Reasons Why Your Home Isn’t Getting Evenly Heated And How An Air Conditioning Service Can Help | Earlville, IL

Reasons Why Your Home Isn’t Getting Evenly Heated And How An Air Conditioning Service Can Help | Earlville, IL

It is winter, and you are walking through your home enjoying that warm heat pumping through your HVAC system as you’re gazing out your window at the snow falling. Or you’re enjoying cold air away. Then when you enter the next room, you are suddenly freezing. Why the temperature difference? Is there anything an air conditioning service provider could do to eliminate these temperature differences? Below are the main reasons why some parts of your home might feel cooler than others and how a technician can help address them.

Dirty Air Filter

One of the leading causes of uneven heating in your home is when the HVAC filters are dirty. Because of the very nature of their work, the air filters will become dirty with pollen, pet dander, hair, debris, and sometimes grime, resulting in clogging that contributes to uneven heating. Fortunately, dirty filters are among the most easily solvable HVAC issues. If the filters are dirty, their efficiency reduces, resulting in uneven airflow. Hence, some of your rooms will feel colder.

This reduces indoor air quality, which might result in health complications, especially if your home has people living with asthma or those prone to allergic reactions. Regularly changing the air filters can help avert these problems. Since they won’t become dirty, there will be even airflow, meaning your home will be sufficiently and evenly heated. Talk with an AC repair technician about planning a regular air conditioning service.

Blocked or Dirty Air Ducts

Some homeowners do not realize this, but at least you must have your furnace or HVAC system inspected yearly. The AC repair technician inspects and cleans your air ducts during the air conditioning service to ensure that air flows uninhibited. Ducts are occasionally prone to dust, dirt, pests, insects, and rodent infestation. All these have one thing in common, dirtying the air ducts and blocking the flow of conditioned air. Therefore, contaminated air is sent to your Earlville, IL, home. Dirty air ducts also place a lot of strain on the air filters.

Duct cleaning is an easy but necessary service that your air conditioning service can undertake within a short period. During the duct cleaning, the professional will inspect them for air leaks. If there are perforations on the ducts, they will use duct sealant to fix them. This ensures that air isn’t lost, promoting effective cooling. It also means that your air conditioning system will not strain to cool your home. Therefore, the overall heating costs will be low.

Closed or Blocked Air Vents

There is a myth that closing the air vents in rooms you don’t often use can save you some money on cooling and heating costs. Unfortunately, an HVAC system doesn’t work like that. Closing the air vents to your home doesn’t change the amount of heat that your furnace produces. Unfortunately, it might make your system work harder if some vents are closed. Many things might clog the air vents.

Furniture blocking or sitting on top of the air vents are the most prevalent cause and could result in a dysfunction in the heating and air conditioning system. Is your home not being adequately heated? Check to see if the air vents are blocked or closed and ensure they are open. If your home is still being unevenly cooled, it might be better to reach out to an air conditioning service provider for a further inspection.

Inadequate Insulation

Some houses do not have sufficient insulation to keep warm and conditioned air from escaping outside. This is especially true for older homes located in areas of warm climates. You also might notice this if your home has a new addition. The new addition may likely have better insulation, unlike the older section. Hence, it is recommended that you enlist an air conditioning service provider to reconfigure your ducts and add other optimizations to ensure that your home will be effectively heated. Due to the lack of an attic to store ceiling insulation, homes having vaulted ceilings are particularly prone to insulation issues.

Escaping Air

Gaps around or under the door frames, older windows, and even those small spaces between the walls and outlets could also result in major air leaks. When your home has a major air leak to the outside, the heating and air conditioning system strains to maintain warm temperatures. This makes it harder to attain your preferred temperatures, exposing them to wear and tear. The wear and tear overall affects the efficiency of your HVAC system and might force you to enlist an air conditioning service provider to perform various AC repairs.

You may prevent warm air from escaping and cold air from entering your Earlville, IL, home by sealing your windows during the winter by spraying foam and caulk in these gaps and using door stoppers. The Energy Department estimates that 25% to 30% of the heat lost from homes during the winter can be attributed to inefficient windows. If you’re prepared to upgrade the windows, tri-pane glass is superior and can save you even more energy than dual-pane glass.

Unbalanced or Poorly Installed Air Ducts

The air ducts play a significant role in how air is delivered or distributed throughout your home. Ductwork balancing requires skill, so if your system doesn’t have the right size ducts conveying air to certain spaces or if the ducts were installed incorrectly, your home’s temperature will likely be out of balance. Even if your furnace is brand new, the installer might not have changed the ducts when they installed the furnace. Consult your air conditioning service provider to see if that’s the issue and to get a price because the cost of replacing ductwork substantially varies depending on your home’s needs.

Your Home Not Heated Evenly? We Can Help!

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