Plumbing Company Tips: Is Your Home’s Plumbing One Great Big Unknown? | Big Rock, IL

Plumbing Company Tips: Is Your Home’s Plumbing One Great Big Unknown? | Big Rock, IL

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If someone were to ask you, out of the blue, “so, how’s your home’s plumbing?” Would you be able to answer in confidence that you know it’s fine, from the garbage disposal to the sewer line, or would you just hope that it is? Do you know whether you’re protected against the damage that “water hammer” can cause, are you sure that your dishwasher is protected against drain backup by an air gap or similar device? How long has it been since your water heater received maintenance service? The key to confidence as a homeowner is either to know your home’s plumbing inside out or to know your plumbing company is keeping an eye on your pipes and appliances so you don’t have to. At Just in Time in Big Rock, IL, we’re the plumbing company you can rely on to inspect, maintain, and service your home’s plumbing and let you know what the big picture is.

Knowledge Is the Antidote to Worry

Many people, when hearing about a friend’s sewer disaster or water line break, automatically start wondering about whether they’re at risk for the same thing. It’s a natural response, but there’s an easy answer to calm your mind: our plumbing company. We perform plumbing inspections, inside and out using miniature video cameras and other gear, and can tell you if we see any concerns you should address. We’re also your reliable resource if something does happen, so getting to know us and seeing how we operate can give you peace of mind as well. We know that plumbing issues can be stressful for homeowners, and we want to help.

Older Homes Have More Unknowns, But We Have Answers

For more than a decade, our expert plumbers have been serving the area and putting their experience to good use as well as their skills. We not only know how to fix any plumbing problem, but we also know a bit about how problems arise, especially in older homes. Our plumbing company team can tell you about the typical repairs for a 40-year-old home, from corroded pipes to sewer line issues, replacement of existing fixtures that are a bit past their anticipated lifetime, and care for the water heater that’s probably the third or fourth one by this point. We also have all sorts of technology to check for the problems we suspect and can check plumbing visually, then go inside and look for trouble in water lines and drains using video. Modern electronic leak detection equipment lets our plumbing company team listen for leaks using ultrasonic frequencies and a single point of contact for the device, saving all sorts of exploratory surgery and making it practical to “look” for leaks as part of a routine inspection. Of course, if you smell moldy, musty odors, see vermin or insects, or damp spots, we can investigate quickly and efficiently and save further damage to your home’s walls and structural components.

Whole House Drain Cleaning Service Resets Your Drains to a Known State

Do you know what’s in your drains? How long could it have been accumulating? In some homes, all the drain pipes with possibly the exception of those near sinks and toilets have had many years to clog. Most plumbing company drain cleaning procedures just find a local clog that gets the flow going, and that’s it. What people don’t realize is that the slowly growing clogs in central drain pipes and even your sewer line can be slowing the flow and increasing the number of clogs throughout your home. Our plumbing company drain cleaning service can scour your whole home’s drains of grease accumulation, hair, food, and other material so that you know your home’s entire wastewater system is looking great from the inside, and while you know there’s much less chance of clogs, you also know the condition of your drain pipes, so you’re feeling confident and well-informed.

Water Line Leaks, In Your Yard and Under the Slab

Do you have a patch of grass that’s growing particularly well, coincidentally right above where your water line crosses your yard? Are there cracks in your foundation or sounds of water like a stream is flowing under your basement floor? Those are a couple of the ways you can detect possible water line leaks, slowly or sometimes quickly adding to your water bill, but often going undetected for a long time. You may not be dealing with floods, although puddles might form from water rising near your foundation outside, and you might have a significant amount of water gathering under your foundation if your plumbing is routed under the concrete slab, but you won’t know until it presses against your foundation and cracks it, or rises through the floor and reveals itself as damp spots. In some cases, hot water pipes can be routed under the slab as well, resulting in warm spots on your basement floor sometimes, and not only wasted water, but a waste of the energy used to heat it as well, and probably a shortage of hot water for your family. Our plumbing company can check for these problems if you notice signs or have suspicions, and here’s a tip to help identify hidden problems. Shut all your water usage off, and check the water meter. If it’s still spinning, the water’s likely leaking. We can help.

Empowering Homeowners with Expert Plumbing Company Care in Big Rock, IL

At Just in Time, our plumbing company helps with your Big Rock, IL repairs and emergencies, your upgrades and fixture replacements, and all your plumbing care, big jobs and small. We also help you stay informed about your home’s plumbing, whether you have a newer home with modern concerns or an older home with aging plumbing and materials that may be outdated. We can perform routine inspections for peace of mind as well as real estate purposes, and especially for planning ahead for significant repairs. Call us and get our expert knowledge!