be amiss with your pipes. Although it might be a minor issue, raving it unresolved might cause a more complex problem in the future or permanent damage.

Loose faucet fixtures or high water pressure may cause these constant drips. Hire a plumbing company to inspect the faucets, inspect the plumbing fixtures in your bathroom, repair, replace, or maintain your bathroom regularly.

Discolored Water

When you open the bathroom shower or faucets, the water coming out should be clear. However, if the taps come in strange colors, the time is right to call a plumbing company.

If the water coming out of the faucets or showerhead is yellowish or brownish, the cause could be rusting within the water heater or pipes. Blue or greenish-colored water may result from corrosion. However, none of these is normal. Discolored water is a clear sign of trouble within the plumbing system fixtures which a plumbing company can help diagnose and resolve. Showering with such water can cause skin conditions. Hence, contact a plumber immediately whenever you notice that the water in your bathroom is discolored.

Slow Drainage

Although blocked drainage is considered a minor plumbing issue that most Big Rock, IL homeowners can fix themselves, we highly advise against ignoring it, neglecting it, and DIY drain cleaning. Cleaning the drains yourself using crude methods and tools can exacerbate the problem, resulting in more expensive repairs. Similarly, neglecting or ignoring cleaning your drains may result in burst pipes, flooding, and costly water bills, not forgetting the foul stenches and wastewater backup. In short, a clogged drain is a disaster waiting to happen. Therefore, whenever you suspect that your drains are clogged, enlist the services of a reputable plumbing company for drain cleaning.

If your drains are slow, it can signify that the pipes are broken, clogged, or tree roots have intruded the water or sewer line. Ignoring it can result in mold growth, water damage, sewage backup, foul stenches, and still water, which cause health problems. Call a plumber immediately if you experience a drainage issue.

Weak Water Flow

You expect a strong water flow to hit you when you open a bathroom faucet or shower. However, if the water coming out of the showerhead or faucet has low pressure or no water comes out, it is a clear sign of trouble within your plumbing system, especially the pipes.

Sometimes, homeowners feel that the low water pressure is of no concern because it happens in only one plumbing fixture. However, you should avoid this practice. The low water pressure might indicate the presence of more significant underlying issues within the plumbing system, like clogged drains or leaks.

However, the problem might be protracted and affect multiple faucets. When such happens, it is time to seek professional plumbing services from a licensed plumbing company near you. The plumber will examine your plumbing fixtures to diagnose the cause of the low water pressure. They will also take the necessary steps to remedy the problem.

Better yet, hire the services of a professional plumber to maintain your plumbing systems. They will be conducting routine inspections to avert any problem with your plumbing.

Gurgling Noises

Although the sounds of running or dripping water may be a sign of a leak, knocking noises inside the pipes could mean another thing altogether. These sounds can also be heard when using the toilet or bathroom. If you experience this, it could mean the water has high pressure or loose components within your piping system.

High water pressure may make the pipes crack or burst if the issue is neglected or ignored. The noises are annoying and damaging. Enlist the services of a plumbing company to inspect the plumbing system. A licensed plumber will resolve any issue your plumbing system may have.

Trusted Plumbing Company

If you have noticed any of the signs above, do not hesitate to call Just in Time. We are an experienced and staffed plumbing company serving the commercial and residential clients of Big Rock, IL, and its environs.

Our plumbers have the experience and knowledge to handle any plumbing issue you might be having. Call us today if you experience any of the signs above.