Reasons To Have Heating And AC Company Fix The Loose Ductwork| Big Rock, IL

Reasons To Have Heating And AC Company Fix The Loose Ductwork| Big Rock, IL

Do you have an air conditioning system installed at your home? If you have, you have a rough idea of how it works. Setting the thermostat will swing the air conditioner or furnace into action. Cool or warm air will then start flowing through the air vents into your home. There are air ducts between the air conditioning system and the vents. However, things like getting clogged or loose in your air ducts may go wrong. You should call a heating and AC company to tighten or clean them when this happens. Loose air ducts might not appear a serious problem to homeowners unfamiliar with an HVAC system’s workings. However, they might result in considerable problems whenever things go amiss. But how do they become loose?

How Do Ducts loosen?


The main cause of loose air ducts is vibrations. Probably your home is beside train tracks or a busy street. If so, the vibrations caused by moving vehicles can make the air ducts loose. Additionally, the connection points in the air ducts might start separating. Age is another reason that air ducts might be loose. However, this reason is commonly overlooked by homeowners and heating and AC company technicians.

Damaged Seals

The air ducts connect at the seal points, and these seals might break apart whenever the adhesives fail. Although a furnace can last for over 20 years, that does not mean the system will never experience any issues. The different components inside the unit need maintenance and occasional repairs. So, why wouldn’t the air ducts or vents require the same? If the seals loosen because of age, that should be expected, and you should have a heating and AC company in Big Rock, IL replace or repair them. Other roof repairs could also result in movements that loosen the air ducts.

Pest and Rodent Infestation

Did you know that rodents and pests can also damage air ducts? If an infestation in the air ducts has gone unnoticed, it might damage the air ducts and other components of your air conditioning system. Hence, it is recommended that you have routine servicing done by a heating and AC company. No matter the cause of the loose air ducts, issues will arise. Below is the problem that loose air ducts cause:

Issues Caused by Loose Air Ducts

High Electricity Bills

You might notice a rise in your costs for heating and cooling over time. The cost of heating your home may have increased even though you may have used the HVAC unit less this year. Whenever this happens, something may be wrong, and finding the issue should take priority. You might first turn to the air conditioning system to check for internal part issues, a clogged filter, and other important inspection procedures. If the furnace or air conditioner isn’t the issue, the ducts may be.

The thermostat and furnace are impeded by hot air leaking through the ductwork. The furnace will pump more air for longer to compensate for lost air. The additional work the HVAC system has to do will be reflected in the heating and cooling costs. When summer hits, the air conditioner should function similarly. It is important to note that the heating system and the ducts may have issues. Use that as a reason to ask for a comprehensive inspection by a heating and AC company if your bills appear unusually high.

The Unit Doesn’t Work Efficiently

Why is your home uncomfortably cold or hot? The problem might be with the air ducts. You should have a heating and AC company come over for their inspection. The technician may diagnose that the ducts are loose. When the air ducts become loose, the air starts escaping through any holes or cracks. Hence the heated air will not efficiently be circulated in your Big Rock, IL home. Even when your air conditioner or furnace makes an extra effort to increase the temperatures set on the thermostat, most of the air will be lost via the loose joints.

Annoying Noises

Though you might not see any problem with the loose air ducts, the problem might make itself known to you through sound. Unfortunately, some homeowners ignore or dismiss the sounds as another system issue. You might also think that the noise is because of the expansion and contraction of the air ducts or that your home is settling, which may be incorrect guesses at times.

So, what sounds signify loose air ducts? There are several, the key among them being wheezing. If you hear a wheezing sound, that is a sign that air is escaping from your HVAC system. Other sounds include rattling and vibrations on the ceiling. These are a sign that the ducts have become loose. Having a heating and AC company fix the HVAC system will increase efficiency and silence the annoying sounds.

What Is the Value of Duct Inspection and Cleaning?

Performing routine duct cleaning and inspection for your HVAC system is critical. Don’t be the kind of homeowner that forgets the ducts because they are out of sight. You can enlist an AC repair technician for a routine inspection of the air ducts by a heating and AC company and retain them for routine maintenance. You will never know the extent of the damage unless a technician inspects the ducts and the HVAC system. Hence, it is recommended that you have a routine air conditioning service that includes duct inspections. If dirty, the technician will clean them; if loose, they will tighten them.

As you can see from the above, loose air ducts are a cause of other various issues. Have you noticed a wheezing or a rattling sound in the ceiling when you turn on the air conditioner? The air ducts may be loose. Contact us at Just In Time, your reliable heating and AC company in Big Rock, IL.

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