Should I Get An Air Quality Test From My AC Repair Company On My Home? | Newark, IL

Should I Get An Air Quality Test From My AC Repair Company On My Home? | Newark, IL

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According to the American Lung Association, more than four people in every group of ten live with polluted air in the US. Some of these pollutants in the air are especially harmful to the elderly, children, and those with health issues. Unfortunately, much of the pollution occurs indoors, in the spaces we deem safest. When your home is affected by air pollution, it exposes you and your loved ones to allergens harmful to your health.

A great way to ensure the air in your home is safe is by carrying out an air quality test. If your AC is not well maintained, it is possible to experience a recirculation of allergen. Hence, it is advisable to schedule AC maintenance with a reliable AC repair company. In this piece, we discuss the air quality in your home and how best to maintain it at safe levels.

Why Should You Test Your Air Quality?

Your air quality directly affects your health and that of your loved ones. Given that air pollutants aren’t visible to the naked eye, the problem should be addressed by a professional AC repair company.

Below are some reasons why you should have your air quality tested:

  • Keep Your Health In Check: Poor indoor air quality compromises your health. It introduces allergens in your space that put your health at risk.
  • Deal with the known: Having an air quality test ensures that you understand and prepare for the risks of indoor air pollution. An AC repair company could come in handy when identifying any anomalies in the functionality of your AC that may put you at risk.
  • Reduces your energy costs by optimizing the functioning of your HVAC system
  • More productivity and lower absence rates of employees
  • Comfortable indoor setting with the proper humidity level

Types Of Air Quality Testing

There are four main types of quality testing. Each test is specific to a particular environmental threat. They include:

  • Chemical Testing
  • Gas Testing
  • Biological Testing
  • Particulate Testing

What Should You Look Out For?

  • Allergens

Experiencing allergic symptoms or asthma is agonizing. An air quality test helps you identify the presence of these allergic triggers. Your AC is designed to get rid of these allergens, including dust particles, pet dander, and insect droppings.

The presence of allergens while you have an air cleaner installed is an indication of its reduced efficiency. You might need to contact an AC repair company for maintenance.

  • Volatile Organic Compounds

With remodeled houses or new installations, you might notice a persistent smell for more than a day that might even cause migraines. These are VOC emissions from the new material or product used. The VOCs can be found in cleaners, paints, furniture, or even carpets.

You can’t smell all of them, but that does not eliminate the possibility of their presence. Despite migraines and nausea, which are short-term effects, the possible long-term effects of exposure are scarier.

  • Randon

This is a cancerous odorless gas and colorless gas that is a byproduct of radioactive element decay of compounds such as uranium. Some soil elements break down over time, forming randon, which could then maneuver its way into your home.

Because of its harmful qualities, randon is best tested professionally. After cigarettes, the American Cancer Society rates randon as the second highest cause of lung cancer.

  • Asbestos

Older homes commonly had asbestos as a form of insulation because of its resistance to heat and corrosion. It is a naturally occurring mineral that is hazardous and cancerous. Its microscopic fibers are a serious health hazard whose remedy is too expensive to deal with, especially if you are considering a new home. Have your AC repair company handle your AC filter replacements if any asbestos is detected in your space.

  • Pesticides

They are commonly used in households for pest and insect eradication. Dangerous as they are, they seem like the fastest way to get rid of mice, termites, and other pests. EPA rates pesticide use in households at 75%. With the many types of pesticides in the market, you need to be sure of which one it is you are trying to eliminate.

  • Molds

Moisture is the most significant boost for molds to flourish. They are living things that produce spores and float around in the air until they find a dumping place to land on. They naturally grow anywhere and everywhere, be it indoors or outdoors.

Touching or inhaling them might result in feverish symptoms and may also trigger an asthma attack. One of your air conditioner’s duties is to regulate the internal moisture of your home, and mold is a sign that you need an AC repair company to check on its functionality.

  • Lead

Lead is very poisonous and causes conditions such as anemia, weakness, and kidney and brain damage. When exposed to high levels of lead, it could lead to death. In pregnant women, lead may damage a developing baby’s nervous system.

When Should You Test Your Air Quality

Your AC should be handling most of your air problems and if not, contact your AC repair company. For homeowners in Newark, IL, there is no stipulated time for you to test your air quality. However, several circumstances should trigger the test. Below is a list of some of these triggers:

  • When you start experiencing respiratory issues
  • After you have extensively sorted out the cause of foul odors and there is no visible source
  • When you live around a place exposed to radioactive material.
  • When your AC has not been working efficiently, and your AC repair company recommends it
  • Before moving into a new home

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