Severe Problems That Require A Call To An Air Conditioning Service | Hinckley, IL

Severe Problems That Require A Call To An Air Conditioning Service | Hinckley, IL

You rely on your air conditioner during the summer to keep your home cool and comfortable. When it gets hot outside, your air conditioner should produce a steady flow of clean, cold air. If something goes wrong with the unit and it’s not functioning correctly, it’s best to call an air conditioning service immediately.

If your air conditioner experiences any of the following problems, it’s best to hire a professional before further issues occur.

#1 Thermostat Issues

The thermostat is your air conditioner’s brain, sending signals to the unit telling it what to do. The air conditioner won’t function properly if the thermostat isn’t working. A faulty thermostat will exhibit signs, including:

  • The thermostat doesn’t light up after changing the batteries.
  • The thermostat is unresponsive.
  • The air conditioner cycles too frequently.
  • The temperature in the house doesn’t match the setting on the thermostat.

If you believe your thermostat isn’t working right, call an air conditioner service in Hinckley, IL. They can send a tech to check the thermostat to confirm it’s broken and install a new one.

Thermostat technology has evolved over the years, and there are more options available today than ten years ago, and they can help save money on your energy bills.

You can set a programmable thermostat to adjust the temperature a week ahead, based on when you’re home and when you aren’t, helping you save money. Wi-Fi thermostats can be controlled using your Smartphone from anywhere as long as there’s an internet connection. Smart thermostats work with Amazon Alexa and Google home, and you can control the thermostat using the sound of your voice. You can also control it when you aren’t home using the device’s app on your Smartphone.

#2 Warm Air Coming from the Vents

You should feel cold air coming from the vents in your home when your air conditioner works properly. If the air is warm, you may need to call an air conditioning service. Before making the call, it’s best to check a few things to avoid an unnecessary service call.

First, check the thermostat to ensure it’s set correctly. It has to be set to the cooling mode, the fan should be set to auto, and it has to be warmer in the house than the thermostat setting. Next, check the air filter. Dirty air filters prevent air from moving through the system, causing it to overheat and produce warm air.

If everything checks out and the unit isn’t producing cold air, it’s time to call a professional. A few issues can prevent the AC from having cold air, including:

  • Low refrigerant or a refrigerant leak
  • Frozen evaporator coils
  • The compressor isn’t working.

An air conditioning service will send a tech to your home to diagnose the problem and make the necessary repair.

#3 Poor Airflow

A powerful rush of cold air from the vents in your home is necessary for the air conditioner to keep your home cool and comfortable. If there’s minimal airflow, it’s best to call an air conditioning service in Hinckley, IL. Minimal airflow will cause the air conditioner to work harder to keep your home cool, causing your electric bills to increase. Also, the extra work will strain the unit and decrease its lifespan, causing you to replace it sooner than you should have.

A few issues can restrict the airflow, including:

  • Dirt, dust, and debris from your home can accumulate in the air ducts creating a clog that will restrict the airflow.
  • A break or crack in the air ducts will allow the cold air to escape before reaching the vents. The same is true if the sealant in the ducts has worn out.
  • If the blower is broken, the cold air from the unit won’t be forced to the vents in your home, resulting in inadequate airflow.

An air conditioning service will send a tech to your home to inspect the ducts and blower to find the problem and make the necessary repair.

#4 Foul Odors

If you smell a foul odor when your AC runs, you should call an air conditioning service in Hinckley, IL, right away. Foul smells indicate issues that could put your home and family at risk and shouldn’t be ignored.

A burning smell indicates a problem with the wiring that could start an electrical fire and destroy your home in minutes. You should turn off the air conditioner immediately and schedule an appointment for air conditioning service to prevent a disaster from occurring. An HVAC tech can repair the wiring, ensuring your home and family are safe.

A moldy smell also indicates a serious problem that requires an immediate call for air conditioning service. The most common cause of the odor is mold in the air ducts. When the AC runs, mold spores will circulate in the air, and mold exposure can cause several health problems.

An air conditioning service can send a tech to inspect the ducts for mold, which can be eradicated with an antimicrobial fogger. If the ducts are clear, there could be mold in the air conditioner, which is more challenging to eliminate. If ever spore cannot be removed, you’ll need to replace the unit.

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