Plumbing Company Tips: Springtime Plumbing Projects | Big Rock, IL

Plumbing Company Tips: Springtime Plumbing Projects | Big Rock, IL

Spring has nearly arrived in Big Rock, IL. This means the return of warm weather and sunshine. It also means that spring cleaning and general maintenance are on the agenda. Outdoor plumbing fixtures need attention and there’s yard work to be done. In addition to routine tasks, you can also consider new projects with the help of your local plumbing company.

A spring plumbing checklist should probably include pipe inspections. The pipes and fixtures making up a home’s plumbing are used constantly. They’re responsible for transporting water where it’s needed, and we usually expect water to exit a tap on demand. Cold weather can be very hard on pipes. Even if no pipes in your home froze or broke during the winter months, that doesn’t mean that small cracks didn’t form. Pipes can also suffer from corrosion that may not be immediately visible. Look for stains and discoloration around pipes that may indicate water is leaking somewhere. You can also consult a plumbing company to handle inspections for you. A plumber has the tools necessary to evaluate pipes that most homeowners can’t access easily.

Outdoor Showers

A plumbing company can help you install an outdoor shower very quickly. The main benefit of an outdoor shower is that less mud, dirt, or sand makes it into your home. Outdoor showers also let family members or visiting friends clean up quickly so everyone can go indoors without making a mess. Families with children that enjoy outdoor games and sports may find an outdoor shower especially useful. Rinsing sand, loose rocks and gravel, and other debris into the yard or into a storm drain means that the same debris is not entering pipes, or creating clogs, inside your home. Your local plumbing company can help you choose the most appropriate type of outdoor shower to fit your household’s needs.

Sprinklers and Outdoor Fixtures

Sprinklers and irrigation systems are very common outdoor plumbing fixtures in Big Rock, IL. Maintenance includes checking nozzles to make sure they aren’t clogged by rocks, dirt, sand, or grass. Each valve box should be examined to check the water flow. Your system may need new backup batteries, and you should check the settings, such as times and dates, on your system to make sure sprinklers are active at the correct times. A plumbing company can handle these tasks for you.

Even if you don’t have sprinklers, you probably do have at least one exterior faucet and a garden hose. Check the fixture for leaks and make sure the nozzle is screwed onto the hose bib tightly and watch for dripping after turning the faucet off. Look for leaks on other parts of the pipeline by covering the opening of the spigot with your thumb. Turn the water on the whole way to find out if the pressure is enough to force your thumb away. If it isn’t strong enough, you may have a leak somewhere that’s sapping water and pressure. An outdoor leak can run up a water bill fast. Examine hoses to make sure they aren’t cracked or deteriorating. A hose left outside all winter may need to be replaced.

Sump Pumps

Spring is also a great time of year to contact a plumbing company to inspect, repair, or replace your home’s sump pump. A sump pump offers protection from plumbing and prevents potential water damage. Over 18 million people across the United States were impacted by flooding in 2021. Make sure that your sump pump is inspected before a heavy rainfall. No one wants to discover that a sump pump isn’t working when water is pouring into the basement or crawl space.

Cleaning or Replacing Fixtures

Cleaning up plumbing fixtures is a common item on many spring cleaning lists. Soap scum, mineral residue, and other substances can build up on faucets, showerheads, porcelain sinks, and other fixtures. Residents can even restrict water flow, on top of looking rather unpleasant. Heavy residue deposits may indicate a potential hard water problem. This is even more likely if you’ve noticed gray spots on dishes or dull, dingy clothes coming out of the washing machine. If hard water is becoming a problem, ask your plumbing company about installing a water softener.

You can also have old, worn-out plumbing fixtures uninstalled and replaced as part of your spring cleaning and maintenance routine. The number of plumbing fixtures in your home may be surprising when you count them all. Fixtures are generally located in the bathroom, kitchen, laundry room, basement, or garage. Many homes also have outdoor fixtures. Your plumbing company can handle the removal of old fixtures and install new fixtures that may use less water. New energy-efficient washing machines, dishwashers, and other appliances can add up to significant energy savings as well.

Water Heater Maintenance

Perhaps it’s time to consider a tankless water heater. The average functional lifetime of a traditional hot water heater with a tank is about 15 years, although it can vary quite a bit depending on household usage and maintenance. A tankless water heater may use less energy and provide hot water more reliably than an older model. Tankless heaters generally heat water with heating elements powered by electricity, propane, or natural gas. Water is only heated when needed instead of keeping a tank full of water hot at all times.

Just In Time is ready to handle all of your heating, cooling, and plumbing needs in Big Rock, IL. Although they offer a wide range of services, Just In Time is a professional plumbing company. You can tackle most of your home maintenance needs and planned springtime projects with just one phone call. Don’t hesitate to call and schedule an appointment or consultation.

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