Plumbing Issues That Require A Call To A Plumber | Hinckley, IL

Plumbing Issues That Require A Call To A Plumber | Hinckley, IL

Plumbing issues often arise at the most inconvenient times, making daily household tasks difficult or impossible. You probably don’t think about your plumbing system until something goes wrong. Some homeowners will attempt a DIY repair to avoid paying a plumber or to resolve the problem quickly, but without the necessary training, a DIY repair is a bad idea. Your plumbing system is complex, and if you make one mistake, you could worsen the problem, resulting in a more expensive repair bill.

The following plumbing issues can occur at any time, and when something happens, it’s best to hire a plumber in Hinckley, IL.

#1 Leaking Pipe

The pipes in your house aren’t impervious to damage, and as they age, the pipes will rust and corrode, eventually creating a leak. Leaks also occur if a joint becomes loose or disconnected or the seal fails.

A leaking pipe is a serious issue because it will result in water damage, mold growth, and a significant amount of wasted water, causing your water bills to increase.

A leaking pipe in some areas of the house is easy to detect, such as a leak under the sink, because you’ll see standing water when you open the kitchen cabinet and bathroom vanity. A leaking pipe behind the wall is also easy to detect because it will leave water spots on the walls. It’s possible for a line under the house to leak, which can be more challenging to detect but will show signs you should watch out for, including:

  • The basement or main floor feels warm.
  • Moisture on the basement or main floors and walls.
  • A musty smell in your house
  • Puddles outside near the house
  • The grass near the house is greener and lusher than the rest of the lawn.
  • A significantly high water bill

If you suspect a leaking pipe in your house, you should call a plumber in Hinckley, IL immediately. They will locate the leaking pipe and repair it before further water damage and mold growth occur. If the plumbing pro has trouble finding the leaking pipe visually, they can use leak detection equipment to pinpoint the pipe’s location so it can be fixed.

#2 Drain Issues

The drainage system is part of your home’s plumbing system, and it’s designed to allow the water to flow freely down the drain and out of the house. Drain issues are very inconvenient, and the following problems require a call to a licensed plumber in Hinckley, IL.

  • Slow drains: When the water drains very slowly, it indicates a small clog in the pipes. Whenever you do something that requires the water to run, you’ll need to worry about the water overflowing. If the clog is in the tub, you’ll find yourself standing in several inches of water by the time you finish taking a shower.
    Some people will try a liquid drain cleaner to remove the clog, but these products can damage the pipes, and you can’t be sure the whole clog was removed. A plumber has the tools necessary to remove the clog and ensure the pipes are clear after.
  • Complete clog: When the water doesn’t drain at all, it indicates a significant clog in the pipes, resulting in standing water in the fixture, and it’s best to call a plumber immediately. They can inspect the drain with a camera to locate the clog and clear the pipe, allowing the water to flow freely down the drain.
  • Multiple drain clogs: When multiple fixtures suddenly clog simultaneously, it isn’t coincidental and indicates a clog in the sewer line. Ignoring the problem isn’t an option because as the clog gets bigger, the water and waste will have nowhere to go and will back up into the house. The best way to avoid a nasty, smelly, and potentially hazardous mess in your home is to hire a plumber. They’ll remove the clog from the line, eliminating the risk of a backup, and the water will flow freely down the drains.

#3 Clogged Toilet

A toilet clog usually isn’t a cause for concern because most clogs can be cleared with a plunger. If the plunger isn’t effective, you’ll need to hire a licensed plumbing professional.

The plunger won’t affect clogs that are too large, solid or located too far down the drain pipe. Fortunately, a plumbing professional has the tools and skill necessary to eliminate the entire clog so you can safely flush the toilet and it won’t overflow.

#4 Frozen Pipes

Frozen pipes are a homeowner’s worst nightmare because when the pipes freeze, the water will freeze and expand, causing the pipes to burst. If this happens, the water will flood your house, causing significant water damage and mold growth.

If you try to turn the water on when it’s below freezing outside, and nothing comes out, you must call a plumbing pro immediately. They can thaw the pipes as quickly as possible to eliminate the risk of burst pipes. When the problem is resolved, the plumber can give you tips to prevent the pipes from freezing again. They can also wrap the pipes in heated tape to keep them warm when it’s freezing outside, and you won’t have to worry about your lines freezing again.

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