Quick And Affordable Water Heater Repair | Hinckley, IL

Quick And Affordable Water Heater Repair | Hinckley, IL

A hot shower is an ideal way to start the day, but if the water that comes out of the shower head is just ice cold, that good feeling rapidly wears off. If you are having problems finding a dependable company then we’re here to help, no matter the time. We’re open evenings, weekends, and holidays!

Our Hinckley, IL team of professionals can be trusted. Our highly skilled specialists are available day and night to handle your water heater repair. Look at all of our customer reviews to see what the community is saying about our water heater repair service. You’ll find that our customer service, affordability, and expertise make us the industry leader in the region.

Troubled Waters

Your water heater is broken if the temperature of the water fluctuates from one minute to the next. Even if using cold water is uncomfortable enough, using really hot water can scold people, seriously harming them.

Scale accumulation within the tank of an electric water heater, which covers the heating element, is a typical reason why water temperatures fluctuate. In places with hard water, this issue is particularly prevalent. Minerals in the water will build up as an insoluble scale inside your water heater’s pipes and cover its operating components. A water heater repair will rectify most of these issues with scale build-up and blockages, but sometimes it’s necessary to have a new installation.

Two further causes of inconsistent water temperatures are a damaged temperature control valve and a broken dip-tube moving cold water from the top of the tank to the bottom. Both require replacing during a water heater repair.

To keep any scale build-up from clogging the pipes, you should have your water system de-scaled at least once a year or install a water softener.

Scant Hot Water

Your safety is provided by a thermocouple, a device built into the pilot light of gas water heaters. A faulty thermocouple will restrict or shut off the gas supply valve because the pilot light ignites the gas that warms your water heater. As a result, there is little to no hot water.

But the main reason why folks don’t have enough hot water is that their heater is too tiny. It’s possible that the water heater installed when you first moved into your home has not been upgraded. Perhaps as your family grew, so did the need for a larger capacity water heater.

When everybody wants to take a shower and every appliance is in use the water heater is unable to keep up with the increased demands, it may turn off. Overuse often leads to the need for a water heater repair, particularly if the heater shuts off repeatedly.

Choosing the properly sized unit for your present and future demands is crucial. If an undersized unit doesn’t provide enough hot water, choosing another one will just lead to further irritation. We are experts at installing new water heaters, and we can advise you on the ideal unit in Hinckley, IL for your requirements and price range.

Talking Water Heaters

A water heater will create some noise, like any piece of machinery, but any unusual noises require additional inspection. The presence of an insoluble scale that has built up on the heating element is typically the origin of any crackling and hissing noises emanating from the heater.

Because the coating of scale works as an insulator, it is more difficult for the heating element to transfer heat to the water around it. In order to supply the hot water you want, the element must work harder. The element increases your energy costs and increases your expenses. Additionally, it is more prone to overheat, burn out, and require replacement during a water heater repair from Just In Time.


Water leaks are frequently caused by a defective valve or a loose connection, and these issues are typically simple to resolve. A rusted tank may potentially be the cause of a leak, necessitating a water heater repair and potential total tank replacement.

Whatever the source, you should call us as soon as you see a leak. The more water damage a leak does, the longer it continues to exist. Water is an extremely damaging element that may seep through floors and walls, costing you a lot of money in repairs.

What Water Pressure?

Another consequence of a leak in your home is decreased water pressure. Your water bill can suddenly go up before there are any other evident signs of a leak since leaks can occur behind walls and beneath floors.

The tried-and-true approach for determining whether you have a leak is to turn off all of your water-using appliances and make sure that all of the faucets are closed. If there is no leak, your water meter should not be moving. If so, you need to get in touch with us immediately so we can help you locate and address the leak.

Maintaining Water Heaters

Water heaters are often fairly durable pieces of machinery despite all the work they do, but they occasionally malfunction and require water heater repair. Is there a method to lessen the likelihood that you will need an expensive fix for your water heater, which may cost hundreds of dollars on average?

Maintaining your water heater annually is the best way to keep it safe. This will guarantee that everything is functioning properly and provide you with a prudent opportunity to fix any issues before an emergency repair is required. Your heater will be more energy-efficient after the maintenance, lowering your operating expenses.

Just In Time has been helping the people of Hinckley, IL for many years, providing a top-quality water heater repair service at affordable prices. We are the most relied-upon, affordable, and guaranteed plumber in the community. We prove that with every job we do, and are proud that our best advertising is heard straight from our loyal and happy customers. Give us a call today!

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